In the last days Runet was stirred up by the Pope’s apocalyptic statement that this could be the last Christmas in the human history. After we published an article about the last Pope on our website in view of the Fatima prophecy and St. Malachy’s predictions, we couldn’t disregard the news and attempted to clarify whether the following loud journalist wordings are true: “Pope Francis has declared this will be our last Christmas” and “Pope has declared the beginning of the third world war”. Actually, judging by such bleak assumptions as declared to the crowd in St. Peter’s Square, everything coincides and we could be in the position to support the news.

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    Israeli newspaper observer Chemi Shalev discovered parallels between the Ukrainian events and the Bible doomsday prophecies.


    The Second coming of Jesus Christ and the beginning of the end of the world are not too far off, since Crimea seizure by the Russian army is very similar to biblical prophecies of the Apocalypse. In Israeli edition Haaretz Chemi Shalev writes about the likeness of the recent events in Ukraine with the biblical doomsday episodes. In particular, the author refers to the story of Gog and Magog peoples whose invasion’s to shake the world before the second coming of Jesus Christ. Antique historian Josephus Flavius considered that Scythian lands, i.e. the territory of contemporary Ukraine including Crimea, represented Magog. The observer also refers to the Book of Ezekiel, where Gog is mentioned. According to traditional translations of the Bible, Gog is the “chief prince of Meshech and Tuval”, ancient kingdoms near the Black Sea. But the term used for “chief prince” in Hebrew is nesi rosh which could also mean the “ruler,” “president” or “prince” of kingdom Rosh. "So Gog is the prince of Rosh, or the President of Rosh, or, with a little bit of help, the President of Russia,” the article author suggests.

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    As life indicates, events that we consider accidental coincidences in actual fact emerge in line with certain natural laws and are caused by visible or invisible factors, no matter whether we are aware of them or not. My long-developed habit of approaching various life situations and events with exploratory interest urged me to notice certain strange facts relating to the issue discussed on this website.

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Habitoscopy (portrait) examination

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To continue the topic of the striking resemblance noticed by people, we have decided to order a portrait examination. At the last moment we were advised to add to examined materials the mysterious painting by Anastasia Novykh Agapit of Pechersk, which was exhibited for the public only once in its lifetime. The current location of the painting is unknown.


Habitoscopy (portrait) examination

Materials used for examination:

1.  Digital portrait photo of Igor Danilov

2.  Digital photo of Agapit of Pecherk painting by Anastasia Novykh

3.  Digital photo of the bust of Agapit of Pechersk (reconstructed according to the skull model made by criminology expert Sergey Nikitin)


What was to be ascertained during examination:

1.   Are the provided photo files suitable for habitoscopy (portrait) examination?    

2.   Which individual features of Igor Danilov’s appearance are reflected (depicted) on and coincide with the image of Agapit of Pechersk on the painting by the artist Anastasia Novykh and the image of Agapit of Pechersk on the bust reconstructed according to the skull model made by criminology expert Sergey Nikitin?

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Aura on digital images? A collection of photographs from The Meaning of Life: Immortality

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