The Great Pyramids on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. Analysis

Elaboration of this material was suspended in January 2017 due to the lack of more solid logical grounds for its completion. Owing to the unexpected idea of establishment of a “working platform”, this article has got a second chance...


We hereby continue reviving the topic of ancient Egyptian mythology. Today we will once again try to unravel the mystery of the purpose of some of the oldest extant cult buildings on our planet – the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. We are surely neither the first ones nor the last ones to search for the truth, and the only difference between us and other seekers is the additional information we have owing to the books by Anastasia Novykh as well as our own analytical materials collected and accurately supplementing the outline of our search.

In this article I shall endeavour to link some information elements that we have lately obtained into a single whole picture, thanks to which we will possibly arrive at new assumptions and a way to move forward.



Well, let’s proceed one by one.




As the article author I feel a certain potential, therefore at the current stage my desire to direct attention towards studies overpowers my doubts and awkwardness due to incompetence. Moreover, an attempt to collect the long-standing rebus of the origin and purpose of Egyptian pyramids seems very symbolic to me, given that I’m doing this from such an emblematic place as Kiev. Incidentally, my friends and I strongly believe this very city was referred to as the 50th degree of spiritual Freedom in predictions by Nostradamus who thus hinted at the place of the future rebirth of humanity. Yet, this is a mere sentimental talk, whereas further I will try to be as clear-cut as possible, with no needless esoteric or sectarian freethinking.




Let me once again point to a strange giant phenomenon of an unknown origin, reflected in the relief of the hills on which the modern megalopolis of Kiev is standing. We clearly see contours of a human head. I point to this not for the sake of creating another riddle, but in order to put some markers for, let’s say, better orientation. After all, many people are already convinced that nothing happens accidentally, especially when a global architectural project invented by our spiritually advanced ancestors is concerned. Why am I saying so? Because we do have a hint (we’ll go back to it later on). Furthermore, it is obvious that several spiritually important architectural objects in Kiev are physically located in non-random places and specially oriented relative to the aforesaid human head, including:

  • St, Cyril’s Church – in the mouth area,
  • St. Sophia’s Cathedral – in the eye area,
  • Kiev Pechersk Lavra – approximately in the area of the so-called third eye.

голова Осириса, город Киев, ландшафт

голова Осириса, город Киев, ландшафт

The books by A. Novykh contain mentions of such a landscape phenomenon (referred to as the head of Osiris) in the context of a prediction more information on which you can find in our relevant article. We don’t know what the prediction is exactly about, although we can assume it somehow relates to the arrival of the Teacher of humanity into the mundane world, who is known as Imam Mahdi, the Comforter, Kalki Avatar, Maitreya, Mashiach, Geser Khan, etc. and whom the Preamble of our online project is dedicated to.

Let me remind that in ancient Egyptian mythology Osiris (Egyptian Wsjr, Usir; ancient Greek Ὄσιρις; Latin Osiris) is the god of regeneration, the king of the underworld, and the judge of the souls of deceased. Egyptian texts portray him as a key figure and a personality who really lived in Egypt during the establishment of the current human civilisation, who gave people knowledge and showed them a way to immortality. For many millennia Egyptians have been worshipping this deity, and his authority still remains unshakeable. Besides, there are records by which Osiris was directly associated with great cosmic cycles and the constellation of Orion, but we will discuss this later.

For a more visual presentation, here is an upturned map (the south is above and the north is below) where the head of Osiris is accurately aligned vertically and is on the same meridian (30-31 degrees east) as the Pyramids of Giza.

Киев, пирамиды Гизы, нулевой Пулковский меридиан

A question arises, what is so special about the 31st meridian east on which several objects of our interest are simultaneously located?




The thing is that the current prime meridian – the one passing through Greenwich, England – was not always the prime meridian. It was only in 1884 that somebody came to an agreement, and at the International Meridian Conference it was recommended to adopt the Greenwich meridian as the prime for all countries. However, earlier in Russia, for instance, the Pulkovo meridian that passes through the centre of the main building of Pulkovo Observatory in St. Petersburg was the prime. It is also known as the Alexandrian meridian, since it is at the same longitude as the Giza Plateau where our dear pyramids are situated. It will be also quite interesting for our readers to know that nowadays numerous cities and sites are located on or close to the Alexandrian prime meridian (which is now 30°19′34 east), such as:

