The Pyramid Code: Episode 3 – Sacred Cosmology

The Pyramid Code: Episode 3 – Sacred Cosmology

  • Why were the ancients so interested in the motion of the stars?
  • Sacred science of ancient Egyptians.
  • Death is westing (“going towards the west”).
  • Faith in the afterlife and the Soul’s immortality.
  • Nile overflows and star cycles.
  • The annual cycle of Sirius and Orion.
  • The Pyramid Texts as the oldest known religious texts in the world.
  • Hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt.
  • Jean-François Champollion and Thomas Young. The Rosetta Stone.
  • Laird Scranton’s hypothesis on reading of hieroglyphs.
  • An ancient observatory in Nabta Playa.

  • Karnak Temple. Disposition of monuments by circumpolar stars.
  • El Bagawat necropolis.

  • An ocean bed in the middle of the desert. Global geology and climate change.
  • Ancient cave paintings in Egypt.
  • Predynastic Egyptian beliefs.
  • The Cave of the Swimmers.
  • The Dogon people. Comparison with Ancient Egypt. (Laird Scranton)
  • Dogon cosmology and modern science.
  • “The Dogon and the Egyptians explain to us how it is that a mere act of perception can cause the wavelike behaviour of matter to turn into particles, which modern scientists don’t know.” (Laird Scranton)
  • Dogon priests: the number of elementary particles is 266.
  • Nabta Playa. A calendar.
  • The Cow Stone.
  • Three subsurface layers at Nabta Playa site.
  • Nabta Playa and stars. Orion’s Belt, Sirius, the Big Dipper.
  • The circumpolar region of the heavens as a place where the stars never die.



The main commentator in this episode is Robert Bauval. A very interesting place – Nabta Playa ancient site oriented by stars – is shown. There is also rather interesting information on the Dogon people, narrated by Laird Scranton.

To supplement this episode of the documentary, I’ve decided to cite a little extract from the AllatRa book, though it’s better to start reading the extract several pages above, where it is described what causes electron easily pass from the state of a particle into a wave.

Rigden: … The world of the Animal Nature is the world of dominance of matter and its laws. The world of God is the world of perfect energies. When you meditate, when you are in an altered state of consciousness, you become a part of the process, a part of divine manifestation here. As soon as the Animal Nature Observer gets activated, you think you gain control over matter. In actual fact, it is matter (the Animal Mind) that gains control over you. As a result, you become a more manifested material object; you basically turn into a corpuscular object of general matter (corpuscle, from Latin corpusculum meaning “body”, “the smallest particle of matter”) and obey its laws. If you switch to the wave state, you become a part of divine manifestation in this world, that is, a Spiritual Nature Observer. That is why it is said: what prevails in you is what you will be.

In the state of meditation ordinary perception disappears. Consciousness of an experienced practitioner, particularly if we consider his or her state in the Lotus Flower spiritual practice, expands beyond the boundaries of the familiar world. A person feels he or she is simultaneously everywhere. We can say the superposition of quantum physics – acquisition of the wave state – is the same as acquisition in meditation of the state of entry into higher dimensions, in which matter is already absent. The superposition in the state of meditation is when you “see”, i.e. sense deep inner feelings, the whole world and its diverse manifestations. But as soon as the Observer focuses on an object, his or her consciousness becomes narrowed and limited by such object observed. That is, once you make a choice and focus on specific details, the wave transforms into matter. After all, when you concentrate on details, comprehensive perception disappears, and only details remain. Thoughts from the Animal Nature are a kind of a tool, a power to materialise objects, while feelings from the Spiritual Nature are a force for expanding consciousness and accessing higher dimensions.

Anastasia: Yes, how complex this world is, and how obvious simple things can be in it.

Rigden: Now, regarding quantum physics... On the one hand, the notion of the Observer has expanded the boundaries of scientific knowledge, but on the other hand it has brought scientists to a deadlock. After all, the perspective of the Superobserver proves there exists a tremendous force that from the outside can influence the Universe, all its objects, and all the processes taking place in it.

Anastasia: So, in fact, this is another way to prove the existence of God scientifically, isn’t it?


Rigden: Yes. Man has a Soul as a part of the divine power. The more he transforms his inner world, the more his Personality fuses with the Soul, unfolding before God, and the more he becomes spiritually stronger and gets the ability to influence the material world from higher dimensions. The more such people there are, the greater and more significant their influence is. The Superobserver is God, who can influence everything, while man as a Spiritual Nature Observer is the Observer who can interfere in the processes of this world and change them at the microlevel. Of course, certain manipulations with matter are accessible to people from the perspective of the Animal Nature Observer. But man gets a real power of influence only when his Spiritual Nature Observer is activated. (AllatRa, pages 163-165 –


Prepared by Igor

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