The Archons: the history of emergence

Who am I, and what do I live for? What does our world represent? Where did human beings appear on planet Earth from? What is the sense of my existence? Why does every human generation strive for happiness, while the world becomes further crueller and more inhuman? I believe every reader has asked oneself such questions at least once in the lifetime, whereas many truth seekers are concerned with them still today. So, what is wrong? Why is it so difficult in our world to find answers to these questions, so simple and natural for a rational person?

Now I propose us to step aside and take a detached view of our world. Let us take the well-known issue of the human origin. The mainstream scientific community generally accepts and trusts the idea of Charles Darwin who suggested that people originated from monkeys. In particular, in Chapter VI of his book The Decent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex he wrote: “The Simiadae then branched off into two great stems, the New World and Old World monkeys; and from the latter, at a remote period, Man, the wonder and glory of the Universe, proceeded.” Moreover, Darwin developed a biological theory of human evolution, where he states that a human being is an integral part of nature and emerged according to the general laws of evolution of the organic world. He applies general provisions of such evolutionary theory to people and proves that humans “originated from the lower animals”.

Thus, dear friends, according to the theory accepted by the scientific community, we are nothing other than a recently emerged form of animal life.

At that, the scientific community fails to notice totally irrefutable facts of the existence of highly-developed civilizations on our planet tens of thousands of years ago. They suffer of a sort of selective blindness. Researchers have no facts proving that people evolved from monkeys, but they accept the aforesaid theory as scientifically grounded and trustworthy. However, mainstream science neither notices nor takes into account whole cities already discovered, which were built by Homo sapiens tens of millennia ago. Is it a fortuity or a regular occurrence? I automatically recall the words ascribed to the famous Chinese philosopher Zhuan Gzi, “Accidents are not accidental”. In the video below there are several examples of such cities, discovered over the last years.

Let me summarize what we already have. Point No. 1: in the modern global community, including science, the unconfirmed theory of human evolution from monkeys is promoted obtrusively and dogmatically along with an idea that several millennia ago our ancestors ran around in fells with cudgels in their hands and inarticulately communicated about hunting food. Point No. 2: facts that confirm the existence of a highly advanced civilization on the planet tens of thousands of years ago is suppressed, compromised and ignored in every way possible.

A logical question comes to an inquisitive mind due to the aforesaid facts: why does this take place, who needs this and why? We will try to find an answer in this article. Having rummaged through plenty of information on history, archaeology and philosophy, having considered various religious concepts, conspiracy, extraterrestrial contact theories, etc., we may conclude all the concepts and theories contain common grains, though hidden under a huge layer of weeds not allowing see the entire picture of the world.

A deep understanding of the reasons of what is happening arises when we study books by A. Novykh, in particular the Sensei of Shambala series. The books are written as fiction, and the annotation says: “All events and characters in this book are the author’s invention. Any coincidence of characters’ names and positions with that of real living or deceased people, as well as of events that took place in one’s life, are purely accidental and absolutely unpremeditated.” In any event, let us see what the books say on the subject which we discuss herein.



“I can’t get it, first of all, who could give this knowledge to the ancients, and secondly how were those ancient tribes able to understand this science by their primitive mind?”

“The thing is those tribes weren’t primitive. They were survived descendants of the Atlantes’ civilization. Their mind wasn’t primitive as you consider. It was absolutely the same as ours, for during this whole time the human brain wasn’t changed. Moreover, they used capabilities of the human brain much better and more efficiently than we do.”

“That is, you mean they were much more intellectually developed than we are?”

“It may sound paradoxically for you, but it’s true. If we count in a percentage ratio, it means that now we use only 10% of our possibilities and they used more than 50%. Just count it. This means they were five times cleverer than we are, despite all the illusionary “high technological” development of our times”.

“Yet, how could this be possible?”

“The thing is that in fact we only come up to learning our capabilities, whereas in the beginning of this civilization people who had a high potential of their mental abilities, on the contrary, degraded, i.e. they went from their big achievements to smaller ones. It is normal, since those isolated groups were remnants of the previous highly developed civilization. Later on their descendants lost their former capabilities and knowledge, so to say fully degraded, and then they started everything anew…”



“… in such a way there appeared in history “hunters” and “gatherers”,” the doctor smiled sadly, “with sudden flashes of astronomic and mathematical knowledge characteristic for a higher civilization.”

“That is true. First there were tribes and communities. Then religion started developing swiftly. Some individuals usurped the power and were interested in degradation of the intellect in the masses. After all, it is easier to control narrow-minded people. This is how, my dear Nikolai Andreevich, we have come to what we have…”



“I don’t get it,” Eugene uttered and asked with doubt in his voice. “How were the ancient people able to use the subconscious? They were all moving in herds.”

Ariman laughed so infectiously that our guys automatically joined him.

“You see how you think! What does it mean in fact? It means that your knowledge about those times is not simply limited, but is practically absent. You have just loudly voiced a stereotype which was imposed on you since childhood; it’s a certain cliché determined by the elite for its multibillion army of obsequious servants.”

“Yet, why is it a cliché?” objected Kostya who has just been laughing uncomprehendingly together with everyone. “What about the statements of scientists and their archaeological finds?”

“I’m afraid to disappoint you greatly, Konstantin, but the majority of really valuable finds that would help scientists study the past of humankind get dusty either by ignorance in archaeological archives, or knowingly in inaccessible safes of the mighty of this world. At that, mass media announce only those facts which are favourable for the elite.”

“Why do they need such complicacies?” Eugene asked even more puzzled.

