Kanduk. A myth or reality? Why do children jump out of windows?

We should let you know right away that this analysis is the most psychologically painful of everything published on our website so far, and we’ve dared to start this research due to a number of reasons which we will refer to herein. We’d like to say to people who follow the spiritual path: if you think it’s more important for you now to stay immersed in deep inner feelings and preserve internal tranquillity, you better simply leave this page. For all the rest we impart that this analytical research deals with such destructive phenomenon of the “dark world” as KANDUK.




Reasons why we’ve decided to address this topic are quite logical in our opinion. A number of years have passed since Ezoosmos book was first published, and two years have passed since the ХХХ: Program about Geliars was released…  However, neither on the web nor among admirers of Anastasia Novykh’s books we have found a hint of interest in discussing this fatal “disease” of human society, as if the Kanduk topic is a mere horrifying fairy tale. On one hand, this may be explained by the fact that people who accept the Primordial Knowledge begin their daily internal spiritual work, freeing themselves from external sources of negativism, take their animal nature under control and crave for the light. Yet, on the other hand, Kanduk victims still die every day, and the most terrible thing is that innocent children are among victims as well. At that, statistics indicates this lethal mechanism is further aggravating.

At the same time it seems very strange that such a valuable information disclosing secrets of the invisible world appeared, but nothing takes place, everyone’s keeping silent. Perhaps, people don’t believe? This information is in fact a part of the Primordial Knowledge, and it would be unreasonable to disregard it. Thus, let’s attempt to look into the issue and examine whether such phenomenon as “Kanduk networks” that parasitize on the human community’s body at the energy level is among the hidden reasons of widespread single-typed suicides, and if this is so what can be done about it?

In this research article we will discuss a child suicide epidemic via falls from high-rise buildings. This is a tragic and mysterious phenomenon which so far can neither be forecasted nor explained by specialists. Meanwhile, we suspect this is not only children’s scourge and most suicides on the planet in general take place exactly due to Kanduks’ destructive activities at the invisible energy level. It is certainly impossible to find accurate statistics anywhere. Therefore, let’s consider a totally illogical case of little children: what forces them, who have no life experience and thus no expressed psychological motives, to step out of their apartment windows into the lifeless killing emptiness?

Explaining the fatal pattern of child suicides, experts state one of the reasons of such deaths of little children is poorly fixed mosquito nets on modern European-style windows, but if one examines the issue more thoroughly and has relevant knowledge in this field it becomes apparent that whole “waves” of such tragic cases may often be observed in various regions, and so a completely different general picture comes into view. Neither mosquito nets nor parent negligence are to blame, but a totally concrete influence exerted from the invisible subtle energy environment.

Well, let’s consider the issue closer.




Our warning in the article beginning applies exactly to this video. Though it contains no lethal outcomes – please, note that all children in the video have stayed alive (!) and none of them was severely injured – it nonetheless might provoke a rather oppressive emotional state, and particularly sensitive people may even get shocked because most have never seen such events before. Please, forgive us for that, but when everybody’s silent how could we otherwise draw public attention to this terrible problem? Or is the problem so terrible or absurd that it’s not worth spending time on it? No attention – no problem? Or do you believe nothing like this could happen to your own child, for he or she is well protected? Do you believe or do you know for sure? Maybe, let’s better to sort this all out?



Translation of what is shown and voiced in the video:

XXX: The truth about Geliars…

Kanduks who “don’t exist”…

Why do children jump out of windows?

“A child climbed on a children’s chair, then on the windowsill, opened the window and failed to keep balance… Recently it’s been the third similar incident…”

“A 5-year-old child stayed home alone, for some reason climbed onto a stool, from where she slipped… Since the beginning of May it’s been the 11th case recorded in the city…”

“A 3-year-old child has fallen from the window of an apartment located on the 12th floor…”

“And the last four cases took place on May 11, 12, 13 and 15…”


“Why do little kids jump out of windows? Have you noticed how many of such incidents take place nowadays? Does a child have any temptation to get to an open window and jump out? Where is the self-preservation instinct? If we talk to such child and ask why he did this, he won’t give a clear answer. Yet, every child has a self-preservation instinct. If you seat him on a table, will he jump down? No. But he goes and jumps out of the window. Is it a mere accident? Accidents are never accidental! Accidents are patterns in fact. Such “accidents” are exactly activities of Kanduks and others of that sort. These are various organisations that allegedly don’t exist, but actually cause such situations for banal satisfaction of their energy hunger.”

See more in XXX: Program about Geliars.




