New evidence of the probable global disaster


In this article we continue with the topic discussed in The revealed secrets of Angkor and Giza plateau – the pendulum of Orion and Draco. Apocalypse now? Last time I considered only one source – books by Graham Hancock, while in this material I will consider works by various authors where the cataclysm theory and past climate changes are mentioned. At that, let me start with perhaps the most interesting source – Sensei of Shambala (Book IV) by Anastasia Novykh.

 Twenty thousand years ago, when a larger part of Europe was covered with ice shelves, North Africa was a rather flourishing earthly paradise. Once the ice went away and climate turned drier, periods of droughts set in. But we won’t talk about that now. If we look from the outer space at the geographical region of the northeast African continent, we can see a beautiful blossoming out flower of a blue lotus amidst the desert sands, which is shaped by the Nile river (by the way, if someone doesn’t know yet, it’s the longest river in the world today). Due to its broad triangle and bowl-shaped delta flowing into the Mediterranean Sea, petal-shaped veins of rivers in the region of the delta itself as well as the long serpentine band of the river, the Nile resembles a blossoming out flower of lotus on a long stalk. Whereas twelve and a half thousand years ago, owing to the coastal line of this delta, the resemblance with petals of the lotus flower was perfect. At that time Shambala or, to be more precise, the Shambala Threshold was situated almost at the “flower base”. Its previous location was on the side of a magnificent lake in the place where the Black Sea waters lap nowadays; and the next location was already in the mountains of Belovodye where the Shambala Threshold is situated to this day.


река Нил


“Wait a minute, you have said before that the Shambala Threshold was located at the “flower base’?! This means in old times the Shambala Threshold was placed almost in the seats of civilization. As far as I understand, it implies a possibility of more frequent contacts of Bodhisattvas with people, does it?”

“Well, in the beginning of civilization it’s a necessity. Thus, no wonder Bodhisattvas were openly present among people. Moreover, entire mankind then consisted of small groups of people who naturally had to be protected from external earthly and space factors.”


So, what makes researchers, enthusiasts and some representatives of official science believe in the existence of previous civilizations, eventual extermination of them in natural cataclysms, and emergence of our current civilization on remains of those previous ones? Let’s look into the issue.




Myths of different peoples of the world contain information about the Flood. Speaking of the spread of disaster messages everywhere, British ethnologist J. Frazer states, for instance, there is no tribe among 130 Indian tribes in North, Central and South America where myths would not reflect this theme.




Code of Chimalpopoka:

“The sky had approached the Earth, and in one day all had perished, even mounts disappeared underwater. It is said that… the [sea] boiled and seethed with a loud noise, and mounts of red colour rose…”


Popol Vuh:

“Great flood was made, it came upon their heads… The face of the earth was darkened, and a black rain began to fall, by day and by night . . . The desperate ones [the men of wood] ran as quickly as they could, they wanted to climb to the tops of the houses, and the houses fell down and threw them to the ground; they wanted to climb to the treetops, and the trees cast them far away; they wanted to enter the caverns, and the caverns repelled them. So was the ruin of the men who had been created and formed, the men made to be destroyed and annihilated.” 

“The memory of this has been preserved among Indians of the Amazon Basin, whose legends say that once terrible roar and crash started. Everything fell into darkness, and then heavy shower came down to the earth, washing everything away and flooding the entire world…” “Water rose very high (one of Brazilian legends says), and the earth totally submerged. Darkness and heavy rain did not cease. People ran, not knowing where to hide; they climbed up the highest trees and mountains.”


Book of Dzyan:

43. They built huge cities. Of rare earths and metals they built. Out of the fires vomited, out of the white stone of the mountains and of the black stone, they cut their own images, in their size and likeness, and worshipped them.

44. They built great images nine yatis high, the size of their bodies. Inner fires had destroyed the land of their fathers. The water threatened the Fourth.

45. The first great waters came. They swallowed the seven great islands.

46. All holy saved, the unholy destroyed. With them most of the huge animals, produced from the seat of the earth.


Songs of the Bird Gamayun – Clew Sixteen:


When Dažbog broke the Golden Egg,

The voice of heavenly Rod resounded:

The Great Fire emerges from the Egg!

The End of the World is coming!


The Great Waters are rising!

Time has come to purify the Earth!

Part to all sides,

Mother Earth! Wrath is coming!


