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Owing to the help of our programmer friends, morphological search by article texts is now available on website. It is available for both Russian and English contents. After entering a key request in the upper panel, a user shall be redirected to a list of relevant articles, where the

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We have wonderful news for everyone: the Unity program is now available in English! Join in dissemination of the Primordial Knowledge! Your simple actions will help many people to familiarize themselves with the Knowledge!

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Hooray! Now we have a Twitter account for our website English version:! Follow us on

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Consciousness and Personality.
From the inevitably dead
to the eternally alive
  • <small>Consciousness and Personality. <br/>From the inevitably dead <br/>to the eternally alive</small>


The Truth is One for Everybody
  • The coming cataclysms. Relations between people. Revival of humaneness


  • Illusion and the Way


  • LIFE


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