We have found no official statistics for Ukraine, and for Russia we’ve discovered just a phrase said by Pavel Astakhov, RF President’s Authorized Representative for Children’s Rights: “In 2014, about 1,100 children in Russia fell out of windows”. What do you think of such number? 1,100 kids in a single year!!! This is horrible, and we suspect in many countries similar statistics is deliberately kept silent about in order to avoid annoying questions and indignation among people, in order for the masses to continue living in their relatively safe illusion or rather in banal ignorance. It turns out hardly always the reason for suicide is the quality of life or social problems. Most probably, the reason is hidden much deeper, and it’s difficult to discern it because of the lack of knowledge or desire to find out the truth, which is one and the same thing in principle.

Here is another short video on the subject:



Translation of what is shown and voiced in the video:

Main Statistics Department on Hans Beiner Strasse calculates everything. It knows everything: number of pairs of shoes I buy every year – 2.3, number of books I read annually – 3.2, number of high achiever students who graduate from schools each year – 6,347. But there is certain statistics they don’t carry out, since relevant figures make even bureaucrats shudder. The matter is suicides.

If you call to Beiner Strasse office and ask how many people between Elba and Oder, between the Baltic Sea and Erzgebirge decided to terminate their lives of despair, our statistics foreteller will say nothing. But he will surely record your name for state security purposes, for the grey eminences that take care of security and happiness in our country.

In 1977 our country ceased to record suicide statistics. Self-murderers – this is how they used to call such people, though their deed had nothing to do with murder. There was neither bloodthirstiness nor passion in such people, but only death, loss of hope.

When 9 years ago we stopped calculating such data, there was only one country in Europe where more people were driven to suicide than in East Germany. It was Hungary followed by our “really socialist” country. One of the “unaccounted” people was Albert Yerxa, the great stage director whom I would like to tell about today…”

It may well be so that official statistics of suicides and suicide attempts is concealed as “forbidden data” by those who are in government or own mass media and are directly involved in this dark activity, i.e. are part of the so-called “Kanduk networks” (details of the network hierarchy first described in the Ezoosmos book are given below). Reasons for such conspiracy are referred to above, although we can add we have no idea of the scale and power of such “webs” in the invisible subtle energy space, since such networks may represent anything outwardly: criminal groups and gangs, various sects, religious movements, fan clubs, small business companies, large corporations or even political parties. In everyday life Lemboys, Klokhtuns and Iznyls who make up a Kanduk’s terrible “feed chain” look like ordinary people and can collect “energy food” in any fields of human life. Somebody might say it’s a fiction. Yet, observing the three-dimensional world with ordinary physical sight we can only naively surmise or be mistaken, but not know for sure.





We used Google for data search and collected relevant information, inquiring about “children falling from windows statistics”. As a result, we have collected the quotes presented below. Certainly, our goal was not to gather as much material as possible, but rather to find evidence that the problem does exist and shows a tendency of aggravation and spread.


Moscow. “Which fallen child are you interested in? They are brought to us almost every day”, the head physician of the Emergency Child Surgery and Traumatology Institute says.


“In order not to make unsubstantiated statements, we looked into statistics records of the State Clinical Hospital No. 9 (Yekaterinburg) since the hospital launch: while in 2000, for instance, the ambulance service delivered only three children who had fallen from windows, in 2012 the number was 42. Over seven months of 2013 there were already 30 such cases, meaning the 2012 grievous “record” will most probably be beaten this year. And given the fact that unfortunately only a half of children injured after falling from windows get to the hospital, since many of them die immediately or in the first minutes due to shock and blood loss, we can assume the total number of victims over the last 10 years has increased more than 10 times.”


... 25 cases of children falling down from high-rise buildings were recorded in 2010 in St. Petersburg, Russia. In January-July 2011 that number was higher by seven...


Yesterday the Investigative Committee of Russia made an unusual official statement. The authority expressed its concern that a drastic spread of cases when children die or get severely injured after falling out of windows is observed in the country. (06.08.2014)


On 16 February four girls (12, 13, 14 and 15 years old) in Moscow committed suicides, just one of them was saved...


According to the Main Department of MIA in Perm Region, 34 cases of children falling out of windows were recorded in the region in 2013.


2014. Since May, as many as 11 cases were recorded in Perm when underage children fell out of windows. 34 such accidents with children took place in Prikamye. In Vladimir Region, 10 cases have already been reported this year when kids fell down from windows. And in Moscow Region 11 such falls occurred when the warm season set in.


In Pskov Region, on 31 July 2015 two cases were reported when children fell out of windows.


In 2013, 10 cases of children falling from high-rise buildings were registered in Astana...


In Blagoveshchensk, six kids fell out of their apartment windows during the five warm months of spring and summer...


In 2014 in St. Petersburg (Russia) 31 accidents of children falling out of windows were registered, of which 9 accidents had a lethal outcome. Almost all victims were brought up in problem-free families...


Two kids fell out of a window in a 10-storeyed house in Tver. The window was open at the moment they fell...