Book of the Dead, Chapter 175:

“They have made war, they have raised up tumult, they have done wrong, they have created rebellion, they have done slaughter, they have created imprisonment, they have reduced what was great to what is little in all that we have made… [Thus] I will dispatch the Elders and destroy all that I have made; the earth shall return to the Primordial Water, so the surging flood, as in its original state.”



Some researchers believe the global flood happened more than once, and more than once humanity was exterminated by water. They indicate various dates: there are numbers dating back to the remotest past of 300 thousand years ago, though the most interesting date is about 13 thousand years ago.

“You remember only one flood,” Egyptian priests said to philosopher Solon in the 6th century BC. “But there had been many floods before that. From time to time our civilization gets destroyed by water, just like other peoples, and it’s the water coming from the sky… Numerous disasters overtook humanity in the past, and more disasters with overtake people in the future.

There are also records of celestial bodies, comets and meteorites that fell down to the Earth:

“Some researchers also admit that in the past our Earth collided with a comet or even with a comet tail (according to the AmericanresearcherI. Velikovsky). Could this be the heavenly “Great Serpent” that appeared in the sky and fell down to the Earth, as we read in Chilam Balam book of Maya? “The fiery rain was streaming,” the book says. “The earth got covered with ashes, trees were bending to the ground. Stones and trees were crushed. The Great Serpent fell down from the sky… The sky fell down to the Earth along with the Great Serpent and flooded it.”

Supposed collision of the Earth with a comet nucleus can damage our planet not less than a “meeting” with an asteroid. American astronomer G. Yuri has estimated that the energy discharged due to such collision would equal to the energy of 500,000 hydrogen bombs.

A number of disaster-related messages refer to the appearance of some bodies in the sky, which fell down to the Earth (or moved away from it). Thus, Book V of the Sibilla mentions the appearance of a fiery body at the eastern skyline, which was brighter than the Sun and fell down into the ocean. Irish legends tell about strange “clouds” that emerged in the sky after the flood, broke up into pieces and fell down to the Earth, causing tremendous ravages. Apparently, among such messages was one of Indian legends stating that after the flood seven suns appeared in the sky and one of the suns devoured the other six.




“The first of the good lands and countries which I, Ahura Mazda, created, was the Airyana Vaeja… Thereupon came Angra Mainyu, who is all death, and he counter-created the serpent in the river and winter, a work of the daevas. There are ten winter months there, two summer months; and those are cold for the waters, cold for the earth, cold for the trees. Winter falls there, the worst of all plagues…”

“And Ahura Mazda spake unto Yima, saying, 'O fair Yima! Upon the material world the evil winters are about to fall, that shall bring the fierce, deadly frost; upon the material world the evil winters are about to fall, that shall make snowflakes fall thick, even in aredvi deep on the highest tops of the mountains. And the beasts that live in the wilderness, and those that live on the tops of the mountains, and those that live in the bosom of the dale shall take shelter in underground abodes…

Therefore make thee a Vara (enclosure), long as a riding-ground on every side of the square, and thither bring the seeds of sheep and oxen, of men, of dogs, of birds, and of red blazing fires…

There thou shalt make waters flow in a bed a hathra long; there thou shalt settle birds, on the green that never fades, with food that never fails. There thou shalt establish dwelling-places consisting of a house with a balcony, a courtyard, and a gallery… Thither thou shalt bring the seeds of men and women, of the greatest, best, and finest on this earth; thither thou shalt bring the seeds of every kind of cattle, of the greatest, best, and finest on this earth. Thither thou shalt bring the seeds of every kind of tree, Of the highest of size and sweetest of odour on this earth; thither thou shalt bring the seeds of every kind of fruit, the best of savour and sweetest of odour. All those seeds shalt thou bring, two of every kind, to be kept inexhaustible there, so long as those men shall stay in the Vara.

There shall be no humpbacked, none bulged forward there; no impotent, no lunatic; no one malicious, no liar; no one spiteful, none jealous; no one with decayed tooth, no leprous to be pent up, nor any of the brands wherewith Angra Mainyu stamps the bodies of mortals.”

“Asin told a man to gather as much wood as he could and to cover his hut with a thick layer of thatch, because a time of great cold was coming. As soon as the hut had been prepared, Asin and the man shut themselves inside and waited. When the great cold set in, shivering people arrived to beg a firebrand from them. Asin was hard and gave embers only to those who had been his friends. The people were freezing, and they cried the whole night. At midnight they were all dead, young and old, men and women ... This period of ice and sleet lasted for a long time and all the fires were put out. Frost was as thick as leather.”

