The AllatRa sign. A circle and a crescent. Analytical research

In view of the recent events relating to some people’s concern about the emergence of a peculiar sign – a circle and a crescent (under the circle) – in the streets of Slavic cities (though for justice’ sake let’s note the sign first appeared on city billboards a couple of years ago and has always been there since that time as this post vividly demonstrates), we would still like to carry out an impartial analytical research of the nature of this phenomenal image, its origin, meaning and informational content. By the way, our intention to look into the issue in more detail appeared quite a while ago, but we have been postponing this work due to its complexity, because any more or less serious research first and foremost presupposes collection and analysis of a considerable stratum of information, which takes a lot of time and effort. Yet, now such material has become very topical, and so I’ll do my best to put down certain interesting points.

First of all I should state that, as many of you have probably noticed, any governmental, public, religious, commercial, military or other movement or venture starts with a symbol which primarily determines its recognisability in the society. The concept of “recognisability” is intended for the ignorant masses, while knowledgeable people who introduce certain signs and symbols for relevant events are well aware of their invisible information and energy content as well as of the influence such signs and symbols exert on the human physic nature.

As you have probably noticed, there are diverse signs and symbols. For instance, in Christianity there are variations of the cross, Islam has the crescent; fascist Germany in its time adopted the left-sided swastika (turned counter-clockwise). The Soviet Union used and China, EU, USA, etc. still use the five-pointed star in their national emblems, and even the American national currency USD contains plenty of obvious and hidden symbols most of which are a riddle for us, the ordinary consumers. Application of logos by financial and commercial institutions is of the same nature as well.

Be it as it may, though signs represent information and exert influence. In turn, roughly speaking, such influence may be of one of two directions: towards spirituality – “clockwise”, positive influence, or towards the matter – “counter-clockwise”, negative influence. You can discover more details about the nature of signs in the AllatRa book yourselves, since it would be wrong and blameful to retell or carelessly interpret the Knowledge Source. Moreover, this isn’t the purpose of this article. The latter is intended for collecting materials and drawing certain evident and logical conclusions. In particular, herein I shall present incontrovertible evidence that a circle and a crescent (under the circle) make up the AllatRa sign which is one of the most well-known and popular in the history of mankind. Critics may freely dispute the presented information in the commentary section below.

Well, let me start with a short prehistory. Over two and a half years of laborious study of the issue (for this very purpose, on my own initiative I once launched the Observer Blog: I have gathered quite an impressive image collection with a circle and a crescent combined (the AllatRa sign), though I should admit the collection is far from being complete, because new and new images are further discovered and posted on the web. Hence, the sign has been popular in many developed ancient cultures and civilizations of the world, which is vividly supported by the following section. 




  • image collection,
  • geography and chronology,
  • artefacts,
  • description and meaning of the sign,
  • science,
  • results of the vote,
  • conclusions...




What could be more convincing that an authentic photograph? At that, if there are plenty, hundreds and hundreds of such photos from different parts of the world, this can put any critic into an awkward situation, and this is exactly the aim I pursue. In order not to repeat myself and avoid posting all the photo materials here, let me save time and publish just a list of links to my blog:




The map is composed based on the aforesaid list of discovered materials:


The sign in its pure form or as a symbol are found in the territory of the following contemporary countries: Egypt, Mongolia, China, Nepal, India, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Sudan, Greece, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Japan, and other.

Judging by the map that reflects the presence of the sign or its symbolic remakes in traditions of various peoples and cultures, until today I have failed to find it only in North and South America (except Mexico), as well as in Australia and the major part of Africa. However, this does not mean there is no AllatRa sign there; most probably, I haven’t been very good at searching. Nonetheless, the above geography is rather impressive anyway and evidences that, if we admit a direct link between the AllatRa sign and the Primordial Knowledge of the human nature, in ancient times on Earth there were obviously more developed civilizations than ours, and traces of those civilizations have not been totally lost and can still be found in extant artefacts and cultural traditions of various nations of the world.