A 3-year-old brother and a 1.5-year-old sister fell out of an apartment window from the 4th floor of a residential house in Kiev...


“Over the last five years the number of children delivered to our clinic with such injury has increased by more than one third, Prof. Leonid Roshal, Director of the Emergency Child Surgery and Traumatology Institute says. “Catatrauma, i.e. injury after the fall from a height of 3+ metres, is the second most frequent cause of child traumatism, following car accidents.”


2015. Volgograd Region. Over the last weekend three accidents have added to this year’s grievous statistics. The number of children who fell out of windows this year has reached 11. Let’s remind that last year police recorded 50 such cases.


... Sometimes child suicide epidemics spread across whole cities...


Tuva Republic is leading: 120 cases per 100 thousand teenagers. Then follow Buryatia (87 cases) and Yakutia (74 cases). Many cases are recorded in Transbaikalia, Khakassia and Kalmykia.


After the review of submitted records and materials 1,087 resolutions were adopted on the closure of websites that contained information about ways to commit suicide and (or) appeals to commit those...


2015. About a thousand children fell out of windows every year, according to the RF President’s Authorized Representative for Children’s Rights Pavel Astakhov.

In 2014 about 1,100 children in Russia fell out of windows. Such data was communicated to the Russian News Service by the RF President’s Authorized Representative for Children’s Rights Pavel Astakhov.


A research has been recently performed in the USA, during which it has been discovered that over 5,000 people fall out of windows annually, and two thirds of them are children.

Going back to the US research results, it should be mentioned that only between 2000 and 2008 98,415 children, two thirds of whom were babies, were delivered to hospitals with various injuries after they fell out of windows. 



A question arises whether such occurrences may be called accidental? Perhaps, they may, but only when you don’t know about the probable hidden causes and have never faced relevant consequences. Unfortunately, absolute majority of people trust only what they physically see or can touch, i.e. identify by means of the five sense organs. However, when you look at images or watch videos shared by eyewitnesses on the web, you can notice many little children are in some hypnotic, trance state which can surely provoke their inadequate actions.

Let’s view, for instance, a series of photos taken by eyewitnesses:



The boy was standing at the open window for too long, and so people had time to call rescuers. Then the man attempted to get to the child through the balcony, and thereafter he climbed up the escape ladder. Didn’t the boy have enough time to regain his senses, or was he totally deaf? In our short video above it is clearly seen how another child was strangely wandering along the window ledge in a multi-storey house, behaving quite unnaturally. There’s also a scene recorded in China where men in the street noticed something wrong, tried to stop the child, but he nonetheless jumped! And, finally, the scariest scene in the video was when a little boy was standing for quite a long time at the ledge of an apartment window on the seventh floor, as if resisting an internal temptation to jump. What was taking place in the child’s consciousness? Who penetrated him and tried to urge him to cross the tragic line from where there’s no return? Please, note his self-preservation instinct was totally switched off. Why? Such poor little children would hardly explain why they have approached the brink.

Below shots from the Dark World: Balance movie vividly demonstrate the moviemakers know something about the truth, taking, for instance, the process of victim contacting and connecting up to total control over the victim in the case of older teenagers. Furthermore, the mechanism of energy dependence (vampirism) in the hidden reality is shown, up to total control over the victim’s consciousness and even fall from a high-rise building.




We will soon make a short video on this movie.

Finally, let’s refer to the fact that in literature the most complete information on the subject is given in Ezoosmos book from which we will now cite a series of extracts.




“...Who is Kanduk? In different parts of the Earth he is called in different ways. All people’s tales about the most terrible vampires are just baby talks compared to what Kanduk does. Basically, all these superstitious ideas about werewolves and vampires do have a certain foundation. In the folklore, vampires are represented as dead people who leave their graves and suck blood of living people. Though these tales contain many imaginary details, we should admit they are not far from the truth. Kanduks are doomed to complete spiritual destruction, i.e. definitive death. But during a certain period of time they are able to re-born consciously in new bodies and feed on people’s prana.”

“Prana, prana…” Farther John mumbled. “Is it vital force?”

“Yes, once I told you that prana’s vital energy obtained by man at the moment of his conception. Generally, its quantity sets the term of one’s life. It means that prana is spent during one’s lifetime, and when it runs out a person dies. Practically it is not replenished, but it’s a powerful and efficient force, that’s why it is valuable.”

“Exactly!” Farther John nodded. “I remember it’s a known notion…”

“So… Kanduk steals prana from people and uses it not only as “forage”, but also as a force for conscious re-birth from body to body, figuratively saying, for recharging of his (her) “accumulators”, and also for tricks with all kinds of supernatural rubbish that gives him (her) the power over victims. Kanduk is not an ordinary human being. He is rather a former human being who has turned into a kind of a parasite. This is natural. Wherever the confluence of the animal and spiritual natures takes place, for example, like in a human being here on Earth, there are always creatures parasitizing on such confluence… We can say all such evil creatures worship thirst and insatiability of the material world, though in essence Kanduks and their circles have nothing to do with the system of Lucifer. They are neutral intermediate creatures standing apart from any side. As a rule, they act warily and secretly.”