  • The ancient Nabta Playa observatory (30° east, Egypt)
  • The Pyramids of Giza (31° east, Egypt)
  • Phrygian Valley (ancient citiesTurkey)
  • Odessa (30°42’ east, Ukraine)
  • Uman (30°14’ east, Ukraine)
  • Kiev (the meridian passes close to Zhuliany, Ukraine)
  • Chernobyl, Pripyat (30°14’ east, Ukraine)
  • Mogilev (precisely on the meridian, Belarus)
  • Veliky Novgorod (Novgorod the Great) and the ancient Lake Ilmen known for its various unexplored natural phenomena (mentioned in The Crossroads book; 31° east, Russia)
  • St. Petersburg (precisely on the meridian, Russia)
  • ...

So far I won’t talk about the fortuities or regularities.

нулевой Пулковский, Александрийский меридиан

The prime (Alexandrian, Pulkovo) meridian

Furthermore, on 34° east Seydozero is located, which we wrote about earlier on this website...




The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only of the seven world wonders that has remained till nowadays! Numerous books, hypotheses and articles are dedicated to the mystery of Giza pyramids, plenty of documentaries have been filmed, and heated discussions still continue. There is even a separate science called Egyptology, however, should we be impartial, this very mainstream science today hampers more serious studies of relevant issues, taking into consideration only theories intended for fools, where the role of such fools is played by the global community, i.e. all of us. Are you, dear readers, indeed willing to believe that pyramids, so grandiose by the scale and so accurate by geometric proportions (and so numerous all over the world as we have already written), were built with the sole purpose of burying somebody’s mortal remains?! Moreover, it is generally known that no remains have been found in major pyramids, and not a single record mentions such remains. Yet, Egyptology sponsored by certain “circles” persistently adheres to its orthodox views and continues promoting only a position of their benefit to the public information space. Furthermore, it should certainly be added that as of today many ancient sites are “put out of operation” according to UNESCO policies, and it is extremely difficult to get permission to perform any research works. Put simply, everything relating to the pyramids in Egypt, as well as to the Great Sphinx, has been simply shut down and padlocked.

Much have been written and filmed about the unique methods of the pyramids construction as well, so I don’t see any sense in repeating such information. Everyone who desires can follow the links below to view relevant documentaries or read the books by Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Adrian Gilbert, and other authors.


Moreover, there is a sensational documentary The Revelation of the Pyramids:




I cannot assert anything in architecture and construction issues, especially of those times, for I have surely seen nothing with my own eyes, so to say. But I would like to mention that general opinions which are still imposed on the public regarding application of crude manual labour upon the pyramids construction are absolutely unconvincing and beneath any criticism. In the 5th century BC, Greek historian Herodotus was the first one to suggest an idea of wooden levers. Later on, there arose ideas of embankments up to the pyramid tops and of spiral external ramps. Such hypotheses are contained in almost every history textbook, but all of them unconvincing if I may repeat myself. In such case only the Cheops Pyramid would have required more than 6 million tons of quarry-extracted, delivered from afar, thoroughly processed stone blocks. At that, none of the modern construction companies, possessing up-to-date technology and equipment and headed by engineers of genius, is able to replicate what was implemented 4,500 years ago!

Here it is appropriate to refer to a fresh example of how “certain circles” promote in the information space new “discoveries” as to how the pyramids were built. There was a recent documentary with a fascinating story by an unknown French architect who (as if by a Hollywood template) supposedly sold his house, settled in a small studio, and spent 10 years sweating over an idea suggested by his father on the possible method of the Great Pyramid construction with application of an internal spiral ramp. There is no sense in uploading the documentary here, but here’s a link to its English version: Why have I shared it? Because the documentary has been already viewed by over 1.2 million people in English only, and to that for some reason I have recalled hit videos of the most popular MTV stars. Do you see what I’m hinting at? At the typical pattern of promotion...

Interesting guys! They film costly documentaries, spend two years on building of a pyramid via 3D computer modelling, and draw a colourful animation where several people move 2-3-ton stone blocks by means of wooden poles. At that, they don’t bother to verify whether anything like that is possible in practice. The new technology offers us to believe that a 60-80-ton granite block may be moved by 100 people by means of ropes and a counterpoise. Yet, why don’t they test and check this? That thin architect could have at least taken a stick in his hands, gone to a nearest quarry and tried to do something with a 3-ton stone block...

