Gratitude… It’s the only word that may be said when you start feeling Him… He is not false, He is gentle. He is everlasting and will never abandon you. He is everything. But it’s impossible to grasp this. One can only know this. There are neither enemies nor teachers nor friends. There is nothing that seems so firm and stable. But there is Him – the endless, boundless ocean of Love, and only He alone can exist forever. “Master, be inseparable with your product, and if you say a word turn into this word yourself”, how accurate these words are! He simply exists. It is such a joy, such a boundlessness to abide in Him! There are neither doubt nor separation. He is living. There is no Universe, but only Him. Only He is Life which is eternal. There are no stages, no ways. Everything’s fleeting. Freedom. It is here, and it’s greater than human mind can imagine. He is the only Love of everyone. A song that is sung inside. More than happiness. Light.

Personal love is transient because in reality we don’t love another person, but just want him or her to be near. And we gradually get used to having him or her near, while consciousness starts treating “the beloved” as an owned thing. Many people say: love does not exist, there is a mere habit or chemistry. Yet, this is not true. Such “love” lasts for about three months (well, it may last a little more for some people and a little less for others). However, even if the most wonderful person whom you’ve been lucky to meet on your way has given you the most precious gift possible – a fraction of Love, can you really respond with the same, if you love only him or her personally? And what about everything? You believe everything is in him (or in her), and you are afraid to lose your illusion that he (she) loves only you. Or vice versa…

Another person may be capable of almost anything, but he or she is unable to do just one thing for you – to come to love God like you can love Him only yourself, and to come to understand once and forever that you’ll never lose Him. And you will never lose your true Love. This is exactly what is called grace. And you have no reason to worry or be upset anymore, because the One whom you love is always here. This is Love for Him and faith in Him. And only then you start understanding what true Love and true happiness really are.

In the end, let me cite the AllatRa book that has become a key for me to know the truth.

True Love is a generous inner gift, which one person presents to another because of an abundance of deep inner feelings. Such Love can be given when you forget about yourself. It is about this Love that they say that it is patient, forgiving, not envious, not proud, not self-seeking, and thinks no evil. True Love is recovery of the union of Souls. A loving person sees kinship in another one and the beauty of his or her Soul. When a person is in the state of true Love, he or she sees more not of the superficial beauty, in other words, mental or physical beauty of another person, his or her talents or abilities, but of the inner beauty of his or her Spiritual Nature. In such case, he or she begins to see another person from a completely different angle. True Love is person’s deep inner feelings that cannot be expressed in words. It is the power of the Soul, its state of Love for God. True Love between people begins when one person experiences deep inner feelings of Love for the Soul of another person, when, as they say, he or she sees the other person’s essence, when a “wonderment in silence” takes place. 



Prepared by Darya (Russia)

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