Moreover, it is a sound confirmation of Rigden Djappo’s words said in the Silver Thread program series about the fact that in ancient times people indeed lived in the Golden Age, but eventually lost peace, wellbeing and meaning of life due to the loss of the Knowledge.




The map given below shows just a small part of artefacts discovered by the AllatRa TV team. I communicated with them on the matter and came to conclusion that the database collected by those enthusiasts was already too big, and so it’s quite a challenging task to assort and competently publish it on the web. Possibly in the nearest future someone will take care of this anyway, since such facts are the most “annoying” for the Archons’ version of world history.


For closer examination I suggest to download the enlarged map.



Now, let’s view several theme photo collages found on the web:


Images contained in the AllatRa book (with relevant explanations) may also be added to the Artefacts section.






         starting from page 439 of the online version (see


Rigden: In this regard, I would draw special attention of contemporary humanity to the AllatRa sign. Its original representation is an empty circle which is edged underneath with a crescent with horns pointing upwards. It is one of the 18 original most ancient working signs. The name of this sign – AllatRa – speaks of the quality of its power. The fact is that at the dawn of mankind, owing to the primordial Knowledge, people knew of the One (the One Who created everything), designating His manifestations with the sound Ra. The creating power of Ra – the divine feminine principle, the Foremother of all beings – was initially called Allat. Hence, people initiated into the spiritual Knowledge started calling this original sign AllatRa as a symbol of the creating power of the One Who created everything. By the way, in ancient times this information about the sacred Primordial Sound was labelled as the sacred knowledge about the structure of the Universe in the context of information about the human being as a complex subject of this world, who is also unstable in his choice. At that, modern people associate the Ra sound at best only with ancient Egyptian myths dedicated to god Ra.

Nevertheless, the AllatRa sign as a conductor of the creating power of God has been used by people since time immemorial. It remains constantly active and interacts with the visible and the invisible world, influencing the human energy structure, regardless of whether a person understands this or not. Still, the main effect of the sign rests on the human choice. If the Spiritual Nature prevails in a person, the sign influences him or her as additional spiritual power. That is, the sign comes into a kind of resonance and strengthens the creating, spiritual power of such person. Yet, if the person is dominated by the Animal Nature, the sign remains neutral towards him or her. Negative people are usually fuelled by entirely different signs intended to activate the material, Animal Nature. The AllatRa sign manifests its influence (the creating spiritual power) the most in a group of people who really work on themselves in everyday life and join efforts in collective spiritual practices (prayers, meditations, and so on)…

I have already said that a circle is a symbol of the Soul and also one of the symbols of manifestation of a spiritual Being from the world of God, whereas the symbolic sign of a crescent with its horns pointing upwards is a symbol of the person who liberated oneself spiritually already during one’s lifetime. The AllatRa sign was also used to describe the one who has come from the Spiritual World (the other, superior world) into this material world, renewing the lost primordial Knowledge.

The AllatRa sign and its components


I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the AllatRa sign is working (pure) exactly in this form, that is, an empty circle over an empty crescent with horns pointing upwards. If any images or conventional signs were placed inside the circle or the crescent, the sign ceased to be working (pure) and became only an informative symbol just like any book where you can read general information. Why did the sign cease to be working in such case? It is pure physics here. The point is that if you fill the Emptiness of the sign with anything, with any image, in such case, let’s say, quantum interactions of the sign with the world get disrupted. More specifically, a sign with a filled circle or crescent, while interacting with other dimensions out of its second dimension and transitioning through ezoosmos, will already be perceived in other dimensions (including the third one) as nothing more than a picture carrying information, i.e. a symbol…


Anastasia: Perhaps, it should also be stated that the AllatRa working sign is one of the most powerful signs, and it has often been used by people who follow the spiritual path. Most interestingly, you cannot obtain power from it unless the Personality is present in the position of the Spiritual Nature Observer, in contrast, for example, to the sign of the star.


Rigden: The AllatRa sign works in dimensions above the sixth one, and this puts it in line with those few unique working signs that are available to people in this world... Thus, the AllatRa sign is a truly powerful sign which allows one to save and multiply the powers of Allat in oneself, of the power that comes from God Himself and is directed immediately at creation, that is, at implementation of His plan. That is why in the sacred sense this sign is considered to be the embodiment of the power of God through Allat.