Where do I lead? The strikingly accurate implementation of the unique construction project could have never been possible without an advanced development of spiritual culture of those who participated in it, and this is obvious for every sensible person. Hence, the version of pharaoh tombs is totally absurd. As for the methods of construction and movement of huge stone elements, I adhere to the opinion that, by all appearances, the ancients produced a certain sound to build the pyramids. Physics and sound are closely interconnected, and since acoustic levitation experiments are already conducted, sound-based construction is quite realistic.

I have no definite answer, but I do suspect that nearly all ancient megalithic structures were built with the application of sound. The Ezoosmos book contains information about gravitation. Do you remember?

“The most interesting thing is that in modern physics gravitational interactions are considered to be the weakest of all acting forces, having in view the gravitational interaction between material bodies such as, for instance, bricks on a road or planets in the outer space. The funniest thing is that, in spite of multiplicity of existing theories, nobody has ever come to understanding what gravitation is in reality. To tell the truth and to give them their due, scientists have purely theoretically calculated that gravitation consists of particles and even gave them a name of graviton. However, nobody has a mere notion of what this graviton is, although not just the graviton has been mentioned in the human history, but its physical characteristics have been described quite in detail as well. As a matter of fact, graviton is nothing but the Po particle. The whole Universe is composed of these particles, like I’ve said before. For instance, as you already know, neutrino consists of five Po particles and has a shape of a regular five-pointed star...”

Well, the history of the 20th century remembers a strange person named Edward Leedskalnin – a physically fragile man who in an inexplicable way, single-handedly built his famous megalithic Coral Castle, although he used some generator... In any event, physical properties of the septon field are a separate subject of studies, and we will hopefully get to it once.




This issue is more or less clear. The initial impetus to construction of Egyptian pyramids was given by Imhotep (we have written about him earlier, too). First, he personally headed construction of the stepped Pyramid of Djoser. The detailed story of Imhotep may be read in Sensei of Shambala – Book IV by A. Novykh.

Several extracts are worth citing to the topic:

The place chosen by Imhotep for construction of this truncated pyramid wasn’t occasional. It was on the verge of the plateau, that very plateau which was only a few kilometres to the north of the Great Sphinx. When Imhotep showed the site layout to the pharaoh, priests and aristocrats, he explained the choice of this place of deserted plateau as a closer location to Memphis and a beautiful view from that place on Memphis. But in actual fact this place fully matched one of the earthly geographic coordinates marked on the ‘star map revealed to him by the Sokrovennik. The Great Sphinx erected far earlier than that time (and not after Imhotep’s life as they assume it now, as if it were during the time when the Great Pyramids were built!) was an important reference point for precise and accurate location of the truncated pyramid.

пирамида Джосера

From Pyramids: Riddles of Construction and Purpose by Andrew Sklyarov:

It is currently believed that main stages of the pyramids construction are connected with the following historical periods:

·       2680 BC – construction of the stepped pyramid in Saqqara by pharaoh Djoser (circa 2670 BC – Wikipedia)

·       2640 DC – construction of the pyramid in Meidum, the Bent and Red Pyramids in Dahshur by pharaoh Sneferu

·       2600-2400 BC – construction of the 4th Dynasty pyramids on the Giza Plateau and in Abu Rawash...

... ancient Egyptians called the pyramid complex on the Giza Plateau “the abode of the Lord of Rostau”. It is one of the titles of god Osiris... At that, the time of Osiris’s reign, according to Manetho, dates back to the mid 10th millennium BC. (link)


More from Sensei of Shambala – Book IV:

“It covers the period of the Fourth Dynasty, the time when the three great Pyramids of Giza were built for the pharaohs Cheops, Khefren and Mykerinos!

Right you are, the pharaohs Khufu, Khafra and Menkaure,” Sensei nodded with satisfied air. “By the way, namely these pyramids were built according to Imhotep’s drawings by his disciples in compliance with precise coordinates on the ‘star map’. And, as I have already said, the Great Sphinx was the main reference point for that.” (Sensei of Shambala – Book IV)

египетские пирамиды в Гизе

From the same book:

“Does this mean the truncated Pyramid of Djoser and the three pointed great Pyramids of Giza are those very pyramids?”

