Christianity: about 300 denominations. What do people divide, when God is single?

Perhaps, many people are unaware that Christianity, the largest world religion of our time with its over 2 billion followers living in different parts of the globe, has about 300 denominations, and you have probably never heard of the most of them, dear readers. At that, hopefully, some rumours have still reached you that the largest Christian denominations are in permanent latent fight for the followers and their exceptional right to possess the Truth. At times it becomes totally unclear what the Lord, who is single in the multitude, has to do with all such disunity and confrontation. Hence, a detached observer such as me has a number of fair and logical questions to representatives of the influential religious community who aspire for God (in their understanding):

  • What do people divide, when God is one and single?
  • If they do know God is one and single, why do they believe “their God is better”?
  • Was Jesus Christ saying too complex or polysemantic things due to which the single Gospel caused so many discrepancies?
  • Was Jesus Christ saying too complicated or provocative things that caused so many troubles, sufferings and bloodshed over the last 2,000 years (given all the troubles, sufferings and bloodshed have had a religious ground)?
  • Who wrote the Gospels in such a way that they can be interpreted after one’s own fashion, and for which purpose was this done?
  • Are the 2+ billion separated Christians on the planet aware who GOD is in reality?
  • Whom do the 2+ billions believe in more: God or the church?
  • What does real God have to do with the religion split into over 300 denominations?

I guess the above questions are funny for clever readers who have already drawn their own conclusions. And in order to support such conclusions with relevant general information, which cannot be called other than absurd, below let me present the entire list of Christian denominations, each being represented by a managed centralized organisation in the secular world, each having its hierarchy and specific “Christian” dogmata.





   Constantinople Orthodox Church
       Orthodox Church of Finland – autonomous
       Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church – autonomous
       Cretan Orthodox Church – semiautonomous
       Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Canada
       Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA
   Orthodox Church of Alexandria
   Orthodox Church of Antioch
   Orthodox Church of Jerusalem
       Orthodox Church of Sinai – autonomous
   Russian Orthodox Church
       Belorussian Orthodox Church
       Ukrainian Orthodox Church
       Chinese Orthodox Church – autonomous, no organisation
       Latvian Orthodox Church
       Moldovan Orthodox Church
       Russian Orthodox Church Overseas
       Estonian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchy
       Japanese Orthodox Church – autonomous
    Georgian Orthodox Church
    Serbian Orthodox Church
    Romanian Orthodox Church
    Bulgarian Orthodox Church
    Orthodox Church of Cyprus
    Church of Hellas
    Albanian Orthodox Church
    Polish Orthodox Church
    Orthodox Church of Czech Lands and Slovakia
    Orthodox Church in America


Alternative Orthodoxy


Old Believers

    Priestly Old Believers
        Old Orthodox Church of Christ of Belokrinitsa Hierarchy
        Old Orthodox Church of Russia
        Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church
        Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church in Romania
        Russian Old Orthodox Church
    Non-Priestly Old Believers
        Eastern Old Believer Church
        Old Orthodox Coast-Dweller Church
        Fedoseyev Believers
        Arista Believers
        Saviour Believers
        Aaron Agreement

Unrecognized national autocephalies

    Bulgarian Orthodox Archiepiscopate in Moglen
    Alternative Synod
    Belorussian Autocephalous Orthodox Church
    Catholic Orthodox Church of Portugal
    Macedonian Orthodox Church
    Anacopia Eparchy
    Turkish Orthodox Church
    Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church
    Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (renovated)
    Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchy
    Montenegrin Orthodox Church

Old-style and traditional churches

    Bulgarian Old-Style Church
    Milan Synod
    Truly Orthodox Church
        Truly Orthodox Church of Moldova
        Truly Orthodox Church of Romania
        Russian Truly Orthodox Church
        Serbian Truly Orthodox Church
    Orthodox Old-Style Church of Romania
    Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church
    Russian Orthodox Church
    Russian Orthodox Church Overseas (of Agaphangel)
    Russian Orthodox Church Overseas (of Vitaly)
    Holy Orthodox Church of North America
    Church of Truly Orthodox Christians of Greece (Synod of Avksenty)
    Church of Truly Orthodox Christians of Greece (Synod of Chrisostom)

Reformist groups

    Apostolic Orthodox Church
    Catholic Orthodox Church of France
    Patriarchy of the Russian Truly Orthodox Catacomb Church
    Russian Catacomb Church of Truly Orthodox Christians
    Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (canonical)
    Ukrainian Reformist Orthodox Church
    Church of John the Theologian (Toronto)

Circum-Orthodox sects

    Spiritual Christians
        Spirit Fighters
        Malevan Christians
            New Israel
            Old Israel
    Other sects that split off from Orthodoxy:
        Mother of God Centre
        Jehovists of Elijah
        Name Glorifiers
        Christians of Innocent
        Christians of St. John




    Catholic Church
        Roman Catholic Church
        Eastern Catholic Church
            Greek Catholic churches (Byzantine Rite)
                Greek Catholic Church
                Italo-Albanian Catholic Church
                Melkite Catholic Church
                Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
                Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church
                Romanian Greek Catholic Church
                Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church
                Slovakian Greek Catholic Church
                Hungarian Greek Catholic Church
                Belorussian Greek Catholic Church
                Albanian Greek Catholic Church
                Russian Greek Catholic Church
                Croatian Greek Catholic Church
                Macedonian Greek Catholic Church
            Armenian Catholic Church (Armenian Rite)
            West Syrian Catholic churches (West Syrian Rite)
                Syrian Catholic Church
                Syro-Malankara Catholic Church
                Maronite Church
            Coptic Catholic Church (Coptic Rite)
            Eritrean Catholic Church (Ethiopian Rite)
            Ethiopian Catholic Church (Ethiopian Rite)
            East Syrian Catholic Churches (East Syrian Rite)
                Chaldean Catholic Church
                Syro-Malabar Catholic Church
    Old Catholics
        Czechoslovak Hussite Church

Ancient Eastern Churches


This category includes the AssyrianChurch of the East and a group of churches that did not adopt the Chalcedonian Definition.

