The history of Ancient Egypt or a prediction about a present-day country...?

Is this bygone history or a prediction that is coming true nowadays? Perhaps, it is even both, since centuries and millennia pass, while people remain the same, and fooling and enslaving methods don’t change either. The Archons continue leaving their bloody traces of ruin and millions of crushed destinies after themselves. At that, only a few can discern and understand what is happening, concluding that nothing in the human history occurs spontaneously and accidentally.

Sensei of Shambala – Book IV is a priceless riddle. It was released several years prior to the AllatRa book, i.e. before 2012, which is a well-known fact. Today I will cite an extract from this book, dedicated to a tragic page in ancient Egyptian history, but let me first intrigue you a little. A single phrase at the end of the extract leads a wise person to serious reflections: is it really history being described? Or is it rather a prediction? And to which modern country may such scenario be applied? I deliberately say nothing openly, for this is needless.

The bold text is given according to the original book formatting.




“… before telling you about the genuine history of the organization of Freemasons and the troubles they caused in the history of mankind, I would like to focus your attention on another significant point: which methods the Archons use in order to destroy organizations or even whole countries that are not under their control, and how they manipulate people. Ancient Egypt is a typical example of that.

Thanks to Imhotep, Egypt turned into a strong and prosperous state. Economy was at a high level. People were mostly wealthy. Education became available to everyone that is why Egyptians were quite intellectually developed. Owing to the established religious worldviews which strongly stimulated in people a desire to develop their moral qualities, to be good in this world and not to fear death, high ethical principles became predominant in the society.

Under such conditions, unfavourable for the Archons, it was quite difficult to destroy this strong centralized state on the inside for the sake of destruction of ideology of Imhotep’s Spiritually Free Bricklayers. Therefore, in order to ruin this country the Archons began to stimulate external aggression towards Egypt. In particular, they initiated and provoked military invasion of Asian hordes in the north of Egypt, in the region of Delta; in the south Egyptians again got problems with Nubians; different competitors ‘suddenly’ appeared on the Sinai Peninsula who also claimed to possess mineral deposits developed by Egyptians. All of that happened as if ‘accidentally. However, the first pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty Snofru (Sneferu), who was a rather talented man, put things in order so brilliantly in these external issues that the Archons had to quickly change tactics of their actions.

Being unable to weaken the solid centralized power and destroy the strong state by external factors, the Archons decided to arrange a religious revolution there, since religion had much greater importance for people in those times than simply politics, and major electorate was bound to it. They launched their ‘preparatory bombardment’ from no other place but Heliopolis, the capital of the thirteenth nome and the ancient cultural centre of Egypt. In its time it was one of the leading religious centres, whereas in the times of Imhotep it was second by its significance after the leading theological concepts of the state capital of Memphis. The Archons played on two factors: popularity of this cultural centre among people and greediness to riches and power of some highly ranked priests and aristocrats of this city.”

“Oh, these are well-known political factors in our world,” Nikolai Andreevich smiled. “It seems the Archons have played on these strings of the Animal Nature many times.”

“Sure!” Sensei grinned. “So, many of these plotters had Asian origin and were followers of the Sun cult (Egyptian Ra) which had something in common with a similar Asian cult of sun-worshippers. The Archons staked on them and promised to bring them to highest power in the country and to make their religious concept dominant. First they created a small secret organization with a limited circle of highly ranked plotters supported by the Archons, and later on this organization was transformed into the secret society of Freemasons, which consisted only of men who had certain influence at the state level.

