The secret of latitudes 48° and 50° north! Nostradamus predictions

    The ball comes to the player, as they say! The team of independent analysts sincerely thanks everyone who has joined investigation of the issue so important for the entire humanity! Incredible coincidences between present-day facts and predictions by Michel Nostradamus within the framework of our investigation, as described in the article The 50th degree of spiritual Freedom, surprised many people who are in search of the truth. As a supplement to the published material, our readers have sent us two more extracts that we can’t neglect. Here is the first one:


At the beginning of the third millennium, ancient faith will be revived to the north of latitude 48° and unite the nation. These northerners are powerful by their nature, and only alien religion separated them.


    Another accurate indication of the geographic location! And, no matter how some denying individuals would like to doubt trustworthiness of our observations, facts are stubborn: at latitude 48° (more precisely, 48°03′20″) north there is the city of Makeyevka, where Igor Danilov used to live for a certain while, according to books by Anastasia Novykh! That was before he moved to Kiev, to latitude 50°…

    At that, the ancient faith is none other than the Primordial Knowledge about the human nature and sense of existence, about the Soul, possibilities and tools to change the society, as written in the AllatRa book and voiced via the Living Word in the three extraordinary programmes with Igor Danilov’s participation!

    This is a firm reason to be amazed. It turns out 500 years ago Nostradamus somehow knew even such details of future events?!

    Below, there is the second extract having something in common with the verse quoted in our previous article:


In Attila, the great empire of Antichrist will emerge, and an enormous number of zerses will descend, so that the advent of the Holy Spirit to be started from the 48th degree will cause the great migration of people saving themselves from terrors of Antichrist who fights against a man of Royal Blood”. It is further stated the empire will exist for 73 years and 7 months, “and then the one which has long been fruitless will put out shoots starting from the 50th degree and will renew the entire Christian Church. But the prostrate Saint with Her initial Scripture will be rejected.


    The advent of the Holy Spirit! Once again we encounter a direct and literal prediction of what is currently happening in reality. The Comforter, the Holy Spirit, Imam Mahdi, Maitreya, Messiah, Kalki Avatar... No matter how He is called by representatives of various nations or religions, the issue kernel does not change. It’s quite hard to believe, but we continue collecting evidence to shape our theory.

    As for the last extract, so far we have difficulty with interpreting it fully and reliably. Do you, dear readers, have any relevant assumptions? Most probably, “73 years and 7 months” mean the Soviet Union that existed for approximately such period of time. Christian Church renewal will obviously be painful for its orthodox electorate, therefore in the nearest future a conflict will be possible between the old, almost dead (in our opinion) knowledge and the new and living knowledge brought by the One in whose advent people still hardly believe. At that, it’s everyone’s personal problem whether to believe or not.


Prepared by Julia Matveyeva (Russia) and Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia)

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The secret of latitudes 48° and 50° north! Nostradamus predictions The secret of latitudes 48° and 50° north! Nostradamus predictions - Topic rating: 5.00 out of 5.00 votes: 290
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