You’ve mentioned the circles…” Sergey noted. “Does it mean they don’t act on their own?”

“They surely don’t. Kanduk is directly interested in assistants. Firstly, they are free forage for him (her), since he (she) gradually takes human prana from them for himself (herself). Secondly, Kanduk needs replenishment with prana collected by them, in order for him to move from one body to another… As a rule, he (she) tries to recruit the so-called three circles of assistants for himself (herself). The first circle includes Lemboys. These are close and trusted people. Kanduk initiates them into the mystery of “eternal life” in a material body and opens the technique of prana replenishment, omitting only the main point – the fact that he (she) gradually takes prana from them as well, and that life in material bodies is far from being eternal. Lemboys, in their turn, recruit the second circle to ensure their replenishment – Klokhtuns, while Klokhtuns gather a more massive third circle – Iznyl. At that, the farther the circle stands from Kanduk, the more exploitation and less knowledge it has. Hence, this entire crowd serves as a sort of an energy store for Kanduk, a kind of a prana condenser which is also used by Lemboys, as I have already said. And the older Kanduk becomes by the lived lives, the more prana he (she) needs to support his (her) existence.”

“This means that Kanduk’s real goals and intentions are known only to Lemboys who make the first circle, while the rest are simply exploited, being totally unaware,” Farther John made a conclusion for himself.

“Exactly. And the hardest efforts to recruit a certain number of Lemboys are made by Kanduk when he (she) is to move from the old body to a new one, i.e. prior to the biological death of his (her) old body…”

“I wonder if this Dunduk, or Kanduk has a soul?”

“He surely does. Don’t forget that Kanduk is a former human being. But with each re-birth his soul becomes smaller and smaller. The thing is that Kanduk uses it as… well, to make it clear for you, let us say he uses his soul as a carrier. He clutches at it with all the might of collected prana and consciously governs the process of re-birth, moving to the body of a baby. They “stick”, like parasites, absorbing the vital force of a small body and replacing it with their own energy. I should admit they can penetrate after the eighth day from the child’s birth when the child’s own soul is already in the body. And Kanduks force it out.”

“So, they are re-born consciously…” Nikolai Andreevich said in reflection.

“Yes, they do. Kanduk fully preserves memory, emotions and experience of former lives.”

“Does he continue stealing prana from people around while being in the body of a child?”

“The thing is that after Kanduk is re-born, during his (her) stay in the body of a child and while this body is growing, Lemboys feed him (her) with prana from their circles, having no idea that this energy flows to him (her) through them. They think they collect it for themselves.”

“Wait, what about the distance which separates them? As far as I understand, they don’t know where their master has been re-born?” Sergey asked.

“In this case distance is irrelevant. In the world of energies everything is structured in a different way… So, before the new body reaches the pubescence age, Kanduk can’t get into energy contact with people on his (her) own. And by this time he (she) especially needs nourishment from Lemboys and their circles. Only at his (her) body pubescence Kanduk can start using energies.”

“Yet, what happens to his (her) soul?” Farther John asked.

“Nothing good, surely. With each reincarnation his (her) soul turns smaller and smaller, and the smaller it becomes, the bigger amount of prana Kanduk needs for his (her) next transition, and the more heartless beast he (she) turns into. He (she) becomes a monster made of dense clots of negative energy which press down on him (her) with dreadful force when the amount of available prana is insufficient, i.e. when he (she) experiences a sort of energy hunger.

Consciously undergoing the reincarnation process and being aware of the existence of higher spheres, Kanduk actually can’t abandon the tin of human existence into which he (she) voluntarily imprisoned himself (herself) while being a Lemboy and listening to the tales of his (her) master Kanduk about the enjoyment of mighty power and “eternal” reincarnation. It turns out he (she) is unable to become a human being anymore, neither he (she) can break away from this shit either. That’s why his (her) spiritual sufferings further intensify. In contrast to a human being whose soul tumbles in reincarnations and who still has a CHANCE to get out of this material world, reach the upper stage of spiritual development and join the real creating power of God, Kanduk has deprived himself (herself) of such chance by his (her) conscious choice. Thus, Kanduk makes the most of his (her) life in the material world, which means happiness for this creature. Having plenty of power and no future, he (she) has no restraint. Kanduk is doomed and is aware of that. That’s why he (she) takes pleasure of each moment spent. Life for Kanduks is as if the last breath before the final death of their personality.”

“What happens to them at the moment of final death?” Farther John asked.