The Archons actively stimulated the process of religious split of the society into two parts by means of various incentives and support of this organization. It happened already in the times of the pharaoh Khufu (the Greek form of the name is Cheops), the one who built one of the great pyramids… At that, just like the previous pharaoh Snofru and the next one Khafra (Kha’ef-ra or the Greek name Khefren), Khufu was a member of the kernel of the organization of Spiritually Free Bricklayers, founded by Imhotep. One of the main goals and tasks of these people was to implement the plan of pyramids construction according to the ‘star map’ left by Imhotep together with detailed layouts and drawings…

Hence, already in the times of Khufu the priests who were members of the Archonian secret society, being incited by the Archons, made an attempt to launch national unrest. In their temples they preached that human rights were infringed in the country and many citizens suffered from crying injustice (and before these speeches the Archons, as a rule, intentionally provoked such ‘crying cases of injustice’). In the end of such apotheosis boosting they called for the Archons’ slogan which worked at all times without a hitch – ‘Freedom and Justice!”. However, in reality they surely meant not the actual improvement of people’s life, but some ‘freedom’ and ‘justice’ for certain very rich and mighty citizens. Unfortunately, ordinary people believed that their ‘pastors’ cared about their ‘freedom’ and sharpened (with the help of the priests) feeling of ‘justice’. That is why they followed them and assumed they protected their own interests and the interests of people ‘cheated’ by the government without even thinking where the ‘roots’ of the entire story were.

However, being aware of the Archonian schemes and intrigues, pharaoh Khufu firmly nipped all the so-called ‘national unrests’ in the bud, for those unrests were basically riots organized by the ‘priests-shepherds’ instructed by the Archons and leading their herds on the long leash of the Archons. Khufu simply blocked the roads that led to the temples of those Archonian henchmen, and people who were left without their ‘shepherds’ stood for a while on these roads in front of the pharaoh’s guards, sweated in the full blaze of the sun, spitted at all of that and went home to their everyday peaceful activities, or to neighbouring temples to ‘pray’ as usual. At that, those very ‘priests-shepherds’ together with some aristocrats who ‘sympathized’ them were sent by the pharaoh to the Sinai Peninsula to extract stones in quarries of the Arabian mountains, so to say to extirpate all their ‘idle thoughts’. Others were sent to load and unload ships. Manpower was needed all over the prosperous country! Such an exile was worse than death for the priests and aristocrats who had never raised a finger in their life. But on the other hand peace and order reigned again for some time in the state, and everybody began to be occupied with their own matters.

The most ridiculous thing is that much later, many centuries (!) after those events some Egyptian priests – the sun-worshippers complained with resentment to the Greek historian Herodotus who visited Egypt in the 5th century BC that the pharaoh (Khufu) ‘tyrannized his people’, ‘blocked the roads to all temples and prevented respectable Egyptians from offering sacrifices’, ‘made them work for himself as if they were slaves’. Generally speaking, they described him in the darkest colours as a despot, tyrant and man who ‘was a terrible profligate’. That was how well the priests remembered their trip to the Sinai Peninsula and physical work side by side with common people! Even the descendants of those priests recalled it with horror!”

The guys laughed, and Eugene said, “Well, working with a crow-bar is not the same thing as prating!”

“That is true,” Volodya agreed.

“Now it is clear why the pharaoh who built the Great Pyramid was called a tyrant even in our school textbooks,” Victor grinned. “But really the modern history was written based on the records of historian Herodotus, while he wrote down what he heard from those priests and not what had really happened!”

“Exactly,” Sensei confirmed and went on. “So, once the Archons’ protégés were forced to lose interest in such kind of destabilization in the country, the Archons switched to another, more methodical and systematic tactics. Using the glory and popular rumours among common people about the unusual wonders worked by Imhotep’s disciples, about the mysterious society of Spiritually Free Bricklayers and the incredible heights they reached in their spiritual development, and taking use of the secrecy of the genuine information hidden from the public, the Archons built a renewed religious concept based on the most popular rumours and supplemented it with the ancient Heliopolis religion of sun-worshipping. Moreover, they not only supplemented it, but changed it in their own way.

As a matter of fact they misappropriated the entire glory of achievements of Imhotep’s disciples. Consequently, common people got quite an attractive religion which at the same time complied with the Archons’ requirements. I will tell you about this substitution in more detail, so that you understand and know what is going on in fact in the world on whims of the Archons.

