A Gift of the Holy Spirit

(The Meaning of Life: Immortality program with the participation of Igor Danilov and Father Sergey provoked numerous responses on the web and letters addressed to AllatRa TV channel. The thing is that the digital camera recorded incredible effects throughout the program. A whole wave of discussions arose on the web: “It is real! The digital camera recorded an Angel!”, “The Holy Spirit has been filmed!”, “Manifestation of the Holy Spirit breaks all physical laws!” Below we present one of the letters written by people from different countries.)


“The Meaning of Life: IMMORTALITY! The title of the program with Igor Danilov’s participation fully describes the sense of my existence in the three-dimensional world. Everything is so simple! In order to actually Live, to reside in Spirit, to speak to God at the level of deep inner feelings, I should just do it! I should neither think of how and where I need to go, nor plan or discourse about the simplicity or complexity of the Way. All doubts, reflections, drags, etc. are vain and superficial. The main point is just to do it! 

Throughout my life I have been feeling a dual nature in myself, a fight between the two natures inside me, but it’s been always up to my Personality which nature gets stronger. Only when I properly invest attention – the precious resource given to me in this temporary life, I move towards my Native Spiritual Home where there are only boundlessness, depth and a state of grace and all-embracing Love, inexpressible in this three-dimensional illusion!

I thank God that life is so wonderful! I thank Him for the priceless spiritual present on the Way to Reality! The words said in the program touch the very depth of my Soul, awaking it and filling it with joy and Light. It breathes purity. It manifests itself in the boundlessness of the Holy Spirit! The words, the state, the inner appeal to the genuine nature inside me ‒ it’s the Holy Feast of Communion with the Spiritual World!

What else can be said if even a digital camera recorded unusual flashes on the screen as a message from the Spiritual World, as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit?! Such phenomena are certainly helpful for those who haven’t yet touched their inner spiritual world. But for those who already live in deep inner feelings the program has become a chance to sense an extraordinary state of the Holy Spirit manifestation in internal spiritual communication. It is the most valuable spiritual gift that remains with you for your entire temporary life and will accompany you to eternity. It’s a spiritual gift that nobody can steal from you unless you yourself lose it in dull everyday existence and vanity of your consciousness within the animal system. May every Living Soul feel such a deep inner state! Thank You very much! This program is always with me from now on! I view it again and again in the evenings, and it sounds as a background by day as if an Angel supports me during the day to prevent me from losing my spiritual essence and the silver thread. The divine Spirit helps me merge with deep inner feelings.

I am so thankful for this valuable Gift of the Holy Spirit!”


Perhaps, we should publish such letters, since there is sincerity and something pure in them, something that we have forgotten for some reason in the vanity of technocracy.

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