Striking resemblance in appearances of Saint Agapit of Pechersk and Igor Danilov!

    Recently on the internet, an issue of resemblance between the two personalities who have been living on the earth with some 1,000-year difference has been actively discussed. We mean here the first doctor of Kievan Rus, Unmercenary Physician Saint Agapit of Pechersk, and Professor, Academician, author of vertebral revitalization method Igor Mikhaylovich Danilov.

    In 1986, Sergey Nikitin, expert of the Medical Criminology Department of Moscow City Medico-Legal Expertise Bureau, restored the image of the first doctor of Kievan Rus Agapit of Pechersk (see the above image on the left). The image restoration was carried out by the method of Mikhail Gerasimov.



    Note. Sergey Nikitin is the Chief Expert on Anthropological Reconstruction (restoration of human appearances by bone remains). He graduated from Pirogov Moscow Medical Institute and started dealing with anthropological reconstruction in 1972 in Mikhail Gerasimov’s laboratory. He restored portraits of Kiev Pechersk Lavra monks Nestor the Chronicler, Ilya of Murom, Reverend Agapit, and the first Father Superior of Lavra Varlaam.

    As of today, the Vertebral Revitalization Clinic of I.M. Danilov operates in Kiev Pechersk Lavra territory. Professor, Academician Igor Danilov strikingly resembles the first doctor of Kievan Rus Agapit (see the above image on the right).

    Such amazing resemblance in appearances of Agapit of Pechersk and Igor Danilov is noted by internet users. For instance, there are modest hints on the web that “Agapit of Pechersk and Igor Danilov look like one and the same person.”



    Habitoscopy (portrait) examination of the bust of Agapit of Pechersk and Igor Danilov’s appearance

    There is a criminology branch of habitoscopy that studies patterns of human appearance imprinting on various media by means of contemporary methods. Owing to a relevant habitoscopy examination, the Point of View team of independent analysts decided to investigate the portrait resemblance between the two personalities – Agapit of Pechersk and Igor Danilov. The investigation outcome will be presented in our subsequent analytical materials. Follow our publications.


    Attention! This subject is continued in the article Habitoscopy (portrait) examination.

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