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Our consciousness is arranged very interestingly. Say, you read a piece of information, see presented evidence with your own eyes, and believe in everything you read, not having even a slightest doubt. Yet, who believes? Obviously, not consciousness.

At the beginning of this year, I happened to stay a couple months in the US state of Arizona. Those who know at least a little bit of geography are aware of the fact that this state is famous for the Grand Canyon National Park, which is considered to be one of the natural wonders of the world. Moreover, in the state there is the largest reservation of Navajo and other Indian tribes. Halfway to the Grand Canyon there is a town of Sedona that looks like a mini Grand Canyon and is, so to say, a preparation for a traveller to see the entire might, grandeur and incredible beauty of the canyon itself. 

I would like to say a few words about my impression of Arizona State itself. Even before I came there, I had an idea that this place was somewhat unusual and mysterious. First of all, due to its climatic and natural features: no cold winters, almost everlasting summer, the Sonoran Desert and a reddish ground everywhere, mountain peaks of various heights that preserve mysteries of the past, huge 2-3-metre tall cactuses, small copies of which we, the midland people, see only on our windowsills in flowerpots. Secondly, there are the Grand Canyon with its petroglyphs and reservations of American Indians – the native population who were violently exterminated and relocated as far as possible from the “civilized” community of new American citizens. When I saw all this with my own eyes and not in photographs or documentaries, the sensation of mysteriousness and uncommonness not just remained, but even intensified. Perhaps, it is my subjective opinion and I am exaggerating, but this is exactly what I felt there. We know about the existence of places of power, where there are signs left by our ancestors to future generations as a visual aid for understanding what the main thing is in the life of every human being, and how people should work on self-improvement.

On one of weekends, my friend offered to show me her favourite place in Sedona, where she felt herself particularly calm and relaxed. Let me mention she is not familiar with books by Anastasia Novykh. And so we went there. The road that leads to Sedona is incredibly picturesque. It runs for many miles, sometimes rising, sometimes descending, while on both sides of it there are hills covered with greenery and separate red rocks warning of the approach to the miracle of nature. Having reached the destination, we parked amongst red rocks and started walking along a narrow path surrounded by pines. Suddenly I got dumbfounded! Among the rocks and pines, in the very middle a stupa with the AllatRa sign on its top towered! I wish my friend somehow prepared me for what exactly I would see! Yet, I didn’t suspect anything like that on the part of a person who was totally unaware of the information contained in the books by Anastasia Novykh. What a surprise! I had thought it would be a secluded park or something of that sort. No wonder that, knowing nothing about the AllatRa sign, my friend feels particularly calm there. Who would doubt!

Having come to my senses, I started exploring the place. Not far from the stupa, a circle with an equilateral cross inside (the symbol of a human being) was inlaid of pebbles on the ground. On the other side, there was a statue of Buddha sitting in the lotus pose. A stand with the stupa (Amitabha Stupa) description said one should walk round it 7 times, and wish good and love to the world and people. That was another lesson for me. You can believe in something for a long time, and your consciousness can believe in it, but unless you gain your own experience and actually face a given phenomenon this will remain an incomplete process. Although the situation might seem insignificant, for my consciousness that was a collapse of its attempts to cast at least a slightest doubt over me, e.g. “All that was maybe a fiction. Why would someone place signs all over the world? Those are mere children’s scribbles, just forget it.”

 Buddhist stupa in Sedona, USABuddhist stupa in Sedona, USA

Then we arrived at the Grand Canyon! Indians built small stone fortresses and drew images on walls inside. For me it was another evidence that the knowledge is single, and relevant supporting signs are scattered all over our marvellous planet Earth!

One should just see!

Navajo Indians, Temple, Grand Canyon, United States

Navajo Indians, Temple, Grand Canyon, United States


Prepared by Eve (New York, USA)

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