As in the Avestic traditions it seems that the great cold was accompanied by great darkness. In the words of one Toba elder, these afflictions were sent “because when the earth is full of people it has to change. The population has to be thinned out to save the world ... In the case of the long darkness the sun simply disappeared and the people starved. As they ran out of food, they began eating their children. Eventually they all died…”



Based on the aforesaid sources we can conclude the Earth was flooded at least once, and regions that had previously been warm got covered with snow; climate changed, celestial bodies, a comet or meteorites fell down to the Earth. People who witnessed those events preserved memory of them in legends to warn subsequent human generations that such disaster could recur.




These are the maps of Piri Reis, Oronteus Finaeus, Hadji Ahmed and Mercator, which were drawn in different times and totally regardless of one another.


Let’s dwell on the Piri Reis Map.

  • The Earth’s equator was measured to within about100 km, otherwise the map could not be drawn.
  • The Antarctic coastline corresponds to the one that existed at least 6,000 years ago when Antarctica was not covered with ice of the last ice age yet.
  • The map is one of the first ones showing both Americas. Early studies confirm the map contained accurate coordinates of Americas already 21 years after the voyages of Columbus who reached not the continents themselves, but Caribbean islands only. Inscriptions on Reis’s map indicate he used older maps, including those drawn by Columbus himself. According to Reis, Columbus had access to ancient maps which exactly motivated him to carry out his expeditions.
  • The centre of the source map projection was in the place now occupied by Alexandria, Egypt – the ancient cultural centre where one of the greatest libraries was situated.
  • In his notes to the map Reis wrote that some of his sources dated back to the times of Alexander of Macedon (about 332 BC).
  • The Piri Reis Map, which is a genuine document, not a hoax of any kind, was made at Constantinople in 1513 AD. It focuses on the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America and the northern coast of Antarctica.
  • Piri Reis could not have acquired information on this latter region from contemporary explorers because Antarctica remained undiscovered until 1818 AD, i.e. more than 300 years after he had drawn the map.
  • The ice-free coast ofQueen Maud Land shown in the map is a colossal puzzle because the geological evidence confirms that the latest date it could have been surveyed and charted in an ice-free condition is 4,000 BC.It is not possible to pinpoint the earliest date that such a task could have been accomplished, but it seems that the Queen Maud Land littoral may have remained in a stable, unglaciated condition for at least 9,000 years before the spreading ice-cap swallowed it entirely.
  • There is no civilization known to history that had the capacity or need to survey the said coastline within the period between 13,000 BC and 4,000 BC.
  • How can this be explained? Piri Reis obligingly gives us the answer in a series of notes written in his own hand on the map itself. He tells us that he was not responsible for the original surveying and cartography. On the contrary, he admits that his role was merely that of compiler and copyist and that the map was derived from a large number of source maps.

So, prior to the official history there existed a civilization which was either sailing or flying for a very long time.




Charles Hutchins Hapgood (15 May 1904, New York – 21 December 1982, Greenfield, MA) was an American researcher, college professor and author of the theory of the pole shift with catastrophic results.

“In brief, what it suggests is a complete slippage of our planet’s thirty-mile-thick lithosphere over its nearly 8000-mile-thick central core, forcing large parts of the western hemisphere southward towards the equator and thence towards the Antarctic Circle. This movement is not seen as taking place along a due north-south meridian but on a swivelling course – pivoting, as it were, around the central plains of what is now the United States. The result is that the north-eastern segment of North America (in which the North Pole was formerly located in Hudson’s Bay) is dragged southwards out of the Arctic Circle and into more temperate latitudes while at the same time the north-western segment (Alaska and the Yukon) swivels northwards into the Arctic Circle along with large parts of northern Siberia.

In the southern hemisphere, Hapgood’s model shows the landmass that we now call Antarctica, much of which was previously at temperate or even warm latitudes, being shifted in its entirety inside the Antarctic Circle. The overall movement is seen as having been in the region of 30 degrees (approximately 2000 miles) and as having been concentrated, in the main, between the years 14,500 BC and 12,500 BC – but with massive aftershocks on a planetary scale continuing at widely-separated intervals down to about 9500 BC.”


Graham Hancock (born on 2 August 1950, Edinburgh, Scotland): British writer and journalist, author of more than a dozen books and two documentaries that he filmed for the UK Channel 4. Hancock’s books have been translated into 27 languages and published in the total number of over 5 million copies.

