Personality and Consciousness. Life-worth understanding

In the epoch-making programs No.2 and No.3 of The Silver Thread series, Bodhisattva himself says several times that human Personality and Consciousness are not the same things. That is, I the personality and my consciousness are different things, and my entire life depends on this basic understanding, without exaggeration. I mean my true Life which does not end with the death of my body-shell. Besides, in the programs we find out that Personality is in fact a part of the Holy Spirit. However, he or she can either be enslaved by consciousness or consciously control and use it for his or her purposes, say, like a summer resident in the country uses a shovel to dig up potatoes. This statement makes me ponder over many things.

How can one understand and really feel that “I am not my consciousness”? What would be the answer to the question: “Who am I?”, “Whom I consider myself?” in contemporary society, if we ask any person, including ourselves? I am a person with such name, of such sex, with such temper, past and life circumstances. Right? Certainly, this is what nearly everyone would respond. Yet, all the aforesaid are nothing, but information contained in one’s consciousness!!! And it’s not too difficult to understand that Personality is not such information. Please, look at the chair you are sitting on. Observe the chair for a minute. And now say: are you this chair?

Funny, isn’t it? Similarly, when I attentively observed my body movements, I started to understand that I was not my body. Quietly and attentively observing the contents of my consciousness, at one wonderful day I became aware I was not consciousness. If we can observe something, we cannot be the observed object or substance!!! Totally logical, isn’t it?

Thus, without any hurry or fuss let’s observe thoughts coming to us without our intention, thoughts that are often oppressive, or emotions that force us to feel inner devastation after they burst, or beliefs that have formed during our life and in 99.9% cases cause problems and troubles. Let’s observe everything that relates to the field of our consciousness with patience surpassing the patience of an intelligence agent. The reward for such patience will be great, and we shall let everyone who desires experience the happiness of feeling oneself a part of the Holy Spirit and describing that state.

In The Meaning of Life: Immortality program a nice association is given for better understanding of the correlations we consider herein. Imagine that a human body is a car, consciousness is an on-board computer in such car, whereas the driver is exactly Personality who controls the car (together with its on-board computer) and directs it towards the destination point determined by Personality himself or herself. What takes place when Personality is not aware of the fact he / she is neither the car nor the on-board computer??? If a driver totally identifies himself with his body or consciousness, the car is driven by a cleverer or stupider robot, while the driver himself is deeply sleeping, and the robot is successfully posing as the driver. The most interesting thing is that such deception works because there are legions of similar on-board computers around, clever, well-read, intelligent or not very intelligent, aggressive or peace-loving, melancholic or sometimes rejoicing, depending on configuration.

Where are such cars going? Towards the genuine goal intended by the Creator for every individual living on the planet Earth, i.e. spiritual transformation into a qualitatively different immortal spiritual being? No. A car as a material object which sooner or later will find itself in a scrap yard neither knows of such goal nor needs it. Consciousness has no need in such goal; on the contrary it resists it, for it is a part of an enormous energy and information structure called the Material System or the Animal Mind. Thus, it will never enter the Eternity.

Here we have come again to the much talked-about Human Choice. Who am I, whom and where do I want to be after the inevitable death of my body? Do I really want to die and lie together with my body in a “scrap yard” because I haven’t reached the ultimate goal intended by the One Who created me? (Let’s not forget in the “scrap yard” there will be not simply boring, but a billion times harder and more painful that I can imagine in my most horrible nightmares.) Or do I choose purity and love of the boundless eternal world and do everything possible and even impossible in order to become its part? Luckily, the One Who is the closest and dearest for every human being has explained us in detail how to achieve the goal.



Prepared by Julia Matveyeva (Russia)

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Consciousness and Personality.
From the inevitably dead
to the eternally alive
  • <small>Consciousness and Personality. <br/>From the inevitably dead <br/>to the eternally alive</small>


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