“Well…” Sensei got up, took bottles with mineral water from the refrigerator and asked his friends. “Will you join?”

“I will,” Nikolai Andreevich agreed, while the rest refused.

Sensei opened two bottles and gave one of them to the doctor. Then he sat down in the arm-chair and continued to talk taking a couple of gulps of cold water.

“After living ten or twelve lives which only about a thousand years – generally speaking, a scanty term compared to eternity – Kanduks completely lose their ability to process prana. The soul diminishes to the minimal size, and then gets fully annihilated. Having no soul, they simply turn into dust. As you can see, they have a paradoxical situation. In principle, they exist as individuals because they have a soul, but the soul development is constantly suppressed by fixed domination of cacodemon in their mind. Their soul permanently attempts to resist this clot of evil, that’s why this creature goes through terrible sufferings. But at the same time it can’t exist without the soul either. Thus, they are doomed to hellish torments in the full sense of the word… Kanduk can’t do anything for his soul anymore, because the process of materialization is going on at full speed. He remembers that he used to be somebody, but now in fact he is neither a human being nor monster, he is nothing… Eventually, prana becomes a kind of an anesthetic pill in fatal illness for him.”

“Can this Kanduk be physically eliminated?” Sergey asked in reflection while listening to Sensei.

“Yes, he can, but physical elimination of his body is equal to a great gift for him, for thereafter Kanduk will go to another reincarnation with a big volume of untapped prana. However, struggling at a spiritual, energy level makes it really possible to de-energize him.”

“How can Kanduks be detected?”

“It’s mostly possible by acting at the spiritual level, on the other side of consciousness. As a matter of fact, it’s very difficult to differentiate Kanduk and his (her) companions from ordinary people. They are just like everyone else in their appearance and way of life. They can be whoever possible: friends, close people, relatives, colleagues, or bosses. Given their reincarnation experience, their social status becomes not that important for them. They are satiated with power. Let’s say, in our times they can be either millionaires or street cleaners – it is of no importance for them. They keep their mystery a great secret. And it’s very difficult to detect Kanduk’s close circle and himself by visible traces.”

“A pyramidal structure?” Sergey asked.

“Yes, with a strict hierarchy. Only Lemboys who form Kanduk’s closest circle know him by sight, because they contact him directly. He teaches them relevant techniques to absorb other people’ prana, ways to manipulate people’s consciousness and subconscious, methods to maintain people’s psychological and energy dependence on Lemboys, coding keys, and so on.”

“What a chilling set of picklocks!” Farther John clicked his tongue. “It smells of aiming at the world domination.”

“They don’t care about any domination.” Sensei waved his hand. “Their main goal is to satisfy hunger – whatever you may call it – hunger for energy or hunger for prana. Yet, a totally different situation takes place when, while achieving this goal, they get a fusion of common interests of their circles with those of Destructors who are more known to you as Archons. In such case very hard times begin for humanity, for sure. Evil spirits are always strangely quick in finding a common ground and amalgamating in reaching their selfish ends.”

“That’s true,” Farther John agreed.

“In fact, this very question has been troubling me for a long time,” Nikolai Andreevich noted. “Why do evil creatures unite much faster than spiritual people?”

“It’s not surprising. In order to reach true spiritual unity people who are in a relevant circle have to chain up their own “beast”, i.e. to subdue their animal nature. But this requires great effort, meaning permanent control of oneself and one’s thoughts.”

“You’ve mentioned that Lemboys also have their own circle… Klokhtuns, if I am not mistaken,” Sergey reminded and continued, “Hence, Klokhtuns know Lemboys by sight…”

“And how do Klokhtuns get hooked by Lemboys?” Farther John interrupted the discourse with a question.

“Mainly due to financial motives, thirst for power or attraction to “suggestive ideas” which are based on the animal nature baits inherent in them, which baits get swallowed by their Ego,” Sensei replied.

“This means they are psychologically susceptible to idealization and afterwards capable to suggest and promote their own ideas in a certain direction,” the psychotherapist specified, thinking over what he had heard.

“Quite so. Klokhtuns idolize their Lemboys and have no idea there is Kanduk behind this structure, and naturally they don’t know his real intentions… Klokhtuns get entirely under the energy influence of Lemboys. Eventually Klokhtuns start feeling a relief, a kind of satiety in the presence of their “tutors”. And, if afterwards they make an attempt to estrange themselves from Lemboys, they start experiencing internal depression… figuratively speaking, as if they were drug addicts, having a kind of withdrawal pains, with emergence of various physical and mental diseases. Once they come back into the circle, everything gets to its places.”

Nikolai Andreevich bowed his head with a question, “Do they get a kind of physiological dependence?”