   Pre-Chalcedon churches:
        Armenian Apostolic Church
        Coptic Church
        Syro-Yakovite Orthodox Church
        Eritrean Orthodox Church
        Ethiopian Orthodox Church
        Malankara Orthodox Church
    Assyrian Church of the East





    Anglican Community
        Church of England
        Church of Ireland
        Scottish Episcopal Church
        Episcopal Church in the USA
        Anglican Church in Japan
        Anglican Church Province in Congo
        Anglican Church in Nigeria
        Lusitanian Church
        Anglican Church in Canada


        United Church of Canada
        Church of Scotland
        Hungarian Reformed Church
        Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa
        Reformed Church of the Netherlands


   Lutheran World Federation
        Church of Sweden
        Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland
        Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark
        Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus
        Church of Norway
        Evangelical Lutheran Church in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Central Asia
        Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria
        Lutheran Church of Australia
        Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land
        United Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India
        Church of Iceland
        Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy
        Evangelical Lutheran Church in Latvia
        Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lithuania
        Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia
        Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Romania
        Evangelical Lutheran Church in Romania
        Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren
        Silesian Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession
        Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church
    International Lutheran Council
        Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod
        Evangelical Lutheran Church – Synod of France and Belgium
    Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference
        Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
        Evangelical Lutheran Church of Consent
        Ukrainian Lutheran Church




    United Methodist Church in Russia


    Seventh Day Baptists
    All-Ukrainian Union of Churches of Evangelical Christian Baptists
    International Union of Churches of Evangelical Christian Baptists
    National Baptist Convention
    Russian Union of Evangelical Christian Baptists
    Union of Christian Baptists in Azerbaijan
    Union of Churches of Evangelical Christian Baptists of Armenia
    Southern Baptist Convention
        Baptist General Convention of Texas


    Apostolic Church (international)
    Apostolic Church of Nigeria
    Apostolic Church of Christ
    Assemblies of God
        Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith
       Yoido Full Gospel Church
    Association of Pentecostal Churches of Ruanda
    Evangelical Pentecostal Mission in Angola
    Brazil for Christ Evangelical Pentecostal Church
    Evangelical Pentecostal Church of Chile
    Zimbabwean Assemblies of God in Africa
    Indian Pentecostal Church of God
    Atoned Christian Church of God
    Chinese Evangelical Brethren
    International Evangelical Church of the Soldiers of the Cross of Christ
    International Pentecostal Church of Holiness
    International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
    Apostolic Faith Mission in South Africa
    Nazareth Baptist Church
    United Pentecostal Church (international)
    United Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith
    God is Love Pentecostal Church
    Pentecostal Church of God
    Elim Pentecostal Church
    Pentecostal Assemblies of the World
    Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith
    Community of Pentecostal Churches of Burundi
    Union of Free Churches of Christians of Evangelical Faith of Ukraine
    Maranatha Christian Church
    Christian Congregation of Brazil
    Open Bible Church
    Church of God (Cleveland, TN)
    Indonesian Bethel Church
    Church of God in Christ
    Church of God of Prophecy
    China for Christ Church
    Church of Pentecost (Ghana)

Charismatic Movement

    All Peoples
    Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
    Embassy of God
        Ukrainian Reformatory Orthodox Church
    Word of Life
    Church of Faith
    Church of Revival in Christ
    Jesus the Lord Church
    Calvary Chapel


    Seventh Day Adventists


     Disciples of Christ

United Protestant churches

    Evangelical Church of Germany
    Korean Christian Federation
    United Church of Canada
    United Church of Christ
    Protestant Church of the Netherlands
    Church of Bangladesh
    Church of Pakistan
    Church of North India
    Church of South India


    Salvation Army
    Movement of Sanctity
    Evangelical Christians
    New Apostolic Church
    Plymouth Brothers
    Moravian Brethren

Pseudo-Christian religious organisations


Pseudo-Christian religious organisations are those the belonging of which to Christianity is disputed by researchers and (or) traditional Christian denominations.

    Bible Researchers
        Jehovah's Witnesses
        Free Researchers of the Bible
        Community of Christ
        Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    Unitarian Church
    Church of Unification

Early Christian branches


Jewish Christianity








The above information is official and generally known. Unfortunately, we lack possibility to support it with records of the churches bloody history. The above long list is a mere demonstration of what is happening in all contemporary religions that are based on power and subordination, and not on knowledge and observance of the Truth. To top it all, it’s totally incomprehensible why people need all this, when GOD IS LOVE and LOVE is inside everyone? Inside, but not outside. To confirm these words, let me quote Jesus:


Being asked by the Pharisees when the Kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The Kingdom of God will not come with observable signs, nor will people say, “Look, here it is” or “There it is”. For you see, the Kingdom of God is in your midst.” (Gospel of Luke: 17:20-21)



Prepared by Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia)

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