“Yes, these are some of the ‘genuine pyramids’ called so in the world of the people of Knowledge.” (Sensei of Shambala – Book IV)


At that, Khufu just like the previous pharaoh Sneferu and the next one Khafra (Kha’ef-ra or the Greek name Chephren) was a member of the kernel of the Spiritually Free Bricklayers organization founded by Imhotep. One of the main goals and tasks of these people was to implement the plan of pyramids construction according to the ‘star map’ left by Imhotep along with detailed drawings and layouts… (Sensei of Shambala – Book IV)

It should be mentioned that The Kind Friend of Poor People article contains a remarkable conclusion which I’d like to cite here:

The times of Djoser and the Fourth Dynasty pharaohs compared to those of the 5-6th Dynasties are like Heaven and Earth. Certainly, there will be those who’ll say there are no confirmations of the aforesaid and so it’s all fiction. Especially for such people let me refer to an interesting fact mentioned by R. Bauval. Many people are aware of it, but it’s not discussed publicly because there is no logical explanation. How could this happen, that people knew something and then suddenly lost their skills? Djoser’s pyramids in Saqqara and pyramids of the Fourth Dynasty are still there, whereas pyramids of the Fifth Dynasty collapsed to ruins. In other words, there was a certain period of time – about 200 years – when people were building pyramids capable of standing for millennia, but then people suddenly started building pyramids that couldn’t pass the time test and simply tumbled down. I believe attentive and intelligent readers will think this over…


What is the point? Probably, this is a hint at application of high technology, spiritual knowledge and the knowledge of physics and the septon field, as well as at the restricted availability of such knowledge.

египетские пирамиды в Гизе




A logical question: if these are tombs, where are the mummies? If the pyramids were built with application of high technology and the knowledge of sacred geometry and astronomy, whereas indicators of the way to eternal life (immortality) run through the whole history of Egyptian bas-reliefs, is human megalomania really so stupid that it has immortalised somebody’s mortal remains in a huge pyramidal sarcophagus? Not at all, absolutely not at all! This very example makes it possible to observe principal collision of the two polar spheres of human nature – the animal (mainstream) and the spiritual (which strives for knowledge and search of the truth). Thus, mainstream scientists argue that 4,500 years ago Egypt was inhabited by barbarians who spent several centuries on manual movement of multi-ton stone boulders in order to design and build something unimaginable for burying the bodies of their pharaohs whose remains were to decompose very soon. Other researchers believe in higher ideals and mission of humanity and endeavour to unravel the sacred mystery. The annoying theories of R. Bauval and G. Hancock prove to sensible people that conspiracy and secrecy exist in science, too, for mainstream Egyptology totally neglects numerous facts and discoveries, especially in astronomy, e.g. the evidence of the Giza complex correlation with its celestial counterpart – the Orion constellation. Likewise, Egyptology does not take into account the generally known theories of precession (as we have described in The Orion-Draco Pendulum article), predicting the approach of the time of global cataclysms on Earth.

Another earlier article on our website contains the following lines:


One of the major goals of construction of the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and the Angkor temple complex in Cambodia was to warn the humanity of the approaching “Judgement Day. Once in about every 13 thousand years certain global changes take place on Earth: natural cataclysms, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, which are somehow connected with the Orion-Draco pendulum. Hence, the ancients marked a zero point for us, i.e. the time of the last global cataclysm (10,500 BC), and indicated the cycle via construction of the said cult buildings in Egypt and Cambodia, so that we could look at the sky, determine such zero point, and assume when subsequent global changes are to take place on the planet Earth.

Let me explain the meaning of the above images in a more understandable language: our planet Earth swings (like a whirligig) due to precession, making a full circle within about 26,000 years (1 degree corresponding to 72 years). 

Hence, we can say the Egyptians built a sort of grandiose “celestial calendar”, where the Orion constellation, descending and rising once in 12.5 thousand years, is an indicator of the approach of the next drastic planetary change predetermined by cosmic cyclicality. You can read more about this in Heaven’s Mirror by G. Hancock, The Orion Mystery by R. Bauval, and other sources.

Owing to the long-standing research efforts of R. Bauval and G. Hancock, which entailed an enormous pressure on the part of mainstream Egyptologists, we now know about the precession swinging of our planet on its axis over a full circle of 26,000 years. Furthermore, we now know that at extreme points of such swinging the severest planetary cataclysms take place, causing drastic changes in the earthly relief.




