Little Marta’s dream

My body was born on the night of 23 April, and my soul entered the body on a great holiday of the night of 30 April – 1 May. Throughout my life I’ve been suffering from a helper syndrome: I’ve always wanted to support and help people. At school I protected the weak and fought for them, I married a man in a wheelchair, and when I needed money I got employed at a nursing home without any hesitation. And all this was a deep inner need, without any violence against my ego.

And today it’s a great holiday of my soul. In the morning, once I woke up, my five-year-old daughter Marta came up to me and told about her dream last night. She said in the dream she saw a funny big dog that sang cheerful songs, and the dog belonged to a man who’s on my computer (the Life program with the participation of Igor Danilov). The dog stayed to play with her, while the man went to talk to me. And the man was very, very nice.

My dear little daughter, I would be so happy to find a way to explain you this is not an ordinary man, and he never comes for no particular reason, but always with good gifts, and he brings Life. This is a truly destiny-making meeting. It’s such a great happiness to see this man, and nothing else matters, but to look into his eyes and understand everything without words. And this means we are not in vain here. Thank you very much, dear nice man! We are always happy to see you, our home and our souls are always open! Come more often, be our guest ETERNALLY or at least forever :-) ...



Received from Natasha (Deutschland, Helpsen)

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