Time. Here and now. Personal experience

Recently I have experienced a new perception of time at the level of feelings. I repeatedly heard before that there’s no time in reality and I read the Primordial AllatRa Physics report, but experienced it in practice as follows.

Consciousness always creates an illusion that you have an entire life ahead, that you have plenty of things to do and enough time for everything. Yet, is this really so?

Anything may happen to anyone of us at any moment, starting from cosmic processes such as sun radiation emission or meteorite falls down to the level of cells, cell reproduction and diseases emergence. Consciousness will tell it’s not true, but you should only observe various force majeure circumstances in everyday life and will notice such circumstances were not anticipated by anyone, people were not preparing for them, and a moment before them everything was fine.

Consciousness splits the time up: there is a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, years, centuries! Consciousness says: in this period of time you should study, in the second one you should work, in the third one you should acquire a family, etc. It has a remarkable ability to find negative aspects in everything! It says you are either too young or too poor or too old. But all this is illusion. In actual fact we cannot know even 1 minute of our future, not to mention a year or 10 years. It’s an unknown and unreal illusion! 1 minute is an illusion, and a whole life is an illusion as well.

Time is accelerating, and it can be felt. It seems like I’ve celebrated the New Year with my friends just recently, while it’s already summer. What have I memorized the most? My sensory experience during this period of time, my deeds, certain events, and surely the moments when God was near. Looking into such experience, I can state the only thing we have is the current moment. Right now, while reading these lines, everyone is able to feel God inside oneself. To stop, feel and then go on reading.

In the Spiritual World there is only Here and Now, i.e. this very instant. And that’s all. There is no other time. I should merge with God not tomorrow when I have no animal nature stereotypes and patterns anymore and make the final choice, but already here and now. When I feel God, we are united with Him. What else do I need? I’ve noticed many times that consciousness is never satisfied: even feelings are not enough for it. But is it difficult to feel Love inside oneself right now? Does anything distract, prevent from this? Nothing at all.

When God is in the first place, everything else is in the right places. And for that you don’t have to practice asceticism, become a monk or escape anywhere. You should just learn to be with God in every instant. Not for some split periods of 21, 90, etc. days, but for every little instant making our temporary existence. With practice this becomes totally real, simple and very pleasant. You can even imagine that time has ceased to exist – there is neither yesterday nor tomorrow. By the way, as for yesterday, it’s already gone, and nothing may be changed or brought back. The past is dead as such, just like the future which has not come yet, and nobody knows whether it will come at all! Do you imagine? Well, no matter what you imagine this is so anyway.

Only the current moment and our choice remains – to reside in Love and Grace or have anything else. Everything we really need is to stop peering into the darkness and turn towards the Light. Please, try to live in such feeling for a while, say, for one moment (we don’t have more anyway). And then endeavour to be aware, true Observer in every moment of your lifetime, to feel and to choose Love. In reality, everything we have is just this moment and the Choice where to invest attention right now.

Experience living in Love right now. And extend this now to the Eternity!



Prepared by Eugene (Kiev, Ukraine)

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