“What was the main point? Ethic values prevailed in the traditional religion of Ancient Egypt (as you remember, its centre was located in Memphis at the times of Imhotep). That is, any ordinary man knew in the form acceptable for his mind that this life was transient, that the body was mortal, that there was a soul and its energy environment (the Ka shells, etc.). In a certain sense people were aware of the processes of reincarnation, speaking in modern language, although an ancient Egyptian understood it as a transition to paradise fields or as a journey of one’s soul via different hour zones of Duat and return with time to the first hour zone from where it got to other lives. People didn’t fear death, they died with faith and prayed, ‘Osiris, I will be born and reborn, ‘I will live like Osiris. He didn’t disappear when he died, and I will not disappear after I die’.”

“Oh, this is similar to what Christians say today about Jesus Christ,” Nikolai Andreevich remarked. “I believe in Him and I will rise!”

Sensei nodded and continued. “In other words, while living here in this world, with one’s good righteous life (and in fact by taming one’s Animal Nature and developing one’s Spiritual Nature) a person endeavoured to win better conditions of living in his or her next life. As a matter of fact, it happened exactly so, although the processes of reincarnation run a little bit differently than people imagine. But this is not that important. The main thing is how a human turns into the Human during his or her lifetime! In the times of Imhotep and his disciples such spiritual aspiration was popularized at most.

What did the Archons’ priests do? While establishing their secret religious teaching, they basically turned everything inside out very skilfully and bound people’s life aspiration not to their Spiritual but to their Animal Nature. Since the new religion in Egypt was mainly formed by immigrants from Asia (where the Archons had already strong centres in Mesopotamia), its bigger part consisted of magic and not ethical beliefs. They did so that one’s afterlife future depended not on one’s righteous behaviour during life, but on one’s knowledge of magic formulas, thoroughness and observance of religious rites complicated by the priests. The magic formulas were surely known only to the ‘chosen’ priests. A person had to serve them loyally and for a long time before they revealed to him or her some of such ‘empty trifles’. Later on, when this concept was introduced for the masses, the priests turned this religion into a rather profitable enterprise that enriched them, selling the allegedly magic formulas. To make it even more attractive for their ‘customers’, the priests supplemented their concept of the afterlife paradise with popular rumours among people about the spiritual achievements of Imhotep’s disciples.”

“Which rumours in particular?” Nikolai Andreevich asked.

“For example, there were rumours that some of spiritually strong Imhotep’s disciples did not die like ordinary mortal people, but turned into shining spirits after their death, as one would say today ‘they joined God’s Army’, and according to the concept of ancient Egyptians they accompanied their God in his journey in the dangerous night; that they became united with God, but at the same time did not lose their individuality; that by their temporary life they deserved the eternal life in the kingdom of Light. It was so in principle, though not in such a fairy-tale form as it was rumoured by people.

So, what did the Archonian priests do? They wrote in their concept that if a person believed in and professed their religion and no other religious concept of Egypt, any of their believers would become a chosen one among the deceased after his or her death. After one’s death a person would be transformed into a shining spirit and accompany god Ra in his voyage along Duat. However, one’s happy existence in the other world depended solely on the formula one could purchase from priests during one’s life which would let such person reach one or another hour zone in the other world.”

“Well,” Volodya grinned. “This is no longer a small business with water, so to say a small trickery. It’s already a serious business on trading air…”

“Air-trickery!” Eugene hurried on to express his definition.

After that the group just rolled with laughter, and once everybody calmed down Sensei continued, “As always, the Archons’ traditional political formula was used: those who are not with us are against us. Everyone who failed to worship god Ra on earth were declared his human enemies. Priests condemned such people to suffer in the ‘lakes of eternal fire’!”

“You know, this is so similar to many religious sects of today!” Nikolai Andreevich remarked.