Perhaps, not many people understand what the precessional “Orion-Draco pendulum” really is, so we present to your attention a graphic demonstration made in Stellarium:

Something very serious certainly happens in the two extreme points of the “pendulum swinging”, when once in about 12,000 years the constellation of Orion reaches its upper culmination on the celestial meridian, while the constellation of Draco on the opposite side of the sky reaches its lower culmination. Thereupon, the Pyramids of Giza for us are a reference point that signifies Orion’s great importance as of a marker of the time of subsequent cataclysms. Such is the hypothesis known in the alternative archaeology community.

Moreover, recurring to the pyramids, we find the following lines in the AllatRa book:

The pyramid geometry is closely linked to physics. Having such a structure and the necessary Knowledge, it is possible to cause certain effects as a result of interconnection… among dimensions, owing to natural laws of physics. (pages 437 –


Perhaps, this is a key reason why I continue studies in this field. After all, the entire Egyptian mythology is based on the quest of human immortality, a way to gain eternal life, thus having much in common with the AllatRa Primordial Knowledge. This leads us to a new assumption that the purpose of the pyramids is not limited to being a warning marker, and so further answers should be looked for in the sphere of serious spiritual self-improvement and studies of physics.

Narrow shafts leading from the internal King's and Queen’s Chambers in the Great Pyramid of Giza deserve particular attention as well. When the pyramid was constructed circa 2500 BC, the shafts were oriented to the stars of the constellations of Orion, Canis Major (the Great Dog), Draco, and Ursa Minor (the Little Bear): Alnitak and Sirius in the southern sky, and Thuban and Kochab in the northern sky, respectively. For some reason, mainstream Egyptologists disregard this fact. Yet, may such orientation be accidental? 

It should also be mentioned that a robot was twice launched into these narrow 20-centimetre shafts that penetrate the Cheops Pyramid. Upon the first launch in 1993 it passed a distance of 60 m and reached a door with two handles, called Gantenbrink’s Door:

дверь Гантенбринка

During the second experiment in 2002, they managed to drill a hole and discovered another door behind Gantenbrink’s Door, or more exactly an unpolished block:

за дверью Гантенбринка

робот в пирамиде Хеопса

The purpose of the shafts is still undetermined. Here are some finds from the Great Pyramid shafts:

  1. A stone covering the shaft on the southern side
  2. A granite ball, 1 pound 3 oz in weight
  3. A piece of cedar
  4. A bronze tool with a piece of a wooden handle

The last three items were found in the northern shaft in 1872.


Moreover, during the research in Giza in 1837, a megalithic plate (welded iron) was found, although experts did not acknowledge its authenticity. Incidentally, this little piece of iron can shake the entire archons’ history and chronology of the human civilisation development. The conclusion of the British Museum experts became a reason why this megalithic plate has been disregarded until the time when Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock, with the obstinacy that deserves better application, have come to study the history of this item.

металлическая платина, найденная в великой пирамиде Хеопса

металлическая платина, найденная в великой пирамиде Хеопса

Now, let’s look at the internal layout of the Great Pyramid:



And here’s the granite King’s Chamber with a granite bathtub and a sarcophagus:



While writing this article, I came across a book The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt by Christopher Dunn ( I have nothing to add to this so far, so let me halt.




Remembering that the pyramid geometry is closely linked to physics”, we would like to point to the geographic uniqueness of the pyramids location in Rostau (the Giza Plateau). Many have watched The Revelation of the Pyramids documentary, but only few people are aware that the ancient architectural complex is based on complex geometric patterns, surely designed according to the golden ratio which we already know quite a lot about.



While preparing this article, I “accidentally” ran across a website where some very interesting mathematical calculations are collected. As for the golden ratio, I hope we’ll discuss it many times further.




Well, now it’s time to touch upon a purely spiritual aspect of the Egyptian pyramids purpose. At that, we cannot but recall the Sakh-Ba-Shu triad from Sensei of Shambala – Book IV again!

“So, what was the Sakh-Ba-Shu triad in ancient Egyptians teachings?”