Anastasia: AllatRa both as a working sign and as a symbol with a filled circle and additional notation indicating the specific Knowledge has been used as cryptography about spiritual practices or Teachings at different times by different peoples. Examples of this may be found if one gets acquainted with corresponding archaeological artefacts, monuments of art and writing systems of the already mentioned ancient cultures of India (the Harappan civilization), Tripolye civilization, Sumerian civilization, Ancient Egypt, original cultures of the ancient peoples of Siberia, and so on. Archaeologists find these symbols in rock inscriptions, on ancient prints, stelae, clay tablets, amulets, ritual utensils, clothing, and in the frescoes of ancient “sanctuaries.”


символ «АллатРа» символ «АллатРа» символ «АллатРа»



глиняная квадратная пластинка с изображением дома, увенчанного знаком «АллатРа» рабочий знак «АллатРа» в Минойской  культуре (II тыс. до н.э.; остров Крит)

                2                                3

изображение символа «АллатРа» в древнеегипетских священных сюжетах



символы «АллатРа» на артефактах: культуры Хаджилар (V тыс. до н.э.) символы «АллатРа» на артефактах знак «АллатРа» в символе общесемитского божества Баал, почитавшегося в Финикии, Палестине, Сирии

         5-а                            5-б                            5-в                      6


знак «АллатРа» на фрагменте подвески нагрудного украшения, найденного в гробнице (усыпальнице) фараона Тутанхамона фрагмент фриза из Мариба (V–IV вв. до н. э.; юж- ная часть Аравийского полуострова) — диск Венеры (Астар) над серпом Луны

               7                                        8


символ «АллатРа» в оттисках ассирийской и аккадской печатей символ «АллатРа» в оттисках ассирийской и аккадской печатей


центральная стела с освобождением; знак «АллатРа» на стеле позднего бронзового века, найденной среди руин древнего ханаанского храма бога Луны при раскопках в городе Хацор (Верхняя Галилея; ныне север Израиля) традиционное изображение древнеегипетской богини Неба, Любви — Хатхор (по первоначальным легендам дочь Ра) на каменных барельефах священных храмов Древнего Египта с символом «АллатРа» на голове

             10                              11


сюжет на блюде с изображением королевской охоты эпохи Сасанидов (VII в. н.э.; Персия)
12 13

The AllatRa sign and its symbols in the cultures of Ancient Europe, Asia and Africa:

1 – archaeological findings with images of “a sun boat with a circle” (this is the AllatRa symbol, since the crescent is depicted with additional elements) on fragments of ritual pottery of the Tripolye civilization (Ukraine, Eastern Europe);

2 – a clay square plate with an image of a house crowned by the AllatRa sign (the Eneolithic cultures of the Balkan-Danube region; findings near town Plovdiv, Bulgaria);

3 – the AllatRa working sign in Minoan culture (2nd millennium BC; Crete);

4 – an image of the AllatRa sign in the sacred stories of ancient Egypt in the form of the sacred “sun boat” (Allat) and god Ra (in one case, with a falcon head crowned with an empty disk; in the other case, in the form of an empty disc itself appearing as one of the images of Ra);

5 – AllatRa symbols on the artefacts of:

a) the Hacilar culture (5th millennium BC);

b) the Apennine culture (2nd millennium BC);

c) cultures of the Roman Empire peoples (200 AD);

6 – the AllatRa sign in the symbol of the panto-Semitic deity Baal worshipped in Phoenicia, Palestine and Syria;

7 – the AllatRa sign on a fragment of a pectoral pendant found in the tomb (shrine) of King Tutankhamun; on the fragment, there is an image of Wadjet (“Eye of Ra” or “Eye of Horus”) on the solar boat of Ra (the end of the 2nd millennium BC; Ancient Egypt);

8 – a fragment of the frieze from Marib (5-4th centuries BC; the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula) – the Venus disk (Astar) over the sickle moon;

