If I were God...

    Studying numerous prophecies and records from diverse scriptures of different cultures and ages, which we have earlier referred to in our publications, we can see an obvious fact that most people who reckon themselves among followers of one or another religion or belief are waiting for the advent of Somebody Great, Somebody who should come and save them, put things in order in the world, punish, reward, restore justice, ensure the bright present and future for them, do good for everyone, etcetera, etcetera. At the same time, an impression arises that people’s ideas of such truly important event boil down to the mystically primitive understanding from a Russian children’s song: “A magician will suddenly come in a light blue helicopter…” – and everyone will become happy!

   People, have you ever thought of how exactly the much talked-about Advent should take place? How can God communicate to the human community what He considers necessary to tell us? Perhaps, the heaven must yawn all over the planet at once (oh, no, a half of the population will be asleep, so the heaven must first yawn for those who have daytime and later on for those who will awake in several hours), the divine fanfare will strike up to make everyone understand Who is addressing us, and then He will speak… He will speak to all peoples simultaneously in their relevant languages, so that everyone would grasp everything appropriately, and not just those who were good at English at school! And what would God tell us in such case? Have you ever ponder over this? Maybe, He would say:

    “Hey, guys! You are the coolest ones. You are my favourite nation, while your neighbours are assholes! Go and kick their ass properly!” This is what He’d say to every nation, and would then watch, chuckling, how you polish each other off.

    Well, you know, this would not be God. Definitely! This would be anyone, but not Him.

    This would be the one whom billions of human beings are uninterruptedly listening to, turning this world into hell for themselves, their children and grandchildren. This would be the one who doesn’t have to make the heaven yawn, because we permanently hear his voice in our heads anyway, not even suspecting that. We hear and do what the Master of this world tells us: we divide, hate, condemn, argue, prove our cases, destroy, kill, ruin. We serve Satan.

    And God… What would God tell us?

    If I were God, I would shout into everyone’s ears simultaneously, not waiting for a half of the planet population to wake up: “Softheads!!! What are you doing? For how long will this last? You can live in a totally other way! What are you really doing? The beautiful planet which was given for your disposal is at its last gasp; sufferings, grief and poverty are everywhere… Stop! Wake up! By the way of your existence you are ruining everything and, first and foremost, yourselves… Stop! I am sick and tired of you already! Everything can and must be otherwise! Humanly…”

    It’s good that God is not like me…

    He speaks to us in a quiet, calm voice of His most devoted, spiritually pure Humans. True Humans. God’s People. He says that He is one for everybody, that all people are His children and are equal. There is no one better or worse, whereas pride and any divisions are inspired by the Devil. God is within every person born on the earth, and from the very birth everyone has His greatest Gift – the freedom of choice. It’s the freedom to choose whom to listen to WITHIN ONESELF and on the outside, whom to serve in one’s thoughts, words and deeds; whether to be with a mortal, evil and stinking demon or BE WITH GOD, reside in Love, in the superior meaning of this word. To forgive everyone. To manifest Generosity… To forget and reject everything bad and dark which used to make our existence before. For the sake of everyone’s life. Not to wait for a freebie, that He will do everything for us, but to start doing ourselves. To pay attention to the Soul as a part of the Single Creator in a human being, to the eternal, bright, beaming, pure feeling accessible for everyone. He says that each of us can change a lot within and around. He says we can live totally differently, in a PEACEFUL world, taking care of each other and making life better for others, i.e. for ourselves as well. He says that true Life means unity of all people in Spirit, UNITY of people in GOD. In such case everything will change and be filled with His Supreme Power. And everything will be totally different…

    God is already speaking to us…

Let’s HEAR HIM and ACT…



Prepared by Julia Matveyeva (Russia)

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