“As every schoolboy geographer understands, true north (the North Pole) is not quite the same thing as magnetic north (the direction compass needles point). Indeed the magnetic north pole is presently situated in northern Canada, about 11 degrees from the true North Pole. Recent advances in the study of palaeomagnetism have proved that the earth’s magnetic polarity has reversed itself more than 170 times during the past 80 million years…

What causes these field reversals?

While he was teaching at the University of Cambridge the geologist S. K. Runcorn published an article in Scientific American which made a pertinent point:

“There seems no doubt that the earth’s magnetic field is tied up in some way to the rotation of the planet. And this leads to a remarkable finding about the earth’s rotation itself... [The unavoidable conclusion is that] the earth’s axis of rotation has changed also. In other words, the planet has rolled about, changing the location of the geographical poles.”

Runcorn appears to be envisaging a complete 180-degree flip of the poles, with the earth literally tumbling – although similar palaeomagnetic readings would result from a slippage of the crust over the geographical poles. Either way, the consequences for civilization, and indeed for all life, would be unimaginably dreadful.

Of course, Runcorn may be wrong; perhaps field reversals can occur in the absence of any other upheavals.

But he may also be right.

According to reports published in Nature and New Scientist, the last geomagnetic reversal was completed just 12,400 years ago – during the eleventh millennium BC.

This is of course the very millennium in which the ancient Tiahuanacan civilization in the Andes seems to have been destroyed. The same millennium is signalled by the alignments and design of the great astronomical monuments on the Giza plateau, and by the erosion patterns on the Sphinx. And it was in the eleventh millennium BC that Egypt’s “precocious agricultural experiment” suddenly failed. Likewise it was in the eleventh millennium BC that huge numbers of large mammal species all around the world vanished into extinction. The list could continue: abrupt rises in sea level, hurricane-force winds, electrical storms, volcanic disturbances, and so on.

Scientists expect the next reversal of the earth’s magnetic poles to occur around AD 2030.

Is this an intimation of planetary disaster? After 12,500 years of the pendulum, is the hammer about to strike?”


Alexander Gorbovsky (14 January 1930, Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, USSR – 9 December 2003, London, UK) was a Soviet writer, orientalist and Indian culture expert, author of popular science books and fantasy stories, candidate of historical sciences (1959).

I have already cited Gorbovsky in the mythology section, and now I’ll refer to several other quotes from his books. Gorbovsky’s conclusion on the estimated period of cataclysms on Earth is as follows: “Thus, these two dates – 11,650 (11,652 or 11,653) BC and 11,542 BC – may be regarded as estimated time limits of the disaster epoch beginning and end.” However, he also has such date as 10,400 BC, i.e. 12,400 years ago, just like Hancock indicates (see above).

“What surprises is the ubiquity and simultaneity of such interruption. It may be traced on the American continent, In Europe, and in Central Asia as well. In the mountains of Kurdistan there is the famous ShanidarCave, where cultural layers represent as if an incessant chronicle of some 100,000 years of human history. One layer follows another layer, one age supersedes another age, until a sudden interruption takes place around the same date – 10,400 BC.

“Records of local cataclysms often “mingle” with memories of the fatal disaster remembered by all peoples of the world. Therefore, it’s difficult to determine accurately when the supposed global disaster occurred. Yet, it’s possible to attempt to answer this question.

Climatology. Soviet scientists V.А. Obruchayev and E.М. Hagemeister made an assumption that the end of the last ice age in the northern hemisphere is directly connected with dry land descent in the Atlantic Ocean. Descent of that dry land allowed the Gulf Stream to dash to the north, and the ice age in Europe and Greenland thus came to an end.




From time to time researchers arrive at various findings evidencing that a dry land indeed existed in the Atlantic Ocean in the past. Thus, an article was published in the Swedish Ymer journal, dedicated to a discovery of P.V. Kolbe who took samples from the Atlantic bottom at the depth of 3,600 metres and extracted remains of seaweeds which could have existed solely in sweet water. The only explanation of this discovery may be an assumption that a dry land existed in this place in the past.

In 1898, while repairing the cable laid at the Atlantic Ocean bottom, a French ship crew accidentally extracted a piece of a rock of volcanic origin. Scientists took an interest in the finding. It turned out such glassy clinker could have formed under the atmospheric pressure only. The clinker dates back to the 13th millennium BC.