9 – the AllatRa symbol in the impressions of the Akkadian and Assyrian seals;

10 – a central stele with liberation; the AllatRa sign on a stele of the late Bronze Age found among the ruins of the ancient Canaanite temple of the god of the Moon during excavations in the city of Hazor (Upper Galilee, today the north of Israel);

11 – a traditional image of the ancient Egyptian goddess of the Sky and Love – Hathor (in the original legends she’s the daughter of Ra) on the stone reliefs of sacred temples of Ancient Egypt with the AllatRa symbol on the head;

12 – a story on a plate with an image of the royal hunting dating back to the Sassanid era (7th century AD; Persia);

13 – a sample image of AllatRa as a symbol (with a filled circle) – a symbolic graphic representation (yantra) of the Sahasrara crown chakra (“the thousand-petalled lotus”) located on top of the head; it is used in meditative practices in Hinduism, Buddhism and other schools of India.


Rigden: It simply points to the fact that in all times there were people who possessed the sacred Knowledge about the original working signs.

Anastasia: Moreover, one can clearly trace where the AllatRa symbol was placed, and where it was a working sign.

Rigden: Speaking of symbols... There existed various symbols based on the interpretation of the AllatRa sign. Some of them indicated additional explanations that were understood by people initiated in this Knowledge, while other symbols were variations from the people who tried to strengthen that which was already strong or to additionally highlight certain significant points. Examples of such symbols based on the AllatRa sign are the crescent with horns pointing up over which stands either a circle with a cross inside it, or a star, or a symbolic representation of a face, etc.


символ АллатРа из персидской культуры символ АллатРа из шумерской культуры (III тыс. до н.э.) Примеры символов «АллатРа»
1 2 3


Examples of the AllatRa symbols:

1 – symbol of the Persian culture (6th century BC);

2 – symbol of the Sumerian culture (3rd millennium BC);

3 – an Assyrian artefact of the Sun god Ashur and the Sumerian Moon deity Sin.

People who had no idea of the true meaning of these symbols would associate them with the Sun or the Moon and regard them simply as an attribute of one or another deity. But for people who did possess the Knowledge these symbols were like a hint, a clear message from the past from those who had painted these symbols. For instance, let’s take the symbol of the crescent with horns pointing upwards, above which a small circle is inscribed into a larger one, and the small circle has a cross with an empty circle in the centre of it. This was a symbolic representation of the spiritual Teaching introduced into this world by a Being from the spiritual world (the symbol of the latter is the AllatRa sign). The small circle enclosed in the large one symbolizes people who are united by this Teaching (a circle of followers). The equilateral cross is a symbol of the human being, and the empty circle in the centre of the cross in such case (coupled with the overall symbol) indicates not simply the Personality. This indicates the Human being who has attained spiritual liberation (fusion of his / her Personality with the Soul) through this Teaching and who stayed to help other people who follow the spiritual path.

Anastasia: Yes, this is a real spiritual feat: to achieve spiritual liberation, but have the courage to stay here in this harsh material world in order to serve as a Guide of the powers of Allat... There is another interesting point related to the aforesaid symbols. As a rule, the AllatRa symbol was a characteristic of female goddesses. Among the most well-known ones is, for example, the sign of goddess Al-lāt (“the Mother of Gods”) revered by the ancient Arabs in the pre-Islamic times. Back in those days, a crescent with horns pointing upwards, indicating connection with the spiritual world, as well as a circle (which people interpreted as a symbol of the moon) was placed above her symbolic image. Sometimes the crescent would be painted with sun rays as a symbol of movement in the spiritual direction.

Rigden: It is no surprise that the AllatRa symbol was associated exactly with female goddesses. The fact is that throughout the history of mankind only women have become such spiritual Guides so far, perhaps because they have the maternal instinct in the sense of the spiritual care and Love for people, although both women and men can be such Guides. As for men, once they attained spiritual liberation and as soon as higher realms opened to them, they quickly left this material world, as they say, without delay and empathy for the fate of the people staying here…


Anastasia: ... A crescent, as you have mentioned, was often depicted with a star instead of a circle. But the star could be five-pointed, seven-pointed or eight-pointed, and it could be drawn as either a geometric figure with pointed ledges or simply as rays radiating from the centre.

