About the last Christmas. Let’s find out what the Pope said

    In the last days Runet was stirred up by the Pope’s apocalyptic statement that this could be the last Christmas in the human history. After we published an article about the last Pope on our website in view of the Fatima prophecy and St. Malachy’s predictions, we couldn’t disregard the news and attempted to clarify whether the following loud journalist wordings are true: “Pope Francis has declared this will be our last Christmas” and “Pope has declared the beginning of the third world war”. Actually, judging by such bleak assumptions as declared to the crowd in St. Peter’s Square, everything coincides and we could be in the position to support the news.

    However, for justice’s sake, having looked through and translated dozens of videos and news posts from foreign languages, we failed to find any clear confirmation of the aforesaid statements, i.e. apparently here we deal with ordinary speculations in mass media which are to rouse a certain public mood. As for the actual statement, Francis expressed regret that the war’s going on in the world, saying Christmas holidays with bright garlands and decorated Christmas trees looked like a farce in such situation. At that, we should admit Pope Francis does look a little gloomy on videos and photographs, and the pontiff’s mood seems to be depressed. Surely, he is aware of the Fatima prophecy.

    In our turn we’d like to state the world is indeed in a quite shaky position, and it may well be so that the next year will bring a lot of changes. Finally, it’s worth reminding that, judging by St. Malachy’s prophecy, Pope Francis is the last Pope during whose reign the Holy See is to downfall, “the city of seven hills will be ruined, and the dreadful Judge will judge His people. The end.”

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About the last Christmas. Let’s find out what the Pope said About the last Christmas. Let’s find out what the Pope said - Topic rating: 5.00 out of 5.00 votes: 80
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