The Pyramid Code: Episode 1 – The Band of Peace

Original titleThe Pyramid Code
Released: 2009
Genre: popular science, documentary, education
Director: Carmen Boulter

The documentary involves researchers whom our readers already know by my earlier articles: Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Robert Schoch, John Anthony West, as well as other researchers of Ancient Egypt from various fields of science.

The film consists of five episodes. The first one is called The Band of Peace.

“Who were the ancient peoples of the world, and what did they know?” This is how the documentary starts. Quite an interesting question…

Contents of Episode 1:

  • Six groups of pyramids in Egypt.
  • Abu Rawash: the pyramid with no roof. Perfectly processed stones.
  • The theory of pyramids location right near the Nile riverbed.
  • Giza. Procession roads and winter and summer solstice days. “Pyramids are sepulchres” is the wildest hypothesis. Hypotheses on the age of pyramids. The Great Sphinx appeared before the Great Pyramid. Pyramids and stars.
  • Abu Garab. The crystal altar. Stone “pools” made of quartz. The most ancient Egyptian obelisk.
  • Abusir. Sirius annual movement. Abusir on the earth – Pleiades in the sky. The Sun’s 70-day way.
  • Saqqara. The stepped Pyramid of Djoser. Jed pillars. Ancient Egyptian cosmology. Ancient sound healing techniques.
  • Dashour. The bent pyramid. What did Sneferu need nine burial vaults for? Double harmony. The Meidum pyramid.
  • The history of Egypt by Herodotus is a fiction.

Episode 1 ends with a very interesting question:

Maybe, it is time we use the evidence to reconsider what we’ve been told?


Wish you pleasant viewing. On my part I will continue writing brief comments on the contents of each episode, which will be posted on this website during the next days.



Prepared by Igor

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