“What else could you think?! People see only the top, but they don’t see the bottom. At that, if you dig deeper you can notice that its root is of Archonian origin, though an attentive person will notice mould still on the leaves, without deepening into the underground part of the plant.”

“That’s true,” Nikolai Andreevich agreed.

“It turns out the myth about the ‘lakes of eternal fire’ was born still in those times?” Kostya was surprised.

“According to the concepts of those times, corrected by priests,” Sensei responded to him. “Moreover, since the religion of Ra sun-worshippers eventually became dominant in Egypt, the Copts ‘inherited’ respective views. According to their beliefs, hell was inhabited by demons with heads of snakes, lions and crocodiles which pulled out a soul from the body of a doomed human and stabbed it with great savageness, cut it, plunged arrows into its ‘sides’, whipped it to the river of fire and threw it there. Thereafter the suffering soul, under their views, was thrown into the external darkness and chattered with ‘teeth’ from shrilling cold. However, despite such tortures, it didn’t end its existence and after a certain while got to the first hour zone of Duat again.”

“And I was wondering what were the roots of such ’violence’ in horror movies?!” Eugene uttered with a smile.

“You see, even the soul in these views is associated with the body, it is pictured with ‘ribs’, ‘teeth’. They tied up so many fears with it!” Sensei drew our attention. “So, first of all, the renewed religious concept was tested by the Archons’ priests on the rest of their secret organization, and the test was successful. New people began to get interested in it and joined this organization because they thought those were the famous Spiritually Free Bricklayers. Then the newly emerged priests of Ra became more active and began to secretly convert to the new religion the mighty aristocracy from different nomes, coming closer to members of the pharaoh’s family. Many people who searched for the society of Spiritually Free Bricklayers found themselves in the society of Freemasons and got under the influence of the renewed cult of Ra. The cult of Ra started gaining power. Due to their cunning political manoeuvres, these priests ensured formal acknowledgement of their religion during the reign of the next pharaoh Khafra, having imposed the title of the Son of the Sun on the pharaoh, gradually turning their organisation into official religion and spreading their influence to other cults.

It should be mentioned that the pharaoh Khafra was a very strong and energetic man. As I have already said, he was also a member of the kernel of the organization of Spiritually Free Bricklayers. By the way, we can find symbols of Spiritually Free Bricklayers even in his extant sculpture (the diorite statue), including a falcon behind the pharaoh’s back, protecting his head with its wings, a lotus ornament on the pharaoh’s throne, as well as lion’s paws and heads. All the symbols are not just, as they consider today, ‘decorations and symbols of royal power’. They indicate specific places significant for Spiritually Free Bricklayers, as well as certain symbols of the people of Knowledge from the past.

The most furious confrontation with the Archons fell to Khafra’s lot. He did all his best in order to stop their reviving activities. Therefore after his death priests – the sun-worshippers ascribed him to the pharaohs whom people allegedly ’hated’ and from whom ‘gods turned away’. Khufu and Khafra did so much not to let the Archons to power and to protect their country and people from these Destructors that even after their death the Archons’ priests tried to do their best to spoil the memory about them. They even forced people to call the pyramids built by these pharaohs not by their names, but after the shepherd Filistis who tended a herd nearby.

Yet, when pharaoh Menkaura (the Greek name Mycerinus) came to power, the priests left the ‘warmest records’ of him for descendants and called him the ‘just monarch’ who ‘eased the burden’, ‘not only listened to complaints at clerks, but was always ready to eliminate injustice’. He ‘allowed open temples, so that people could offer sacrifices to gods’, although in fact this man was a melancholic person, already dependant on the priests of Ra. His daughter was married to a high ranking official who was a member of the secret society of Freemasons and eventually became the priest of ‘the three obelisks’ erected in honour of Ra. Later on the priests arranged it so that the pharaoh’s daughter suddenly died. Despondent by the loss of his beloved daughter, the pharaoh became even more dependent on the priests of Freemasons who manipulated him. Spiritually Free Bricklayers who were still in power had a difficult time when this pharaoh lived, also as to construction of the third pyramid of the Orion belt. Nevertheless, they managed to finish the construction.

