Lobsang Rampa about the advent of the Spiritual Leader of the world

We have received extracts from the books by T. Lobsang Rampa, the Buddhist monk and doctor of medicine who became one of the most famous writers in the genre of “20th century esotericism” since the release of his first book The Third Eye in 1956. The extracts relate to the Preamble of our online project dedicated to the advent of the Spiritual Leader of the world. Once a long time ago, when esoteric literature appeared in our country, I read his books, and today I will comment neither the doubtful story of “the Himalayan shaman who worked as a plumber in South West England” nor Rampa’s writings; neither will I give any assessment of him from the Primordial Knowledge perspective. We have the Source freely available, so it is unnecessary to draw parallels or say something at all. At that, I believe we should add a new page to our Prophecies and Predictions section, for after all our project is a research one.


I will tell you this; that World Leader is not any of those over-publicized young people who are screaming around with much press publicity that they and they only can save the world. No, the real World Leader is living privately as yet unknown to the world. When the time comes, and then only, will he move into the limelight of unwanted publicity.

Yes, he will have suffering, he will have misery, he will be disbelieved, he will be pilloried and persecuted by the Press, but if his message gets over to even a thousand people he will not have been here in vain. At present there is such a person on this earth. The body is being developed. At the appropriate time transmigration will take place and a greater Entity will come down and carry on from that point. You get something the same in surgery or in art. You get a lesser skilled man to make the opening incision (sorry, no pun intended!), and then when the basic work has been done the Master will take over and do that for which he has been acclaimed as a Master. After the Master has done the successful operation, some lesser surgeon, for instance, will ‘stitch up’ and generally clean up the mess. It is the same thing with the Leaders of the World who come here and take over a body which is already trained to operate on the Earth. It would be such a waste if a great Entity had to spend about thirty years kicking about on this crummy old Earth of ours. That is why such people take over by transmigration. (Candlelight, 1973)


There is another question here – “Will the next Master or Spiritual Leader begin his reign before or after the future World War? Surely the intelligent beings that will eventually settle here from afar are more spiritually advanced than one from Earth?”

We cannot have a real “Leader” until people are ready for him. They will have to suffer much more first, and I am going to tell you now that none of these much advertised, much touted “Guru's” are in any way to be regarded as a World Leader. I have in mind one young man who has made a real packet out of being a “spiritual leader”. Apparently he has gone back to India and his own Government – and the income tax authorities! – have caught up with him.

There is a Leader already ready for this Earth, but until conditions are suitable here on Earth he doesn't have a chance, and so he will not make his presence known until the conditions are suitable. After all, what is a hundred years or so, or a thousand years or so, in the lifetime of a world? You see, all this civilisation will eventually pass away and others will come, rise up, collapse and pass away to make room for others because this Earth is just a training school, and if we don't make a good job of it now – well, we keep on coming back until we have more sense. (Twilight, 1975)


Keep in mind also that approximately every 2,000 years or so a new Messiah, Saviour, or World Leader appears on Earth. This is a cycle which continues through cycles – always…


Yammering feature-writers and undisciplined television crews would have invaded the sacred places, bringing dismay and harm wherever they trod. But only those with special knowledge know where these sacred places are. In good time, in a few years, the world will hear more of these things, and by then the Young Ones will be adequately protected. In good time these Young Ones, under a brilliant Leader, will show the Way into the Golden Age at the end of this cycle of Kali, the Age of Destruction...


In 1941 the first of the disciples was born, and others have been born since. The actual 'Saviour' will be born early in 1985, and in the interim the disciples will be preparing the Way.

The ‘Saviour’ or ‘World Leader’ – whichever you prefer – will have very special education and training, and in the year 2005, when he is twenty years of age, he will do much to confound godless people who do not believe in Gods, Saviours, etc., etc.

Again, there will be a case of transmigration. If those of you who know the Bible well will study it with an open mind you will find that the body of Jesus was taken over by ‘the Spirit of God – the Christ’. In much the same way, the body of the new World Leader will be taken over by a very high Personage indeed, and during the few years after that there will be remarkable events, and the world will be led along those essential steps which will prepare it for the start of a new cycle.

For some 2,000 years the world will make progress by following the precepts of the church to be founded by the new Leader, but at the end of that 2,000 years yet another Leader shall arise – the twelfth of the cycle, completing the destiny of the Zodiac traversal. Conditions shall improve, and so, gently, in the due course of time, people shall be led into a new Age where they have different abilities from those now existing. There shall be clairvoyance and telepathy as there was before the so-called, miscalled, Tower of Babel, in which through abuse of special powers mankind lost their telepathic abilities for the time being. (Chapters of Life, 1967)

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