Rigden: In essence, a star over a crescent means strengthening of what is already strong: it’s Allat in Allat. However, such designation is also used as an additional indication of one of the powers of Allat. From ancient times, many-pointed stars have also had their own peculiarities as to interpretation of their symbolism. The seven-pointed star is a symbol of the seventh dimension. The eight-pointed star is a symbol of the rhombus (a cube set on one of the corners as a symbol of transformation of a person into a spiritual being, entry into the spiritual world). And the five-pointed star is a working sign associated with the powers of Allat (manifested at the level of the fifth dimension); it belongs to the group of the positively working signs. However, such subtleties are only understood by people who work with signs in the invisible world.

The sign of a five-pointed star activates a sense of justice and hope for the future in a person (at the subconscious level) and also encourages people to unite. Yet, unfortunately, such unique qualities of the sign have often been used and continue to be exploited by people who serve the Animal Mind. This is certainly a weak force compared to the AllatRa sign; nonetheless, due to its massive use it gives a certain result associated with particular influence on people and alteration of events in the three-dimensional world. In the case of the five-pointed star, no matter if it is pointing up or down, it will still be a sign of one of the creating forces of Allat. The only question is where such additional power is spent, or rather where it is redirected by those who get it… ( – the book online version, page 451)



These have been lines from the AllatRa book about the epoch-making significance of a circle and a crescent with horns pointing upwards. Yet, let’s go back to reality, for consciousness of some of us has surely got outraged and started protesting and disputing the aforesaid: is this the truth indeed? It should be mentioned every individual consciousness has a store of knowledge and experience based on which it often blocks access to certain incoming new information. Over the last decades we have found ourselves deceived too often, and so many of us do need more serious proofs. As a matter of fact, what do we have? On one hand the artefacts are sound, though for sceptics they might be not persuasive: the sign was indeed popular in ancient times, but for which reason was it popular, and what does it mean in particular? Can it really mean the power of God Himself?! The theory expounded in the aforesaid book seems to be improbable due to our consumer narrow-mindedness. What else do we have in store? There are several interesting scientific observations which could also be called accidental, but are still worth mentioning.




Human eye embryogenesis

Scientists who support the AllatRa theory have recently noticed that in the process of human body growth and development eyes form gradually. The process of the visual organ formation is described in plenty of anatomy textbooks and guides. Yet, the most interesting thing that attracts one’s attention is the likeness between the eyeball appearance in the process of formation and the ancient AllatRa sign:

Embryogenesis eyeball

Eyeball embryogenesis:

А – eyeball formation in a 1-month-old embryo: 1 – ectoderm; 2 – lenticular bubble; 3, 4 – double-walled optic cup; 5 – mesenchymal tissue; 6 – optic stalk

Б – eyeball of a 2-month-old embryo: 1 – cornea; 2 – crystalline lens; 3 – eyelid rudiment; 4 – retina rudiment; 5 – retina pigment layer; 6 – mesenchymal tissue


Human eye structure in the period of embryo formation: 6 weeks and 20 weeks

Link to the relevant article


AllatRa sign manifestation in follicles and sperm cells

Researchers have also noticed that at the final development stages dominant follicles and sperm cells contain the AllatRa sign in their structure. Hence, they have come to conclusion there is a link between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional dimension. Furthermore, all processes in the three-dimensional world are based on signs.


Dominant follicle development stages


Sperm cell formation of the primary germ cell 


Structure of a sperm cell (see details here)


And, last but not least, the AllatRa sign has been discovered in the structure of electron!

Spatial positioning of geometric centres of phantom Po particles in the ELECTRON helical structure corresponds to the points through which symmetrical arcs and a circle may be drawn. Hence, there emerges a pattern very similar to the AllatRa working sign. Details may be found here.

These are very strange coincidences, in my opinion.