During the reign of pharaoh Menkaura the Archons’ priests were thoroughly preparing to seize power. However, the core of Imhotep’s disciples was still strong enough and resisted them in all possible ways. Therefore, after the pharaoh’s death the Archons did their best to bring to power influential people from Heliopolis headed by the chief priest of Ra (Userkafa) who belonged to the secret society of Freemasons. They gave birth to the Fifth Dynasty and sharply cut off access to the throne for representatives of the Fourth Dynasty. Later on these very people organised a religious revolution in the country and provided the Archons with full-power access to this land.

By this example I would like to draw your attention to the way the Archons bring a country to division, split it into small parts and eventually lead it to collapse. It is their favourite method. Remember it and look at global events with open eyes, but not through the distorted prism which the modern Archons try to impose on you. Before the religious revolution, when the priests from Heliopolis took the throne, they were not able to impose their power in the country in a quite open way, since the fraction in Memphis was still rather powerful. In order to strengthen their power, they made a compromise and appointed the supreme priest of god Ptah from Memphis faction as a vizier. However, at the same time they actively propagated their religious views simplified and adapted for ordinary people. That is, in actual fact they were intensively splitting the country, forcing people to join this religious and political dispute and defend the ‘opinion’ imposed on them. Please, note it was not a person’s own view of the ongoing event, but the view imposed by priests who made the person defend it as his or her own.

Furthermore, rulers of the nomes and noble aristocrats received extended administrative authority: some of them as a reward for taking part in this political coup, others as a bribe for the further support of the Archons’ political force. What was the result of such policy of the Archons, aimed at collapse of the state? It led to the rise of might of local rulers. With the Archons’ help they turned into local mini-pharaohs in their provinces. In turn it caused decentralization of power in Egypt. First and foremost ordinary people suffered from that, since instead of former centralized management the distribution of water began to depend on the will of local aristocrats who were mostly concerned about their own enrichment.”

Stas smiled at that and uttered, “Do you remember the phrase from The Diamond Arm movie? ‘What will happen if they stop buying lottery tickets?’ ‘If they stop buying lottery tickets, we will cut off the gas’”.

The guys laughed.

“That’s true. It happened so at that time. ‘Those who buy our tickets will receive a water-tower’, Sensei quoted another famous phrase from the same popular movie. “Joking aside, water was the most important issue for people at that time, like gas, oil and electricity nowadays. One who controlled this resource imposed his policy… So, the court life of aristocrats was again artificially absorbed in total luxury and pleasure instead of real deeds of managing the state. Intriguing became a fashionable pastime. In the meantime, priests of the Archons made radical revolutionary changes in the leading religion for the masses, aimed at subtle substitution of people’s worldview towards stimulation of the Animal Nature and domination of material values in their life. Here I would like to draw your attention to how they used ancient popular names of gods and misinterpreted the knowledge.

In earlier times Ra was worshipped in Heliopolis as the god of the ‘daylight’ sun. Before the Archons’ priests used Ra, the god of the midday sun, people in Heliopolis worshipped Atum, the god of the evening sun and the creator of the world. However, the most interesting thing is that Atum is a later alteration of the name of goddess Atama who, according to ancient legends, showed herself as a hill originated from the primeval waters of Nun (the water chaos from where everything emerged). A lotus flower blossomed out on this hill, and bright light illumined the darkness. It was namely goddess Atama who played the main role in keeping the world order. The all-seeing Eye knowing about everything in the world glared on her crown which consisted of lotus petals; that very Eye which, according to the altered legend in the style of patriarchal motives, was ascribed to the Atum’s arm – goddess Iusaaset  (her sacral tree was acacia, the tree of ‘life and death’). They began to identify this goddess with the goddess of the sky Hathor (literally ‘the house of Horus’) who was worshipped as a sky cow that gave birth to the sun. This Eye was placed in her forehead. Then she was turned into the daughter of Ra, and later they attached the Eye to the crown of Ra. Hence, everything was as usual. Please, remember this primeval legend about goddess Atama. Later you will compare it with other facts and understand something.