“Knowledge means power, while power means authority,” Ariman uttered mysteriously as if telling us the most secret information of all times and peoples. “I can reveal you one big secret. Contemporary humankind arose from the remains of the previous highly developed civilization, which achieved such a success in development of their supernatural abilities that they became natural to them. Moreover, those people used more than 50% of their brain, whereas the modern Homo sapiens uses less than 10%...”



“…Yet, who are the elite?” Victor asked with irritation. “Are they rulers of big countries or the army of politicians? Where did they appear from to decide what we can do and what we cannot? Tomorrow a revolution will take place in some country, and people will throw all their elitism away in one blow. It happened so already in 1917!”

Ariman grinned indulgently.

“As I see, your knowledge and statements are too far from the real state of affairs in this world. But it’s not your fault, since you were brought up with such convictions, and you were given as much knowledge as necessary for you to be able to do your work properly. You were suggested that you are free, although in fact you are fully dependant on the system which you were put into, while for a slave it is certainly necessary to do his work without foolish ideas in his head. Don’t be offended by my words. After all, I tell you all this for you to understand what the genuine freedom is, that it’s real to achieve it, and if you yourself break the system of thinking artificially formed in you, you will achieve unbelievable heights. You can even become one of the elite and control the world in a way you consider the most fair. I repeat again, everything is in your hands!”

“As for the elite itself, you are wrong to think that it can be blown off by means of a revolution,” Ariman condescendingly grinned. “Often the elite itself orders this very revolution, the wave of which simply wipes off puppets who are now out of favour with the elite, in order to put new ones in their place. Perhaps, I will tell you the history of the world elite, so that you have a better understanding of the matter.

Their ancestors per se were individuals who tried to save knowledge of the previous civilization, including the knowledge of the so-called supernatural capabilities. However, they were passing this knowledge only hereditary; in extremis they found themselves successors. That is, they practically retained and improved this knowledge from one generation to another, keeping it in secret from people. When humankind significantly increased in terms of population and there appeared foundations of a social and economic formation, chieftain leaders showed up. However, behind the visible power of those actually there were the ‘knowledge keepers’ or, as they liked to call themselves, the ‘minions of gods and spirits’. They not only consulted the chieftains, but in fact skilfully manipulated them, making them carry out their commands. This group of special people had various names: shamans, sorcerers, wizards, priests, and so on. Their real name, however, is the Archons.

…Translated from Greek it means ‘chiefs’, ‘rulers’. But if you go deeper into history, the true sense of this word shall be revealed as it means ‘the rulers of the world’. Thus, the Archons basically separated themselves into a distinctive caste of intermediaries between people and the higher forces, later named gods. A chieftain of a tribe was a public person, had responsibility for his tribe, and was under power of an Archon. The Archon, actually governing the tribe through the chieftain, always remained in the shade. Such secrecy gave him more opportunities for real manipulations over people. While chieftain leaders were chosen by people of a tribe, the Archon passed his ‘magical art’ of real power only to his successor. In other words, a distinctive caste was being formed, in the hands of which a real power was concentrated. The more this caste consolidated its power, the more toil – for its benefit – it gave to other members of the community. It should be noted that it is this group that usurped principal knowledge later on, thus subordinating other people to their needs. This is exactly the first elite of this civilization.”

“Were there many of them at that time?” Kostya inquired.

“No. Their number is fixed. Both at that time and nowadays there are twelve Archons plus one Supreme Archon who is at the head of them.”

“Why exactly twelve?”

“Because this civilization originates from twelve human families. The current Archons are direct successors of the first twelve Archons. So, along with the growth of human population the Archons continued to grow in art of controlling and manipulating people. As they say, few people need few chiefs, while many people need many chiefs. They created the so-called artificial elite, placing all over the world their puppets who ruled over entire nations. Moreover, it is they who elaborated and implemented one of the most curious forms of mind manipulation and governance over people, i.e. religion. The Archons based this artificially made form of transformation of public consciousness on the two strongest human stimuli: faith and fear. They added some drops of the true knowledge, having put them into an appropriate shape for greater servility of the crowd, and perpetuated such serfdom through monopolization of the spiritual culture...

“How come?” Stas did not get it, being confused by what he had heard.

“For example, take the Bible well-known to you and revered by a half of the planet as the sacred book. Who composed the Old Testament? Priests, i.e. servants of the Archons. And who composed the New Testament? Puppets of the Archons. What can be said more about that?”

“Hence, these Archons are at the head of the world religions?”

De facto in power, yes. But, to be more precise, their minions were and will be at the head of all the world religions. At the head of big politics and business, there are their puppets. Even all those people who swayed the destinies of the world, e.g. Alexander of Macedon, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, and others, were merely pieces on their chessboard where they played their usual intricate games…”

There are plenty of artefacts evidencing that in ancient times, before the contemporary civilization, there existed more technically advanced human civilizations. The collection of "annoying" facts is continually supplemented with new discoveries and finds from various parts of the globe, and we can observe how “the Archons’ tailors” endeavour to patch up the blinders of illusions woven by them for people’s eyes. I don’t intend to draw any conclusions based on this article. Everyone who possesses such information is totally able to sort out and understand everything on their own. 

In conclusion, let me cite a joke that, in my opinion, gives an optimistic and comic view of our life:

“Mum, how did we appear in this world?”
“The Lord created us.”
“But daddy has said we originated from monkeys.”
“Well, I’m telling you about my relatives, and daddy about his…”


Prepared by Vasily Gavrilov (Ukraine)

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