Great Mothers of the World and Goddesses of Mankind

    Having “accidentally” discovered an online collection of images of archaeological artefacts (statuettes and sculptures) devoted to female deities – Mothers of the World, we experienced another culture shock. Based on the primary source it can be concluded the materials were collected by project to whom we express our sincere gratitude. They have brought together an enormous number of facts confirming that in all times, starting from deep antiquity and almost until today, famous and honoured women and female images (also called goddesses) were depicted in various cultures, civilizations and ages, in particular erected of stone, wood or plaster, in frescoes, paintings or bas-reliefs.

    In view of the information given in books by Anastasia Novykh and based on a number of our own researches, we dare assume that antique masters, regardless of continents, races, cultures and religions, possessed the knowledge of the essence of creating, constructive divine Feminine principle and its fundamental and decisive role in human spiritual development. In other words, they possessed (at least partially) the Primordial Knowledge.


… Since the feminine principle in spiritual respect is exactly the manifestation of the creative power of Allat ... (from the AllatRa book)


    Unfortunately, this collection contains no specific information on the presented artefacts, namely on whom they depict and from where they are taken. This however does not diminish its scale and meaning. By the way, in our previous publications we addressed the subject of the feminine principle reverence in the Holy Mother of God section, in particular in the articles Worship of the Mother of God in Christianity, Icon of the Mother of God “Softening of Evil Hearts, The secret of life, ciphered in iconsVirgin Mary: the greatest personality in history, and other.

    So, let us present to you the truly unique collection of sculptures and statuettes, consisting of more than a hundred female figures and demonstrating how people of various ages and cultures implemented their reverence of the feminine principle. At that, the most incredible fact is that the oldest extant female sculpture dates back some 35-40 thousand years! We hope nobody will object if we take the original image collection title:




Great Mothers of the Stone Age



Great Mothers of 6300-5300 B.C.



Great Mothers of 5300-4200 B.C.



Sculptures of Goddesses, 5300-4200 B.C.



Goddesses of the Brazen Age





Sculptures of Goddesses, 4000-3000 B.C.



Sculptures of Goddesses, 3000-2200 B.C.



Sculptures of Cycladic Goddesses





Sculptures of Goddesses of the Early Bronze Age



Sculptures of Goddesses of the Late Bronze Age







Goddess Ishtar (Istar, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Anunit, Nanna, Inanna...)




Sculptures of Goddesses, 2200-1600 B.C.



Sculptures of Goddesses, 1600-1000 B.C.



Sculptures of Goddesses of the Iron Age









Sculptures of Goddesses, Europe



Sculptures of Goddesses of the Christian era




Goddesses of the Urals and Siberia


    Certainly, on the above images many of you have noticed distinctive indications of the Animal Aspects and “victory over the Animal nature”, symbols of spiritual liberation (enlightenment), ezoosmic grid, and many other familiar details. It’s interesting that for people who haven’t read the AllatRa book goddess statuettes are valuable only due to their age or preserved condition after multi-thousand-year stay in the ground, but for people acquainted with that encyclopaedia of spiritual knowledge the presented image collection is an open book of signs and symbols, easy to be read. The difference is substantial here, I think.

   Who’s willing will read...



Prepared by Eva Kim (Russia)

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