Rejoice, highly favoured one, Life is approaching

On the occasion of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady...

“Life is approaching,” he says to me, and his deep blue eyes are luxuriating in heaven.

“Where?” I ask a little confusedly. He, so unusually close, drops his eyelids, and his light eyelashes like ripe ears shield the fathomless heaven that has stood still in his eyes.

I understand without any words. It is he who is now living. The boundless blue waters of heaven have spread inside him.

Life...” he repeats.

“What is Life like?” I ask.

He slowly opens his eyes and rolls in the awfully beautiful colour of trees. It is radiantly white and dizzily gentle. I look into these eyes, frozen in amazement. I look at the world though them. Maybe, it only seems to me? Maybe, this florescence is inside me myself?

He shifts his gaze straight to my Soul.

“Do you want to be born?”

O Lord, everything inside has overflown with burning Love for You. This Love is streaming. Love for Life is filling with pure light.

“How… You look… You know…”

He smiled barely noticeably with his eyes only, not shifting his gaze away.

“Who looks, dear?”

It seems Light has already filled the entire world, and not just this world. There is nothing but the all-penetrating fire of Love.

There is no one looking. O Lord, there is no one. There is only You, and nothing but You, Love! There is deep Eternity… and boundless Happiness, and full-flowing Joy, and Life…

... “Life is approaching,” the Holy Spirit sings with Love, and His gaze animates, His gaze loves.

We are sitting with our eyelids dropped. I admire His beauty and radiance.

“Where?” I ask with a little smile. He bursts out in pure laughter, while the world dissolves in pure light.

“Yes. It has come, having never left anywhere. It has always been here and will remain here forever. The question is whether you are ready to be born.”

“Yet, why wasn’t I aware of Life before?”

“There is always One who will show a road to it.”

“Well... I have a feeling that You have been here always, that We have been here always.”

“This is exactly so.”

I keep silent though it seems to me I have never said a word…

His gaze is luxuriating in heaven, and the bottomless depth of heaven is spreading inside.

“What about Mary? Have You brought the news of Life to her as well?”

He is silent. Only tenderness is slowly feeling the air.

“Everyone who hears will hear.”

I love, and Good Tidings are spreading all over the world.

“Gabriel, what is Mary like?”

“She?”… It seems to me I have heard Eternity in his voice. And the world, full of deep inner feelings, has echoed to the words uttered at that moment: “She is living” ...


Prepared by Sol

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