My collection of AllatRa signs. Please, send more!

Some people collect postage stamps, others collect magnets for their fridges; still others collect beautiful photographs or even BMW cars. You should agree that everybody collects something, and even those who are sure they collect nothing in fact do collect some vivid emotions, acute sensations or reminiscences in the bank of their memory. As for me, as many of you have probably noticed, I collect images with the AllatRa sign. I used to conduct a special blog, although recently I ceased to be active there due to certain reasons relating to responsibility awareness. There is no need to invent anything when the central place in the blog heading is occupied by the ancient circle-and-crescent working sign – the AllatRa sign.

People often ask me in social media: what does the sign mean? Once on this website I carried out an analytical research dedicated to this sign. Here is the article that I refer to all the time, while the original information about the sign may be found here in the book of the same name. It is also appropriate to present a map of places where, owing to the joint efforts of many people, items have been discovered, containing the sign or its symbolic depiction with a circle-and-crescent structure.

Moreover, some people keep asking me with incomprehension why I am doing this, and I have to dismiss the matter with a joke: “I want the material world to ban and “spit” me out to the Spiritual World. Or there is another joke: “Postage stamps are no longer demanded, my fridge is totally covered with magnets so that its handle is no longer visible, and my collecting mania led me to such an unpretentious pastime.” In a word, it’s my hobby.

The importance of signs is nicely described in the article Signs and Their Influence by Anastasia Novykh:

One of the oldest tools of active influence on the human subconscious, which tool is directly connected with the invisible world, is ancient signs. Signs existed in the human society as long ago as in the Palaeolithic times. There are diverse evidences of this, beginning with ancient rock paintings and up to extant artefacts with the signs on them. To realise how widespread the signs were in different parts of the world and in different ages, as well as how sacred and significant they were for many peoples, one should just familiarize oneself with archaeological and ethnological records.

Among all the signs, there is a group of certain signs, which ancient people reproduced with enviable persistence, regardless their residence on various continents. Furthermore, the same signs are actively used in the modern world, although for the masses they are presented and interpreted in a different meaning, satisfactory for superficial curiosity of the majority. Yet, not many people know what is actually behind some of such signs, which are not mere information symbols, but the working signs in fact, and why they directly influence the subconscious mind of any person. (Incidentally, it is a very educational article, and I recommend you to read it attentively.)


Another extract from the same source:

Through the subconscious, human psyche neatly detects such influence of the signs, since the structure of human psyche is based on the unconscious. In this case, consciousness plays a subordinate role, whereas signs influence, so to say, the archetypic component of one’s individual psyche. Their influence is based on one’s predisposition to unconscious suggestion.”

“Many people, when they go to a religious temple of the denomination which they consider themselves members of, practically do not notice what signs and symbols surround them and for which purpose they are placed there. However, a person clearly feels their work by his or her inner state. It is just that, given the fact that no one discloses the true purpose of such signs to a person, it is natural that he or she will not even try to understand such an “obsessive” psychological state. The person considers such state to be natural because he or she has repeatedly experienced it in such institutions.

At that, if we look carefully, in such places we can see a variety of signs activating both the Spiritual Nature and aspiration for God in people, as well as the Animal Nature via awakening subconscious fears. Very often in cultic and religious institutions, there are many more signs that negatively affect human psyche than those stimulating development and strengthening of the Spiritual Nature in people. Why? It is all about the goals and objectives, namely manipulation techniques, of one or another religion – the practice, which has been inherited from religions of the past and perfected over centuries.” (Rigden Djappo, the AllatRa book)


Generally speaking, I would like to kindly ask all readers who are interested in this subject to send me images of the AllatRa sign to my daily updatable webpage in VKontakte (here’s the link – Roman Voskresenskij). Please, become my friends and send images. If the AllatRa sign is indeed “the creating power coming from God”, why shouldn’t we jointly contribute to its dissemination?

Who knows, perhaps when we collect ten to fifteen thousand images we will create a common image collection?


Prepared by Roman Voskresenskij (Ukraine)

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