Well, in addition to this information let me draw your attention to the following point in ancient legends. As you remember, Ptah was the supreme deity in Memphis. In principle, this character appeared as a prototype of the Bodhisattva who once lived among people and was known under the name of Ptah, i.e. he was a real person who brought knowledge to people. As they say in legends about him, ‘he was a truth revealer who taught people to live honestly and well’. Even the way he was depicted in clothes tightly covering his body (except for hands) with the ‘uas’ crosier is an echo of those times. But this is not the most important. Later on Ptah was deified and started to be worshipped as a supreme god. It is interesting that people still preserve a very interesting legend telling how Ptah (who was regarded as the god-creator of this world) begot other gods. ‘A thought of Atum (the first creature of Ptah) appeared in the heart of Ptah, and the name ‘Atum’ appeared on his tongue. As soon as he pronounced this word, Atum was born from the primeval chaos.’ Please, remember this, too. Later you will compare it.”

“What kind of knowledge is this?” Kostya shrugged his shoulders perplexedly. “It sounds like a mere legend.”

“Be patient, my friend,” Sensei uttered with a smile. “There is time for everything.” And he continued, “According to a Memphis legend, Ptah created earth, sky, people and animals in the beginning of times with the help of his eight assistants Khnums (‘modellers’). According to the Heliopolis concept, all these functions were transmitted from Atum to Ra. Moreover, they included Semitic god Seth among these nine gods and ascribed to him the rescue of Ra from the gigantic serpent Apop that embodied darkness and evil. The new religion of Ra was forcedly imposed on people and accepted mostly by the court circle and natives of Asia. Furthermore, under the pretence of introducing complicated religious ceremonies of the new religion and respective increase of the number of its ministers, the Archons’ people were intensively building up the army of their priests. For instance, when Ra cult became the leading one there were already more than twelve thousand priests in Heliopolis.”

“Wow,” Volodya grinned. “Not a bad staff!”

“It was a true political party with devoted electorate,” Sensei added with irony. “Besides, along with all these changes they actively began to alter the history of the previous two hundred years when thanks to Imhotep people had been following a civilized way towards spiritual growth. The history was rewritten anew. The priests destroyed valuable scrolls of the past, especially those written by spiritually mature personalities. Other scrolls with texts which were quite known and popular among common people in the form of sayings and aphorisms were simply altered in their own manner. The originals were destroyed, and ordinary people were given already modified copies with quotations that reoriented them to a more material worldview on the background of generally accepted moral teachings left by priests. The new teachings were mainly prepared for the new generation. Students in schools, especially those located in the territory of temples, were forced to copy and to learn these generally accepted moral sayings by heart. Such practice existed in the times of Imhotep, too, but it was more spiritually directed.

This Archons’ hysteria on destruction of historical records left by the followers of Imhotep’s teaching reached the point when they began to withdraw bodies-mummies of people (including noble and famous ones) whom the Archons knew to be once members of the Spiritually Free Bricklayers society. The mummies were not simply withdrawn, but torn to pieces and ruined. Everything was presented as ‘people’s wrath’ though common people had nothing to do with that. It was executed by specially appointed priests who were ordered to look for the texts of secret knowledge, writings from Imhotep’s teaching which were supposedly hidden in the mummies of those people. This evidences to which extent the Archons were scared that the knowledge might leak out occasionally again among people.”

“Well, Imhotep seems to have frightened them seriously with his activities!” Victor said.