“It’s also included. If we put it in scientific language, a more precise definition will sound as endonarcotic dependence by means of endorphin system stimulation with irritants of ideological content and formation of endomorphine euphoria. So, if they try to escape from Lemboys, this is accompanied by a sickly state similar to post-narcotic abstinence. This way Lemboys encode their followers at the subconscious level, strenuously activating their animal nature. They don’t give them any serious knowledge. Lemboys teach them only destructive psychotechniques and some limited methods of influence upon people.”

“In short, they use them in their selfish ends at full scale,” Farther John said.

“Yes. For the top of this structure, i.e. Kanduk and Lemboys, Klokhtuns are like semiconductors. They are privately charged with their mission, but they have no idea about the essence of it. Their main task is to open access to prana of many people by means of stimulation of people’s cacodemon, in order to ensure energy replenishment for Kanduk’s close circle.”

Listening to Sensei, Sergey folded his arms on his chest, and when the last phrase was pronounced he said, “Hum, for such purpose Klokhtuns should occupy some position in power at least, or at the worst they should be at the head of some organization…”

“You are thinking in the right direction,” Sensei nodded, taking several sips of mineral water, “It often happens so that Klokhtuns are initiators, organizers or leaders of political, governmental and especially public, religious, sectarian associations or movements including groups that play aggressive music, various clubs, etc. An example of such groups may even be foreign language schools that can seem totally harmless. Teachers of such schools come from another country pretending to be, for instance, “true volunteers” with completely “innocent aims”… Klokhtuns assemble crowds around themselves. And at first sight they can look absolutely nice peaceful people respected in certain circles of society. Klokhtuns subtly play on people’s subconscious motivations, skillfully adding negative trends. But as soon as people start trusting them, they immediately move people’s thoughts to the cacodemon dominant. A person becomes open in one’s negative thoughts and inner negativism and splashes out one’s prana. At that, Lemboys take it for themselves through Klokhtun’s energy field which is connected to “victims”.”

“What happens to a person from whom prana is pumped out? How to recognize “the victim”? Does such person somehow feel the loss of vital energy as psychological oppression? Or can it be felt as obtrusive suicidal thoughts?” Farther John asked.

“Yes, and it’s not only him who can have such thoughts, but also his near relatives or friends with whom he is closely connected. Sometimes such influence of prana stealing is so strong that it results in sudden severe illnesses befalling “the victim”, due to which a person can suddenly die.

After Klokhtun’s work the “donor-victim” usually starts living through the continuous run of bad luck due to which he or she opens up even more, becoming extremely nervous and irritable. It often happens so that “donors” or their family start suffering from one illness after another. And the doctors rack their brains over the problem: once a disease is healed another one clings, after the second one is cured the third one appears. And they ascribe all this to the chronic patient syndrome, thinking that the person makes up everything, being cranky. But in actual fact such person is simply “connected”. Somebody of Kanduk’s circle manages inside of him (her). And all his (her) illnesses appear at most due to the forced pumping out of prana. The body starts giving signals, tries to resist in every possible way, so to say, shouting “SOS!” at the top of its voice. That’s why the person gets such an “everlasting health problem”.”

“I can enumerate dozens of such patients,” Nikolai Andreevich said in horror, shrinking back in the chair, “Are all of them “connected”?!”

“Most of those who have psychological problems are connected indeed… Surely, we can’t ascribe all disorder cases to the actions of Kanduk circles. A body is just a body. Some malfunctions are natural in it like in any material object, and chronic ailments are inherent in it. It’s just necessary to take timely care of our biological machine, take preventive measures and not to neglect it. But the main thing is to keep only positive thoughts in one’s head despite desires of the Animal Nature, live with love in one’s heart, love for God, and create a positive field around oneself. In such case no pest will stick to you.”


“Wait, and what about babies?” Nikolai Andreevich went on discussing. “They don’t have fixation of their thought yet. During the first year of their life they have only the simplest emotions.”

“Indeed, Kanduk cannot have a direct impact on a baby,” Sensei replied. “However, people who surround a baby are good conductors, since on the sensory level a baby is closely connected with his (her) mother or people who take care of him (her) every day. Therefore Kanduk catches someone from the baby’s environment when they have domination of negative thoughts. And later on when, for instance, a family with a baby goes somewhere in a car, a father caught by Kanduk, for some ‘inexplicable reason’ speeds up and suddenly drives to the ditch. At the moment of baby’s death Kanduk takes plenty of pure energy.”

“What a filth! How can the Earth bear such creatures?!” muttered Father John.

“Or here is another example of evil deeds of Kanduks or Lemboys after connecting to someone from baby’s environment. A family goes to bed. Everybody is happy; throughout the evening they were laughing and making plans for the future. However at night the mother gets up, kills her baby and commits suicide, or takes the child into her arms and jumps out of the window of their multi-storey house.”