“Oh, it’s quite an interesting point,” Sensei said. “In Ancient Egypt, Shu was a term to denote a human ‘shadow’, basically one of Ka manifestations. As for Sakh… Let’s put it so, the word ‘Sakh’ had several meanings in Ancient Egypt. Sakh meant ‘enlightenment’. The same word referred to the Orion constellation which they considered to be the king of stars. By the way, they often attached the name of Orion also to Osiris, while his spouse Isis was called Sotis (star Sirius, the closest to the Earth). Sakh also meant a special state of a human being at the moment of the highest ‘enlightenment’. Then they began to call so the ‘blessed ancestors’, ‘noble people of antiquity’, and later on attributed the term Sakh to people from the palace aristocracy who were authorized to carry seals. And when the knowledge got so deeply dug into religion and a lot of it was lost with time, in after-death beliefs of ancient Egyptians Sakh turned into a protector of the dead, into the term meaning a mummy – a body buried in accordance with the ritual of ‘enlightenment’. But even thereafter the religion continued to associate Sakh with meanings from more ancient times – with the notion of a ‘verily enlightened person’, with the merit and quality of another level which are endowed in the kingdom of heaven, as well as of the highest power and ‘divinity’.

Do you see how long this chain of human transformations and fantasies is? Yet, everything was simple in the beginning. Ancient Egyptians initially explained Sakh as life-giving energy. Owing to the Sakh-Ba-Shu state as it was called by ancient Egyptians, or saying in our language by means of a certain spiritual practice, a person achieved a special state of the ‘highest enlightenment’. Pyramidal structures played a great role in that as one of preconditions for this practice on achievement of such a state of ‘enlightenment’. First those were stone pyramidal buildings or hills. By the way, later on this was one of the reasons why ancient Egyptians worshipped the sacred pyramid-shaped stone Ben Ben.

Incidentally, this spiritual practice wasn’t limited only to Ancient Egypt. Many artificially built pyramids discovered nowadays by modern humanity, as well as those that are still ‘sealed’ and not found, are far from being chaotic buildings. Though built in different times, they were placed in strictly determined coordinates, with strict orientation at certain stars as of the time of construction. Globally it’s a sort of a map. Creation of such pyramids was initiated by people who possessed relevant knowledge, e.g. Imhotep. He received information about the global architectural project (elaborated way before the time of Imhotep) from Sokrovennik, at the end of his several-year learning from him, along with other knowledge.”


Pyramids are gates through which ancient kings entered the eternal life. Strangely enough, this statement is not to be disputed. Although we do obtain numerous answers regarding Sakh-Ba-Shu, so far those answers only coordinate our way, but don’t clarify the essence. What is Sakh-Ba-Shu? How can it be explained? A triad: life-giving energy (apparently Allat) – Soul – astral body (КА). A spiritual practice... It is hardly the habitual Lotus Flower. To all appearances, more complex meditative states are implied, by attaining which an earthly human being gained spiritual liberation or salvation of one’s Soul, ascended to the seventh heaven and, according to an Egyptian legend, “united with Osiris”.


Owing to discussions within the Work Team, an assumption has arisen that the ancient Egyptian concept of Sakh-Ba-Shu relates to the Silver Thread that connects the Soul with the Personality as we already know. Hence, in modern interpretation this is most probably the Pyramid meditation described in the AllatRa book (it is no coincidence that a day before I published a description of this practice on our website). I agree this is quite a bold conjecture which might cause an ambiguous reaction. However, as a matter of fact, we write about this exactly with the purpose of searching, studying and conjecturing. Sooner or later someone will verify and receive evidence, right?

практика пирамида

Some purely logical conclusions:

·         The fact that many pyramids contain upward steps (we don’t take Giza so far) indicates people ascended to the top via such steps and thus denies the purpose of the pyramids as of royal tombs.

  • There are diverse hypotheses of the presence of ascending energy flows and the increased intensity of electromagnetic radiation above pyramid tops. In particular, let’s refer to a quote by Semir Osmanagić: “The most interesting result was obtained when the intensity of electromagnetic radiation was measured above the pyramid top. While the intensity at the top itself was less than 30 MW, 3 metres above the top it was over 40 MW! This may be the so-called ether mentioned by Nikola Tesla. Our experience could serve as direct evidence of the existence of such an all-pervading medium. However, no matter how hard we try to explain such a change in the intensity of electromagnetic radiation above the pyramid top, one thing remains unquestionable: former ideas of electromagnetic radiation, as well as of the purpose of pyramids, should be cardinally revised.”
  • One of additional indirect hints at the aforesaid is the description of the Ka meditation given in Sensei of Shambala – Book IV before the details of Imhotep’s story and the history of pyramids construction in Egypt. Let me remind that Ka meditation is intended for human energy recharging where external sources are involved.
  • ...

