GUANYIN: the patroness saving people from calamities

It turns out that even in socialist China people greatly revere and worship the divine deity – the virgin named Guanyin (or Guan Yin). Besides the Celestial Empire, this goddess is known in Vietnamese, Korean, Malaysian and Japanese mythology as a patroness and protectress of people from various calamities, giver of children and childbirth helper. Despite the fact that her holy image originates from Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara of the Buddhist tradition, Guanyin is revered by representatives of nearly all religious denominations in China.

For a long time it seemed to me the Chinese political policy did not favour the freedom of religion, but I was greatly mistaken. Look what statutes the Chinese have erected in honour of their heavenly patroness Guanyin.

Guanyin on Hainan Island, China

Guanyin on Hainan Island, China – 108 metres in height.

The golden statue of Guanyin in the city of Guangzhou with its 8-million population. Look, she has a real AllatRa sign over her head!she has a real AllatRa sign  over her head.

Guanyin statue on Putuoshan Island, China

Below you can see plenty of her photographs, all taken in the PRC.

No matter in which part of the world she is depicted with adaptation of her image to local traditions, the Blessed Virgin remains beautiful everywhere! Doesn’t she? Her luminous image comforts, touches and gladdens one’s heart, and the most cordial words come to one’s mind and mouth.

I won’t write a lot, since any myths and legends invented by people are simply needless here. The Glorious Virgin on the Lotus – who else could better symbolize spiritual Knowledge, generative heavenly powers, perfection and eternity in the Single God? The All-Powerful Virgin standing on a dragon – isn’t she the Mary trampling on the serpent? The sweet Lady with a child in her arms – isn’t she the Foremother revered in the cult of the Mother of God since the beginning of time? The loving Mother shedding divine love from heaven and nursing a little human being who longs for her – isn’t she the Mother of God who via Allat gives birth to a new God, a new Angel, a spiritually liberated personality? Look how many familiar symbols the images below contain!


















Cannon, Canyon, obsolete. Kwannon,






















Guan Yin



















Prepared by Dato Gomarteli

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