The Pyramid Code: Episode 4 – The Empowered Human

The Pyramid Code: Episode 4 – The Empowered Human


  • Ascending and descending ages.
  • Matriarchy and patriarchy.
  • Artefacts that show the high status of women in Ancient Egypt.
  • Evidence of the equality of sexes.
  • Mother Goddess in religious symbols of Ancient Egypt.
  • Cerebral hemispheres, the masculine and the feminine.
  • Two left hands in ancient Egyptian art.
  • Balance between the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine.
  • The winged disc over the entrance to Egyptian temples.
  • Chakras and glands.
  • The sanctity of child-bearing.
  • Sacred geometry of the Luxor Temple. The pineal gland and its reflection in the temple design.
  • Lotus and papyrus.
  • Depiction of half-animals and half-humans in ancient Egyptian art.
  • Amazonian shamans and Ayawaska.
  • The blue lotus and mandrake tincture.
  • The scarab and the brain. Ancient knowledge of the subconscious mind.
  • 360 senses.
  • Weighing of the heart.
  • Amun priesthood who sold Salvation of the Soul. The more Shabti dolls one purchased, the lighter one’s heart would be on the Scales of Justice. “And we still are living in that way.”
  • Pharaohs who were erased from history.
  • Amarna.
  • The cults of Aten and Amun. Priestly games.
  • Tutankhamen.
  • Hatshepsut.
  • The Milky Way and association of it with the Great Mother principle.
  • Cosmology and biology.
  • The centre of the Milky Way galaxy is the womb of the Great Cosmic Mother.


How we got here, how we came into existence, and then how we left, and how our Soul continues to Live…”

In Episode 4 of the documentary, attempts are made to analyse ancient Egyptian symbols. At that we should understand and take into account that the documentary was released in 2009. I would like to highlight several phrases that sound on the 30th minute, where the Soul Salvation purchase is described.

“One could buy the lightness of heart Instead of being light of heart. This is a fundamental change in terms of how to live well, and we still are living in that way.”

How subtly it is noticed that thousands of years have passed, while nothing changes and people still endeavour to buy Salvation of their Soul instead of being light of heart.



Prepared by Igor

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