As one of practical examples, further I would like to show results of a vote. On the initiative of one of my friends, once a voting block was published in a social network with reference to my website, where it was offered to answer the question: “What do you feel, looking at the sign?” As of this article preparation, the vote results were as follows:


The vote was not specially promoted and simply “hung” in the social network for quite a long while – about a year. Judging by its results, most of the respondents (nearly 9 out of 10!) felt a positive influence of the AllatRa sign. I understand this may be evaluated as a subjective indicator which can easily be achieved by means of available tools and services. However, I can assure you nobody used any special services or tools in this case, for that would be senseless. Nevertheless, for the sake of impartiality I’ve decided to set a program code on this page in order to see whether the vote results will change, and if they do how considerable such change will be.



To top it off, what else could be regarded as evidence? Perhaps, it can be one’s own personal experience. The book says that the sign strengthens positive features in people and is totally neutral towards those who are in negative emotional states. Anyone who desires can practically check it right now:





In order to be as impartial as possible in our final conclusions we shall endeavour to remain unbiased, and so the conclusions might appear somewhat bare.

  • Judging by the tremendous lot (!) of available historical artefacts, the AllatRa sign was known to humanity long before Christ’s birth;
  • Judging by the available historical artefacts, the sign was popular among ancient peoples and cultures;
  • Judging by the geographic locations of the sign, which are very, very numerous, we can make a logical conclusion that more spiritually developed civilizations lived on the planet Earth in ancient times, but due to reasons unknown to us their descendants eventually lost the genuine spiritual knowledge;
  • Judging by the available photo materials, as of today the sign composed of a circle and a crescent with its horns pointing upwards (located beneath the circle) remains an echo in symbols of various religious traditions and national cultures. For instance, in Christianity there are images of Virgin MaryHoly Mother of God, in Buddhism the sign is placed on tops of sacred stupas, the main symbols of Islam are a crescent and sometimes a star above it (Allat in Allat, according to the above interpretation given in the book), in Hindu and Vedic traditions there is the holy OM symbol, and so on;
  • After centuries or even millennia this sign has been “resuscitated” in the AllatRa book which was released in summer 2013 (symbolically, the release took place exactly on the summer solstice – the 22nd of June);
  • Scientists have discovered the sign in the structures of an eyeball, a dominant follicle, and a sperm cell;
  • It has also been found in the structure of electron (!);
  • Given that within a rather short period of time (less than 3 years) the AllatRa sign has widely and naturally spread via the internet without any marked financial support, it becomes clear that the sign is gaining popularity among contemporaries as well;
  • Vote results indicate that most respondents (9 out of 10) experience positive energy coming from the sign, its positive influence, and everyone may check this “on themselves”;
  • Despite all the aforesaid, as for me personally I have no clear and logical evidence that the sign symbolizes “the creating power of the One Who created everything”, i.e. God Himself... although, if we look into the issue, I am unable to have such evidence in principle, being just an ordinary man who has stepped on the spiritual path relatively recently;
  • And the very last point which is quite persuasive based on my personal observations:

When the book was released three years ago, I surrounded myself with this sign almost right away, and I should admit tremendous changes have taken place in my spiritual and personal development since then! There is no sense in describing them all here. I can only say that “me” before the book release and “me” thereafter are totally different persons, and it’s the best possible evidence for myself. One can keep relying on other people’s opinions which might seem authoritative (this is what most of the planet population does) and keep being mistaken and disappointed again and again. On the other hand, a person can verify information oneself on one’s own experience in order not to believe, but to know for sure.

Faith and knowledge are different things. Once I made a choice in favour of knowing instead of believing, and today I see positive living shoots germinating and can talk about certain things with confidence because I have received relevant evidence. The AllatRa sign indeed influences the human subtle energy nature very favourably; it is an excellent assistant to those who truly follow the way of spiritual evolution, transformation of their inner world and unfolding of their true potential. We can talk endlessly about this, but any statements would be mere representations of one’s personal experience, which would be solely up to readers’ faith. Thus, a subsequent step towards the knowledge should be taken by everyone on his or her own.

This is a step towards genuine freedom which may be gained only by the one who has taken such step.



Prepared by Roman Voskresenskij (Ukraine)

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