“Well, unfortunately, this happens quite often. I have looked through statistics,” Nikolai Andreevich nodded. “One can’t call such cases a typical suicide.”

“You are right,” Sensei remarked. “This is an example of direct influence of a Kanduk or a Lemboy. Such cases distinctly differ from ordinary suicides when people die due to depression, alcohol, drugs, fatal diseases or mental disorders.”

“By the way, statistics suggests that waves of such strange suicides take place mainly in industrial cities,” Nikolai Andreevich remarked.

“It happens so because Kanduks usually settle down and net their circles mainly in big industrial cities. If there are about three hundred suicides in a city, be sure that bigger share of them has happened due to direct activities of Kanduks and their circles, not to mention accidents which are often far from being accidental when such evil creatures are in the city.”

“Yeeeah,” Father John drawled. “In case of an accident, it’s difficult to prove that it was exactly a suicide. As they say in police, it’s much easier to suspect a suicide than to prove it…”

“I have also dealt with such death cases recorded as accidents, but which looked more like camouflaged suicides,” the psychotherapist uttered.

“It has become fashionable to mask murders as suicides,” Father John added with sadness in his voice.

After listening to him Nikolai Andreevich continued, “Once on a meeting with my friends I got acquainted with a chief of the regional patrol service. He mentioned that camouflaged suicides often happen to drivers and even are referred to as ‘autocides’… It is still a controversial point whether such accidents are occasional, since in many cases they ascribe it to psychological context: lack of attention in a driver, excess speed, mistakes in evaluation of the situation, driving in an intoxication state, etc. Such cases are often determined as a consequence of not only conscious, but also unconscious self-destroying behaviour of a driver. Yet, it turns out everything is not so simple, if you start looking for the reasons.”


“…A Kanduk is the owner of an apiary, who collects and eats honey. A Lemboy is a queen bee in a beehive. And, as far as I understand, Kanduk has several beehives like this. Klokhtuns are honeycombs that attract, organize bees and feed Lemboys and Kanduk, whereas Iznyls are numerous worker bees who ‘fly’ among people and collect ‘honey’ from them.”

“It may be said so, too,” Sensei agreed. “By the way, a human from whom they rob this ‘honey’ is called “prisoner” in their secret terminology.”


“Some time ago Kanduks didn’t stay in one and the same place for long. They always migrated. And their migration could quickly be detected. Once they arrived somewhere, a wave of unclear suicides took place. That is, a wave emerged and then calmed down. Then again, a second wave took place in another area or city. Thus they migrated, leaving their followers who continued to steal vital energy from people… Nowadays, such ‘administrative activities’ are mostly managed by Lemboys and Klokhtuns. Kanduks usually settle down in big cities and hide themselves, so one needs to spend a lot of time and effort to find them.”


“Suicides are mostly a side effect of Destructors’ activities and a natural consequence of activities of Kanduk circles that provoke domination of cacodemon in people’s consciousness. It is people’s own fault that they wish and allow bad thoughts and negative mood in their mind and ignore positive things. That is exactly why they suffer.” 


“Let’s take Switzerland, for instance. It seems to be one of the richest countries with a high level of social and economic development. However, despite the wealthy life of its citizens, for many years it’s been one of suicide leaders in Europe. And in the EU countries which we usually regard as examples of civilized life, suicide belongs to one of the ten most widespread causes of death. I don’t even mention the USA with their imaginary freedom for people and real freedom for raging of Destructors, Kanduks and their circles. By the way, today the USA is one of the main world shelters for Kanduks and their Lemboys. Exactly in this country numerous destructive psychotechniques have been developed, which have already been tested in different parts of the world.”


“They call their organizations by stilted names, widely using the name of God or spiritual leaders of mankind! They distort the truth in all possible ways and pervert the meaning of Love and Freedom in order to attract as much prana as possible to feed themselves! They disdain nothing and establish even satanist sects. They use everything including the knowledge of humankind stored for centuries for spiritual purposes.

“They attract people with nice ‘wrappers’ of their ‘candies’ (I mean the names of their organizations), with lectures and seminars where popular world-known brands are promoted. But once they hook a person they start working with his (her) mind and invisibly change the Truth for the Lie. And the person becomes a slave of his (her) Ego, his (her) cacodemon. Look how Klokhtuns attract people to their organizations! They secretly or manifestly play on the animal nature strings, on deep inner feelings that originate from the needs of the soul, and replace them with their directives.”


“Shambala has nothing to do with this, since it is totally up to the personal choice of every human being and humanity as a whole. And the right of choice is granted to humans by God Himself. Kanduk and his retinue can enter a human only when he or she voluntarily opens a ‘door’ for them, that is allows them to come to his or her consciousness through domination of negative thoughts in it. Who really prevents people from living inside themselves with agathodemon predominance, Love for God and for all living beings? First and foremost, you are the master of your thoughts and the one who decides what will prevail in you. By one’s egocentrism and domination of animal nature thoughts in one’s mind a person begets such intermediate parasites oneself and suffers because of that.