As it is known, the end of the ice age in Europe is dated to the 10th millennium BC. Hence, the disastrous dry land descent in the Atlantic should have taken place between these two dates.

The dates fully comply with Plato’s date of the Atlantis descent – 9,570 BC, i.e. that very 10th millennium.

According to a number of researchers, in the same period, i.e. around 10,000 BC, another climatic shift occurred on the planet: a drastic humidity increase.

Hydrography. Niagara Falls consists of a number of stone steps that have been experiencing the force of falling water for a long period of time. When one of the steps degraded, water dashed at the next one, and so on. Researchers have ascertained that Niagara Falls emerged as a result of drastic geological shifts in this region in 8-13th millennia BC.”

“As we can see, messages associated with a global disaster indicate that period was also marked with enhanced volcanic activity. Above we have mentioned a clinker sample extracted from the Atlantic Ocean bottom. When a hole was being drilled in the Antarctic ice layer, traces of volcanic ash were found at the depth of about 1.5 km. Now researchers are trying to determine whether the ash was brought from other continents or this was a result of local volcanic activity. However, the most interesting is the period to which the ash is dated: 8th to 12th millennia BC."

“The earth orbit has undergone as considerable changes. Geologists have come to conclusion that once in every 92 thousand years the planet changes the orbit of its rotation around the Sun, approaching or moving away from it.

Hence, our planet’s location in space is far from being stable, which brings climatic and other consequences for its inhabitants. However, in all such cases slow changes are mostly meant, while here we refer to the changes of a disastrous character. So, what could have caused such a sudden pole shift? Estimations made by the Soviet scientist G.D. Khizanashvli show that the Earth’s axis of rotation must always match the axis of the maximal moment of inertia. Any shift in masses on the planet surface changes the axis of the maximal moment of inertia. Correspondingly, the axis of rotation should change by the same angle, i.e. a pole shift should occur. This may happen as a result of considerable geological shifts.

Thus, formation of the 8-kilometre-high mountain mass of the Himalayas shifted the terrestrial axis by several degrees and caused the pole shift. Consequently, as one of researchers mentions, enormous areas that used to be covered with luxuriant verdure and populated by numerous animal species turned into a glacial desert.

In the other case, and this is exactly what we are talking about here, such shift of masses on the Earth’s surface could have been caused by a giant tidal wave. The outcome of this should have been a shift of the Earth’s axis of rotation and a pole shift".



Gorbovsky mentions another interesting point that has attracted my attention: “In one of Babylonian cuneiform texts the year of the flood is called “the year of the roaring dragon”. Certainly, this may indicate the year of Dragon as we now have it according to the Chinese calendar, but in my opinion it may also indicate a period of time when the Draco constellation was at its highest position (or close to it), while Orion was at its lowest (or close to it).”


Elizabeth Hagens, American researcher of the IDSE theory, PhD in Anthropology, active participant of the Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, OH (USA), pioneer of renewable energy projects in the northwest States, editor of Acorn News journal.

In one of her works we read the following: “Nowadays geologists start scientifically investigating this period due to a totally different reason. Now they can accurately determine the point around 10,600 BC when the deep-water North Atlantic current “unexpectedly” changed its direction. The current runs to the north of Greenland and rounds the extreme end of Africa, playing a crucial role in contemporary climate which is quite mild in Western Europe. It forms when dense salty southern waters cool down near Greenland and become heavy enough to descend to the ocean bottom. The current was very weak, if it existed at all, during the last icing, but it probably recommenced around 10,600 BC – right at the end of the Aztec Crocodile Day and the beginning of the Wind Day. In that same period greenhouse gas concentrations increased. Researchers detected accumulation of greenhouse gases, but they are unsure whether the gases caused the warming. Several centuries after (just several degrees of precession) ice started melting at the North Pole and the WorldOcean level began to rise. The chain of reasons that caused such events is so far unknown.”


E.V. Andreyeva

“Studies in Zapolarye have proved prior to the ice age it was much warmer there. On Novosibirsk islands remains of alder and birch trunks have been found. On the GreatLachovIsland plenty of mammoth remains have been discovered, which evidences there was abundance of grass and herbs that served as food for the giant animals. In North Siberian tundra 4-6-metre trees used to grow, and on the NewSiberiaIsland remains of poplar, polar larch, sequoia and other think-trunk trees have been found.

