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“Good morning, future demons!”

“Good morning, Professor!”

“You have already made your choice and decided that your ultimate goal is to merge with consciousness. The way of gluttony by which you want to achieve success is a very difficult one. If you want to become a professional glutton, forget everything you were taught at school. People are in captivity of an illusion that it’s easy to master gluttony, while it’s a hard daily work. For this you need strong health, time, effort, money, and a number of practical skills supported with experience.”

“What should be our initial steps?”

“Let’s start from simplest things, my young gluttons. Remember that a glutton must consume more food at one go than his or her stomach can admit. To understand what this quantity is like, put your hands together as a scoop as if you want to get some water in them and ensure food does not fit into your hands. If you take only one kind of food, your stomach will produce gastric juice which will easily digest the food. Therefore you must eat plenty of different stuff, and if the result is insufficient you should drink something afterwards, too. In such case the entire gastric juice will surely be washed off, and the food will gradually rot in your stomach.”

“Could you give any recommendations on what exactly should be eaten?”

“They will teach you the theory of unhealthy products such as chocolate and yeast in the Larynx Fury Sub-department, and today we will discuss this subject only in brief, for we have a review lecture. Moreover, I recommend you to eat at different hours so that your body won’t have time to adjust and prepare for meals, and it’s better to start eating before you feel hungry.”

“Why should we torture our stomach? What if the body will strongly resist pain or discomfort, and we will lose taste for food?”

“Good question! The point is that gluttony is a core passion, and its peculiarity is that it opens a way to all other passions. All passions originate from pride, while gluttony is a fertile soil in which lechery, dreaminess, anger, laziness, despondency, grief, and vanity wonderfully grow and bloom. When you eat excessive amounts of food you ensure narrowed state of consciousness and conditions favourable for personality’s integration with consciousness through other passions, without applying any special effort. Consciousness will do everything for you. Demons of other passions will support you, since gluttony for them is a point of admission through which they can get another portion of the power of attention. For instance, if you have given your body a lot to drink or eat before going to bed, at night consciousness will show you numerous emotional scenes, and when you wake up in the morning it will stir up sensuality and provoke a flow of thoughts, and this will ensure its active operation throughout the day.”

“How do we train our body to fuse Personality and consciousness through gluttony?”

“You must become a gourmet. You should know much about taste nuances in order to form as many as possible neural links in the brain region responsible for taste distinction, so that the taste of an ordinary tomato would provoke incompleteness and dissatisfaction in you. In such case you will have to dedicate further more time and attention to food and meals. From the cultural standpoint there is an abyss between a coarse gormandizer and a refined gourmet, but both are strongly dependant on their eating behaviour. And for both of them food has ceased to be mere means to support their body, having turned into a desired goal of their life.”

“What should we do to remember these rules and guidelines and follow them regularly?”

“You should form a conditioned reflex. Ensure that the subconscious takes food as something positive. Reward yourselves for any success with delicious food, e.g. desserts. Thus, your body and subconscious mind will be trained that food means a reward, which is excellent. In such case you won’t need to control eating a lot and consuming stirring meals. You should permanently provide your consciousness with arguments on the usefulness of every product: where vitamins are, that you need to consume them regularly, and that bad consequences will ensue if the body does not eat. You can also brighten up any foodstuff in additional ways: nice wrappers, dressings, associations with success, beautiful girls (boys) and happiness to come afterwards. Hormones must become one of pillars of a solid link with consciousness, along with permanently whirling thoughts and relevant environment. Your body must be given incentives not only during meals, but through anticipation of meals as well.”

“So, gluttony does not differ much from drug addiction, does it?”

“By and large you are right, though there are nuances. Indeed, dopamine is produced not only of alcohol or drugs intake, but of food consumption as well, and addiction to food does not differ much from that to drugs. However, there are certain advantages. If a drug addict desires, he or she is able to reject drugs totally, for it is unneeded for body vital functions. This is a real way to get liberated from addiction. Yet, only will power is insufficient to get rid of such addiction: after the first taste of alcohol an alcoholic becomes unable to stop taking it. As for food, complete rejection of it is impossible because human body needs food, and so a person cannot stop consuming it at all. Even having rejected food for a while, one can always return to addiction, for the main irritant will always remain.”

“Can we rely on other passions in formation of a link through gluttony?”

“You certainly can. The simplest example is a combination of vanity and gluttony. This may be ordinary secret eating, when you hide your food passion from other people and eat at night or on the sly when nobody sees you. Owing to vanity, any diet and even fasting may be transformed into gluttony: you should only convince yourselves that your diet or fasting makes you higher and better than others. In such case you can continuously search for relevant foodstuff, think about it, reproach those who eat differently, demonstrate your superiority, and permanently communicate with those who follow the same diet.” 

“It seems quite easy, professor!”

“Oh, this is only a beginning, just a primitive physical component of the art of food consumption. In order to reinforce gluttony you can further use Soul impulses. When inner emptiness starts tormenting you as Personality and you crave for internal filling with the spirit, immediately turn such craving into a desire of physical food consumption, convince yourselves that, if you stuff yourselves as far as food would go, you will fill fullness and happiness. The same thing should be done when you start feeling uneasy: persuade yourselves that you should eat something tasty which will bring you a feeling of peace.”

