The udumbara flower has blossomed, foreshadowing advent of the great man of wisdom!


    Another unexpected and significant event has taken place! The udumbara flower has blossomed on the earth. According to a Buddhist legend, it blossoms once in 3,000 years. They say the last time it blossomed before Gautama Buddha’s birth, while during the last 20 years its flowering has been observed all over the globe. It is also said the udumbara blossoming foreshadows the advent of a great man of wisdom or enlightened sage.

    This tiny fragrant flower has a thin, but extremely strong stem. It is asserted that udumbara does not fade for a long time and even strangely straightens up after being bended. It was first discovered in 1997, supposedly on a Buddha statue in a South Korean temple. In 2010 Chinese mass media reported the flower emergence in China and called it heavenly. Such reaction was quite unusual for Chinese media, because it is well-known the country’s communist government adheres to atheistic views and would hardly believe in the arrival of a great spiritual leader to the Earth. So, there was no surprise that soon after such publications all relevant articles were removed from state-owned media, although the information can still be traced on the internet.




    Since then, the government asserts udumbara are eggs of Chrysopidae. Though there is a certain likeness between Chrysopidae eggs and udumbara, but the eggs deteriorate soon after the larva hatches, whereas the flowers remain for a long time and emit aroma. The word udumbara itself originates from Sanskrit and means “an auspicious flower from heaven”.

    According to the Buddhist legend, udumbara flowering betokens the advent of the Holy King “Who Turns the Wheel, rectifying the Dharma in the world”. He will accept people of any religion, mercifully offering salvation to everyone. The eighth volume of Buddhist scripture Phonetics and Interpretation of Huylin says:


    The udumbara flower is a product of supernatural forces; celestial flower which does not exist in the earthly world. When the Tathagata or King with the Golden Wheel arrives in the human world, the udumbara flower will blossom owing to his great virtue and benediction.













Prepared by Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia)

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The udumbara flower has blossomed, foreshadowing advent of the great man of wisdom! The udumbara flower has blossomed, foreshadowing advent of the great man of wisdom! - Topic rating: 5.00 out of 5.00 votes: 135
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