Why did icing start in the Earth’s northern hemisphere several tens of millennia ago, and why has it nearly stopped over the last millennia, remaining in the southern hemisphere only?

E. Hagemeister responds as follows: apparently, a certain obstacle emerged that terminated access of the warm Gulf Stream from the Atlantic Ocean to the north. Such obstacle could only be new regions of dry land in the ocean territory.

Taking into account the volcanic activity and earthquakes in the ocean area, the volcanic origin of relevant islands, the remaining chance of emergence of new islands, and the fact that in older times volcanism in the Atlantic area was much stronger than nowadays, we can consider a probability that in the past a vast dry land appeared in the ocean, which was eventually called Atlantis.

Perhaps, isolated islands appeared in the beginning, which later on merged into a single big island or continent, and the latter blocked the Gulf Stream’s way from the south to the north. Over millennia the said continent was gradually submerging and breaking into parts, and eventually just its central part could have remained – Poseidonida described by Plato.

After Atlantis had submerged, Gulf Stream got access to the north again. Soviet expeditions to the North Pole discovered that Gulf Stream warm waters penetrated our polar seas in the north and reached Wrangel Island in the east. Gulf Stream waters brought equatorial warmth to the polar basin and thus caused a drastic climate change: ices began to melt, receding farther to the north, and the ice age ended in the northern hemisphere. Geologists believe this happened 10-12 thousand years ago.”

“E. Hagemeister wrote (1955): “Using the ionium decay, the Soviet expedition on Sadko icebreaker determined that Gulf Stream waters penetrated the Arctic Ocean 10-12 thousand years ago.”

“The age of radioactive elements is determined based on distribution of such elements in sediments. Based on these data, the last cold (ice) age began 18-20 thousand years ago and was superseded by contemporary post-ice age that started around 9-10 thousand years ago. At that time broad connection between the Arctic basin and the Atlantic Ocean renewed which is evidenced by the presence of large quantities of North Atlantic foraminifers in bottom sediments.

Review of new bottom columns delivered from drift-ice research units North Pole 3 and North Pole 4 supports such conclusions.

While studying the KaraSea history, hydrologist М. Yermolayev ascertained the KaraSea current regime started 3-5 thousand years ago, when the inflow of Gulf Stream warm waters and the supply of manganese from Siberian rivers intensified again. 10-12 thousand years ago (in the 8-10th millennia BC) there was a similar inrush of Gulf Stream waters and the Kara Sea regime resembled the current one, though surface waters contained less manganese.”



I have referred to just few authors who wrote about cataclysms and climate changes that took place in the past. As a matter of fact there are more sources, and everyone who desires can surely find relevant information. This time I won’t draw any conclusions, but instead cite a couple more extracts to which I believe there is no sense to give any comments on my side.



“When the Bal’ star fell where only sky and sea are now, seven cities with golden gates and transparent temples started shaking and swinging like leaves during a storm; and flows of fire and smoke rose from palaces. Shouts of human crowds filled the air. They looked for a shelter in their temples and citadels, when holy wise Mu rose and said to them: “Didn’t I foretell this all?”

Both men and women decorated with precious stones and sparkling garments were crying: “Mu, save us!”, and Mu responded: “All of you will perish along with your servants and riches, and new peoples will rise from your ashes. If they forget that the best one is not who takes, but one who gives, the same fate will be in store for them.” Flame and smoke completed Mu’s words: the land with its inhabitants was torn into parts and absorbed by the abyss.”


Rigden: Yes, unless the society changes, mankind simply will not survive. During the time of global changes, because of aggressive activation of the Animal Nature (which obeys the general Animal Mind), like any other intelligent matter people will simply be fighting alone for survival. That is, peoples will be exterminating one another, and those who survive will be destroyed by nature itself. It will only be possible to survive the coming cataclysms if the entire humanity unites and the society transforms in the spiritual sense. If people jointly manage to change the direction of the international community movement from the consumer channel towards the true spiritual development, with the predominance of the Spiritual Nature in it, then the mankind will have a chance to survive this period. Moreover, both the society and future generations will thus be able to achieve an entirely new stage of their development. Yet, today this depends on the real choice and actions of every person! Most importantly, many intelligent people on the planet understand the situation and see the impending disaster and society collapse, but they don’t know how to withstand all this and what to do.

Anastasia: What needs to be done in order to change the society here and now? What should people start with?

Rigden: Everyone should start with the simple – with themselves…



Prepared by Igor

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