“May such kinds of subtle influence be exerted at the individual level only?”

“No, you can work with many people as well. For example, you can maintain traditions of stomach feasts within your family or work team, and use people’s thirst for unity to establish regular loading days. Certainly, such events must be coloured with positive emotions and referred to in conversations. At such feasts there should be plenty of diverse stirring and yummy dishes, alcoholic drinks, hot and emotional talks. At that, on real spiritual holidays when the forces of Allat descend and fill people, you should obligatorily get stuffed before going to bed at night so as to further strengthen the link between consciousness and Personality. For this the feast and family meal satiation tradition must be very strong. In such case your gluttony companions will be supporting you and hep you not to shirk eating if you suddenly want to reject any food. You shouldn’t have any thought regarding arranging a feast without stomach pleasures.

In temples and churches there should be cafes, refectories or stalls where people would eat right after surges of inner feelings before they have time to get filled with power and spend it on maintaining connection between Personality and the Soul. For people not to have any hesitations or doubts whether they may eat in a temple or church, food can be called holy and/or have religious symbols on it, thus people will get rid of any doubts and even be encouraged to consume such food.”

“How can we encourage other people on the way of gluttony?”

“Those who pursue a greater goal than just Personality fusion with consciousness and want to serve the Animal Mind System must know how to spread food addiction among other people.

You must ensure stirring smells to come from everywhere, food to be permanently exposed, and everyone should see it. Food must be talked about all the time and people must be permanently offered something to eat. If they refuse, ask them again and again: “Would you like to grab a bite?” or offer different delicacies if a certain one is rejected by the future glutton’s body. You should not always offer what a person wants. It’s better to start with random food, but the main thing is to provoke relevant thoughts in a person, and later on you can already offer what he or she really likes. In such case you play with contrast: perhaps, a person cannot sense he will be pleased while eating a patty, but compared to boiled pearl barley it may be tempting for him.

People must buy and store food up. There are plenty of shops where food may be bought; shops are nearly on every corner, several in a row, and with a big range of products. If food is already purchased and stored at home, there won’t be any problem for consciousness to ensure its consumption. Grocery stores are everywhere nowadays, thus people can eat several times more than before. All such extra foodstuff is beyond the body need, but it contributes to reinforcement of the consciousness-Personality link. Just like cold, hunger is what people fear. Our patriarchs – archons know about this and use it quite expertly. Such false fear forces people to store food up and eat in advance before they are really hungry.” 

“How do we bring up gluttons?”

“This is an important issue, for when your body grows old, loses shape and becomes unable to succeed on the way of gluttony your only form of service will be upbringing of a new generation of gluttons. Furthermore, other demons might ask you: if you are such a gluttony master, where are your disciples?

Everything is simple: a child should be forced to eat all the time and should not be let from the table before his / her plate is totally empty. Children must be rewarded for their successes with yummy meals and sweets and deprived of food if they do anything wrong from a social perspective. They should have free access to food and food advertisements everywhere, preferably via animations. An adult example and the said encouragement means will be sufficient. For instance, family holidays with enormous amounts of food, smiles and laughing will ensure an attitude in consciousness that food means cheerful mood.”

“How can we support and strengthen each other on the way of gluttony?”

“Offer each other food as often as possible, even simple little things such as sweets. This will help to tie your companion’s thoughts to food and keep him / her in proper condition. At that, you don’t have to worry about this much, for almost everyone is susceptible to gluttony, though they don’t realize this, even people who endeavour to follow the way of Personality fusion with the Soul. Many regard love for particular food as an innocuous weakness not causing any danger, and if they resist gluttony they do this due to domination of another passion in them, e.g. a desire to look more attractive. As for the body, it resists excessive or inappropriate food only when it needs to protect itself while being sick or having a big load.”

“Are there people who have not accepted the way of fusion with consciousness?”

“Yes, there are two categories of such people: those who are so far not involved in the culture of gluttony and those who totally reject it. They wait for a certain hour to consume meals, don’t get surfeited and are satisfied with frugal meals.”

“What should one do if such person is among one’s friends or relatives?”

“Such people should not be admitted; they must be driven out of collectives and ridiculed. These people are dangerous for our system because one such person can put off the way of gluttony those who get in touch with them without even saying a word, but just by his or her personal example.

Let’s take a commonplace situation: when a person does not participate in a holiday stuffing with his colleagues or friends, he usually experiences fear or pity for being not like others and sees that one simple way is to sit and eat together with everybody else. However, if there is more than one of such abstentious people at an event, others will see an alternative to satiety and won’t fear to stand out. Hence, immature minds might start communicating more with abstentious people or, worse than that, might start following the lifestyle of Spirit conductors for the sake of being close to them.

Those who are free from gluttony are hazardous not only to our eating culture. They have a great potential for overcoming other passions in themselves, too. Since 80 percent of thoughts in an average person are dedicated to this very passion, once people get rid of it they can liberate themselves from most of their addictions and patterns of behaviour and become pure conductors of the Spiritual World. Such people must not be admitted to our circle, for they can spoil everything.”

“Excellent class, professor!”

“Your homework according to the Learner’s Guide: throughout the next week you will have to eat right after waking up. Wish you success in fusion with consciousness!”



Prepared by Semen

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