Prophecies of the Avian Man. From the ancient book of Maya

    Here we publish one more prophecy from an ancient book of Maya Indians, which is called the Prophecies of the Avian Man and originates from the North American continent. Judging by the overall disposition of the text, it’s an apocalyptic note warning about big problems that may catch relevant places. The text is taken from one of books by Anastasia Novykh, where it was cited by the main character Sensei (being Rigden Djappo himself, as we assume; see details in the project Preamble). Below there is an extract from the book:


    “When Mam (the Earth) gives a deep sigh and start turning sideways, times will collide and accelerate their race. An end will get tangled with an end; the beginning will be from the end. Six of thirteen gods will suddenly drop their crosiers. Ah Kin (the Sun) will be angry and aggressive as never before, erasing people’s memory…”

    By the way, according to Maya calendar, such situation will take place around 2003–2005, though, generally speaking, their calendar is drawn until a specific date: 21 December 2012. This will be the time of Choice on which a subsequent future of humanity totally depends.

    It’s quite interesting their prophecies contain certain details of the events preceding the aforesaid date, in particular those to happen in northern lands, i.e. North America: “… God Ishchkel Ok will settle in the country, and people will be his slaves.” “Slaves” may also be translated as “unintentional admirers”. Generally speaking, Ishchkel Ok is how they called a bloodthirsty deity permanently demanding sacrificial offerings. Thus, the text further says: “When a stupid son takes up his father’s position, two birds will destroy termitaries. Fear and perturbation will enter the dwelling. Fire will destroy thousands of human nests… The sky will open and turns angry; waters will rise against the country where Ishchkel Ok settled. Those are wise who will hear the Avian Man’s word that has reached the gate of changes.”


    “When a stupid son takes up his father’s position…” We assume the US President position is meant here: stupid George Bush junior indeed occupied the post of his father George Bush senior.



     “... two birds will destroy termitaries...” We admit the famous 11 September 2001 “terrorist” acts in the USA are meant, when two planes rammed into the two tallest skyscrapers in New York (the World Trade Center), which supposedly caused the Twin Towers collapse. (though the official version is quite disputable! – note by the article author)



    “When Mam (the Earth) gives a deep sigh and starts turning sideways, times will collide and accelerate their race. An end will get tangled with an end; the beginning will be from the end...” Numerous prophecies and predictions about the end of the world, which we’ve recently discovered, contain different scenarios of global cataclysms, including change of the Earth magnetic poles that might cause an irreversible “chain reaction”: the Earth will change its orbit, ocean waters will get disturbed, continents will split, etc. As for the second sentence, we grasp neither its meaning, nor the reason why it’s composed so strangely. Perhaps, the end of the old will become a beginning of the new. However, we don’t even dare assume how destructive the end of the old can be.

    If you have any ideas regarding the rest of prophetic lines, please, share in comments.



Prepared by Dato Gomarteli (Ukraine-Georgia) 

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