But for Shambala such parasitizing creatures are of no interest. Kanduks don’t break the energy balance, human souls remain intact and simply go to another reincarnation. Therefore for Shambala these evil creatures are as uninteresting as a flea on a neighbour’s dog for a busy city resident,” Sensei said and looked at Father John with a smile. “Bodhisattvas can only inform people about such ‘untidiness’, but nobody will solve this problem for people. If they want they can cope with it themselves. If not, they will continue to live with those evil creatures further. Let me repeat it once again: every person’s life is based on his (her) own choice, and everyone must solve their problems by themselves…”


More details about Kanduks may be found in Ezoosmos book which is available on the internet for free downloading.




The four-hour ХХХ: Program about Geliars may be regarded as a sequel to the Ezoosmos book, for it represents another priceless source of relevant information (detailed contents of the program are available on our website). In this program among other things we discover that there are people who were called Geliars in ancient times. And the main conclusion is that such people, owing to their certain individual particularities of spiritual evolution, can effectively resist evil spirits and creatures. In other words, some people are potentially able to resist the evil. Sounds like a myth or a fairy tale, doesn’t it? We don’t know for sure and so won’t add anything from our mind. Whoever is interested may view the program themselves. We should only mention that a couple of years ago it drew a rather wide response among readers of A. Novyk’s books.



A separate topic for consideration is teenage and adult suicides with signs of “connection” to Kanduk networks, though it’s not the target of this particular article. There are plenty of diverse victim catching schemes starting from social media on the internet and up to widespread provocations in transport and public places. We could make as many as possible random guesses or assumptions. As a matter of fact, this is a very extensive and serious problem requiring urgent solution, but we have no idea who can solve it and whether they will solve it at all.





It seems like this paramount and vitally important question may be answered long and thoroughly with suggestion of relevant examples and consideration of various situations. Perhaps in the nearest future, if our readers are interested, we will continue investigating this subject, but now we can only make a laconic and plain statement: “All books by Anastasia Novykh, containing the Primordial Knowledge brought by Bodhisattva Rigden Djappo to the world, is the most effective protective means”. This is not an advertisement, dear friends, but there is indeed a single remedy: control of one’s animal nature, and Love. Only being in a positive inner state, a person is well covered and protected from dark energy vampirism on the part of a “dark force”. Everyone who’s interested should just read, learn and explore.




We would like experts of law enforcement agencies in different countries to pay greater attention to this research, since they face the terrible and inexplicable tendency of child mortality every day. Summer heat and mosquito nets, parents’ negligence and unfavourable upbringing conditions only partially explain such odd and seemingly accidental suicides. Should one study the problem more intently and familiarize oneself with materials and eyewitnesses’ reports, it becomes clear that the reason of the unexpected child’s behaviour and drastic deterioration of his (her) body self-preservation mechanism may be due to destructive penetration of the child’s consciousness from outside. The following logical question arises: how this can be struggled against and at which level? 

Many people will certainly dissociate themselves from the problem, saying this will never happen to their own children. Are you so sure? Do you really know how this “works”? We are not intimidating anyone, but only endeavour to show to the public that, despite the pitch darkness around the issue, it is totally possible to examine it and attempt to solve it, otherwise the suicidal child, teenage and adult mortality will hardly ever stop. Nothing will take place by itself, unless people emerge who will venture to start fighting against the trouble seriously and responsibly.

Summing up, we have to draw a terrible conclusion that our beloved innocent children-angels are at risk of being exposed to activities of certain destructive groups and organisations that are beyond the range of vision and drive kids to suicide. In practice it is most often manifested as falls from the height, namely falls out of windows of high-rise buildings. The hypothesis is not proven yet, for there are no obvious and visible evidence of such an inhumane crime. However the hidden invisible reality does exist and we cannot deny it only because we are unable to see it. If we fail to see something, this does not mean it doesn’t exist.

So, what could be done? To tell the truth, we don’t have any ready solution other than addressing books by A. Novykh over again, where Bodhisattva has elucidated the truth and indicated the direction. The books contain keys to secrets of the tragic mass chronicle where victims are often little children used as the “prana forage” by the demon – Kanduk. Terrible, wild and improbable…

Is it a fiction, fantasy, fairy tale or rather a real nightmare yet unknown by the majority of people? Everyone decides for oneself. We have only collected relevant material, structured the information and attempted to elucidate the trouble from another standpoint. We have no idea how to stop this satanic activity. By preparing and posting this article we just fulfil our moral obligation. Whether anyone will deal with this further… it’s a question to you, dear readers.





Prepared by Dato Gomarteli and Roman Voskresenskij

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