“Surely,” Sensei nodded. “It is quite a serious thing to destroy the illusion of this world and to redirect people to the spiritual path, bringing them out of the Archons’ control… So, what was the end of this story? Once the Archons finally ensured that their people stayed in power in Egypt, after they finished their entire secret work on destruction of the organisation of Spiritually Free Bricklayers and Imhotep’s teaching and changed the state policy towards reorientation of the worldview of common people, they lost their interest in Egypt. Having established their ‘piers’ from among Freemasons, the Archons began to make a profit out of people’s devastation and sufferings.

The Fifth Dynasty was doomed. Noble aristocrats fought for the throne, using the most dirty political methods. Local ‘pharaohs’ competed between themselves, right up to military conflicts. Priests of the nomes profited from such destabilization and started swiftly gaining power, propagandizing and spreading the influence of their religious cult. Consequently, the political influence of Heliopolis priests (who were simply deceived by the Archons after they had implemented their plans with the priests’ hands) diminished considerably. Serious unrests and then riots started in the country. The Sixth Dynasty which came to power attempted to maintain order via the politics of military aggression, but it was similar to building a dam of thin twigs against the swiftly growing turbulent flow of dirt and water. The country was in the state of political instability. The end of the Sixth Dynasty’s reign in Egypt was marked by severe famine due to two reasons: the aforesaid policy and the drastic climate change that gave rise to a range of low floods.

After the rule of the Sixth Dynasty complete anarchy fell in the country. Noble aristocrats made an attempt to form a temporary government where they would take up leading posts. However, since each of them was interested in the development of his own nome only, nothing good came out of it. The Seventh Dynasty was unable to stay in power, it had ‘seventy kings who ruled for seventy days’. Thereafter all of that led to the civil war in Egypt, which split the former strong, mighty and flourishing state into small weak unprotected states ruled by dynasties of big landowners. Thus by their active destructive activities the Archons doom entire generations of people to many centuries of sufferings and concerns only with problems of survival in this world.”

Sensei made a pause in the conversation. We kept silent, being impressed by Sensei’s revealing story about the reality of this world. Victor was the first one to express his emotions, “Damn it… Are these Archons eternal? Couldn’t they be stopped already in those times? Why did people keep silence?! Spiritual ideology reigned for two centuries among people! How was it possible to turn everything upside down?”

“Right!” Volodya supported him. “Why did it happen so that people themselves allowed the Archons to come to power?! The coup was organized only by a small group of people. Where was the will of nation?”

“The will of nation?!” Sensei grinned sadly. “It’s a good question. You can’t even imagine how much I would like to know the answer to this question...” Sensei thought for a while and uttered as if talking to himself, “It seems like history doesn’t teach people at all. The external world is just a reflection of the internal one… The matter still prevails in people too much, and they fear to lose it, therefore they are afraid to change their world and are satisfied with crumbs from the table of the Archons. Only the truly Free Person is able to challenge oneself… The external is begotten by the internal…

Sensei kept silent for a while and then began to answer Volodya’s question, as if collecting himself.

“The Archons are surely not everlasting. They are just miserable twelve men who live a dastard life and die like everyone else. But the most pitiful thing is that their places are never vacant, because there have always been plenty of people who wish to get into Ariman’s traps set by him for those who want to possess ‘absolute power on this earth during their only life’. However, there is no free cheese in Ariman’s mousetraps… As for the will of nation… Well, soon you will see everything with your own eyes. It’s enough to talk about sad things, let’s make a break...”




The bold phrase in black is that very phrase, and it’s me who highlighted it. What do you think? Are the phrases in red highlighted in the above text accidentally? Can this be regarded as a prediction, given that the book was written long before relevant events? I hope it is obvious for you what is meant here, and in which present-day country the Archons have applied their destructive methods. Please, don’t name this country in the commentary section, it is needless. May for clever people this be another evidence that... this is happening.


Prepared by Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia)

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