There is no America! Vanga’s old prediction first voiced

    The next discovery valuable for our Prophecies section is the 2016 New Year’s programme on NTV channel, telling about the unknown revelations of Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Vanga whom we’ve earlier written about in detail on our website.

Exactly from Russia a man will come soon, and he will save us...

    These words by her are distinctly heard on the video, although the phrase may be interpreted in different ways, therefore to ensure objectivity we won’t assert so far that she meant Rigden Djappo (Imam Mahdi). However, there is another quite interesting episode in the programme, which relates to America’s fate (the episode starts from minute 39:30), where Sergey Kostornoy, journalist and Vanga’s good friend, for the first time voices a prediction given by the clairvoyant in a narrow circle of close friends, which she asked them not to disclose publicly until a certain time.


There is no America, – Vanga said. – I don’t see it...


    At this point it’s appropriate to refer to Ezoosmos book by Anastasia Novykh, where Sensei (or, as we assume, Rigden Djappo, Imam Mahdi, etc. himself) warns of the forthcoming onset of hard times for humanity and, in particular, gives a message about America, similar to Vanga’s one. Let’s read:


 “Unfortunately,” Sensei responded, “people are awaited by such ordeals which only God can help them to endure and to overpass! As for the Slavic territories, they will soon become a saving place for many climatic refugees of the globe. And Archons will particularly take notice of these territories as of a titbit. They will make all attempts possible to take possession of these lands by hook or by crook and to become Sovereigns there. They will invest enormous money into land purchase, because they clearly understand money will soon turn into nothing. It’s impossible to eat pieces of paper. Money will lose its significance. For instance, who will need dollars when there is no America itself? So, you don’t need to accumulate money for your old age,” Sensei smiled, posing his gaze at Nikolai Andreevich.

“Very soon the times will come when food, heat and shelter will be the only material values among people. However, this will certainly be another temporary phenomenon just like everything in this world. Once people lose their material possessions for the sake of which they used to live, they will acutely feel and understand the importance of quick discovery of the spiritual wealth.” He kept silent for a while and added: “Enormous, serious cataclysms await the planet. And only spiritual unification of Slavs, the nucleus of which will be formed by Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, will be able to rescue and help many people on the Earth to survive. After all, Slavs are the only remaining spiritual bastion of this world, capable of saving not just themselves, but humanity as a whole. Otherwise, if the Animal nature domination further remains in the human world (at that, the Animal nature will naturally try to splinter Slavs, cause them to quarrel, and transmute them into Ego’s slaves), the final end will be put to the history of this civilization…”


    Now, let’s go back to the Report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems” referred to in the article US dollar collapse, as well as to articles by blogger R. Voskresenskiy Not locking the barn door till after the horse is stolen and Predictions of the future. What will really take place?. These sources may also be supplemented with dozens and even hundreds of prophetic and analytical articles and messages posted on the internet, which predict the forthcoming “death” of whole North America. Yet, what kind of a disastrous event can happen to destroy the entire continent? The climate change Report contains versions of the answer: the Yellowstone supervolcano and the continental tectonic rift forming in the North American Plate. Images provided by AllatRa IPM scientists (see below) graphically show the overall alarming situation.


    So, we have another authoritative confirmation of the threat faced by North American continent, meaning the approach of the Last Times. We refer to such predictions not for the sake of intimidation or pumping of negative emotions, but in order to emphasize the importance of reappraisal of values and transition from consumer lifestyle to spiritual priorities, since shocks to be caused by forthcoming events might prove to be quite severe for all inhabitants of the planet who now totally rely on the matter and pieces of money. In conclusion, we once again recommend everyone to lend an attentive ear to Igor Danilov’s incredible wisdom, because he really has responses and solutions to any and all human problems.



Prepared by Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia)

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