“Shambhala: Oasis of Light” by Andrew Tomas. About the advent of Maitreya

Once on the web we found a book Shambhala: Oasis of Light by Andrew Tomas, containing very interesting lines regarding the advent of Messiah Maitreya. Who is Andrew Tomas? This man (1906-2001) was initially named Andrey Tomashevskiy. Before the age of 20 he lived in Manchuria where his parents had emigrated due to the revolution in Russia. Later on, for many years he stayed in China, Japan and India, learning from Taoists, Buddhists and Brahmans. Moreover, he could safely be called a disciple of Nicholas Roerich and had first-hand knowledge of Europe, America and Australia. During the last decades of his life Andrew Tomas was formally an Australian citizen, but he said his home was the entire globe. As for the former Soviet Union, he visited it in the early 1970s. For researcher Andrew Tomas, his long-standing acquaintance with the Orient, studies of the texts of Tibetan Buddhism which are the most reliable sources of information about Shambhala (Shambala), as well as of many other ancient texts, became an attempt to unravel and understand the history of that mysterious land.


Let us cite some extracts from his book Shambhala: Oasis of Light:

The exalted beings of the Sun and other worlds say to Satan –

“... The cosmic clock shows the Spiritual Age is approaching. You cannot stop it even if you want, since Dhian Kohanu (the supernatural cosmic beings) will soon bring a body from the depths of space – a body so far invisible, a vortex of powers. Once it comes into action, its flame will absorb all your efforts.”

Humanity must accept the Reign of Heart, otherwise they will ruin themselves. Violating the karmic law of the universality of life by their destructive behaviour, people will be judged and punished by Nature. After the year of Arhats, the Planetary Ultimatum must be presented to all nations of the world. The message should be communicated via people of goodwill only. Thus, people will face the ultimate choice: Light or Darkness, Peace or War, Heart or Fist, Wisdom or Ignorance.

Humanity is a battlefield of Heavenly Forces. This is a very old teaching contained in all religions. Today the battle between the Worlds has intensified. We should hope people will not join the dark forces otherwise the Lords of Karma will wipe them off the face of the planet.

In the last quarter of the century defiance must be bidden to establish the Teaching of Heart – the only teaching that can save the planet. Our Planetary Ultimatum must touch all people! Humanity is at the crossroads now and must choose between the way to the abyss of moral degradation and the way towards the stars. This is the time of the ever deepest crisis. If people fail to hear the warning and keep following their former way together with the Prince of Darkness, the Cosmic Hierarchy will accept the challenge, and the Radiant Sovereign of Shambhala will destroy all evil on this planet.

“You shall fulfil your task, and other voices will join yours, for this time the stake is enormous. At issue is not just the destiny of mankind, which can be reconstructed only within several millions of years, but the existence of the planet itself.”

Peoples of the Earth should understand the time of crucifixions and soft prophets who preached to enthusiastic crowds is now gone. We are living in the time of Arhats who will speak via lightning, thunder and shower of stars! The Age of Shambhala has come!

“Please, note I am not prophesying, but revealing to you the strategic actions of Heavenly Armies when they will begin their battle against countless soldiers of the Dark! The conflict is ripe – the War of the Worlds, the battle of superhuman cosmic systems against the evil forces of the Earth that poison space and break integrity of the Solar System. Whether people believe in this cosmic battle or not, they are responsible for their actions and will collect the harvest of their karma.”

“Does the Planetary Ultimatum relate to the Age of Shambhala mentioned in your ancient texts?” I asked.

“This is an opening of the door to a better age: the Cycle of Tara. Accept its emblem – the Sign of Heart, and may it unite humanity. The Sign of Heart is an emblem of the future age – the age of Maitreya, future Buddha announced in Kalachakra, or the Science of Cycles.”

“Here’s a thangka (icon) of Maitreya, the future Buddha. Here you see him standing with a smile on his face. This means his mission is favourable and his arrival is sudden.”

“Many religions believe in the advent of a Messiah or Avatar,” I noted. “Yet, will Maitreya, the one who is to appear, be able to bring peace to mankind?”

“Your question has made me recall a lesson I learnt from the three Great Arhats. They told me, “Your world persistently strives for a disaster. Humanity can save the Earth only through spiritual revival.” And when I boldly asked whether future Buddha Maitreya would be able to save mankind, one of the three Teachers responded, “Maitreya will show the way, but humanity will have to choose and follow that way on their own.”

“Could you specify the time when new Buddha will come?”

“It will be the last quarter of the 20th century,” the monk answered, “the cross period of the history of this world. Mankind should get prepared to the advent of Arhats and Maitreya. The Reign of Heart will spread far and wide. Hence, once the Sphinx in Giza announces its warning, we must be prepared to great events. Everyone on this planet will have a chance to manifest free will: to choose between Light and Darkness, Fraternity and Egoism.”

Excited, I left the monastery, having cast the last glance at silent Buddha and the thangkas of Maitreya and the Shambhala Teacher.


Well, let me say a few words as a summary. No matter which sources we take, all of them refer to nearly the same: “There will come the Messiah, Saviour or Judge who will bring Knowledge and show the shortest way to God via cultivation and accumulation of Love in one’s spiritual heart. At that, humanity as a whole will face the choice: to be, or not to be.As a matter of fact, this is exactly what we are observing today in addition to a special interest in the Knowledge brought by Bodhisattva. Incidentally, we will look deeper into this Knowledge on our website as well.


Prepared by Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia)

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“Shambhala: Oasis of Light” by Andrew Tomas. About the advent of Maitreya “Shambhala: Oasis of Light” by Andrew Tomas. About the advent of Maitreya - Topic rating: 5.00 out of 5.00 votes: 176
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