Drawing intermediate conclusions, we can say that most probably a pyramid plays a role of a certain catalyst that accelerates the process of accumulation of Allat forces in a human being, but this must certainly be verified in practice.




Owing to R. Bauval’s sensational book The Orion Mystery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids, many progressive researchers in the world have come to understand that the three big pyramids on the Giza Plateau represent an earthly reflection of Orion’s Belt in the constellation of Orion. Ancient Egyptians called this place Rostau. I would really like to suggest our readers to look a little beyond their noses – 500-600 light years away into the boundless cosmic chasm – and try to get a slight idea of what takes place high above our heads and where the Orion constellation mentioned several times in A. Novykh’s books is actually located, but since this article is already oversized a separate material will soon be published in the Astronomy section.


At that, let’s look at this constellation, which is probably the most memorable in the stellar sky:

созвездие Ориона

пирамиды Гиза и созвездие Ориона

We don’t have any doubt that the three Pyramids of Giza mimic the Orion’s Belt asterism, i.e. the stars Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka.

египетские пирамиды Гиза, Ростау

египетские пирамиды Гиза, схема

How is the Orion constellation projected on the ground? Based on Bauval’s estimations, as the image below shows, we should regard it from the north to the south. Hence, the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) is a reflection of star Alnitak in Orion’s Belt.

пирамиды Гиза и созвездие Орион

Another coincidence is that “Osiris’s head” (Kiev City) and the Orion constellation (the Pyramids of Giza) may thus be regarded in a single geodetic plane.

нулевой Пулковский меридиан, голова Осириса, Киев, пирамиды Гизы, созвездие Ориона



Now, let’s refer to a peculiar ritual of “the pharaoh’s mouth opening” before the aforesaid shafts in the Great Pyramid, which lies in the context of the idea of gaining immortality. Some of our readers have delved into this issue, and I agree with the opinion that it looks quite strange that a dead pharaoh was placed in front of the shafts and his “mouth was opened”. Here it is appropriate to cite an extract from Heaven’s Mirror by G. Hancock where the author most probably quotes the Upanishads:

Unborn, eternal, immemorial, this ancient is not slain when the body is slain… Smaller than small, greater than great, this Self is hidden in the heart of man… Understanding this… the wise man cannot grieve… Bodiless in bodies, stable among unstable… he is released from the mouth of death.


It has definitely become obvious to you that the Soul is talked about here. Therefore, the ritual of the pharaoh’s mouth opening could have a purely symbolical meaning. Or could another explanation be actually found to this?

пирамиды Гизы




It should certainly be mentioned that ancient Egyptians had an unshakeable law that was passed from generation to generation and remained for many millennia: cult structures were built (or restored) at the sites of older structures. Perhaps, this was somehow connected with the memory of the First Time (Zep Tepi) and of Osiris. Moreover, I believe we should extend the subject of Egyptian mythology by collecting information on Osiris himself. Such information is scanty, but it does exist. We should do this at least to give a version for interested people which would be alternative to Wikipedia’s bare note.

Furthermore, we should particularly state that ancient Egyptians considered the Orion constellation to be the most significant of all sections of the stellar sky and identified it with a heavenly embodiment of god Osiris who was portrayed in ancient Egyptian astronomy texts as a bearded man standing in a reed boat and holding a staff in one hand and an ankh in another hand, the latter being an emblem of eternal life, immortality.

Well, this is all for now. We will continue the topic by closer examination of the Orion constellation, the information on which is abundant. Yet, certainly, the following questions still remain: for which purpose were the pyramids in Egypt constructed? What is so special about a pyramidal structure? What planetary architectural plan are the pyramids a part of? And what is the whole idea in fact?

Let me promptly say all of us will soon see a lot of interesting materials on pyramids on this website. Stay with us and don’t feel shy to comment. After all, you might suggest something important.


P.S. In conclusion, preparing a ground for further reflections, I would like to share one more observation:

It is that very Crab Nebula (M1) in the constellation of Taurus, known to all readers of the AllatRa book. Do you remember “the summer of 1054”? Yet, it was only a flare that reached the Earth in the 11th century...


We thank everyone for the idea of establishing a work team. Since one of Allat properties is information ordering, our modest joint efforts have rather good chances...



Prepared by А... assisted by Dato Gomarteli, completed thanks to the Work Team

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