What is ALLAT? Part 3: Ezoosmos, The Crossroads. Selected quotes from Anastasia Novykh’s books

What is Allat? This material is based on Ezoosmos and The Crossroads by Anastasia Novykh.



“First of all, I would like to know: what is time in reality?”

“Time?” Sensei shook his head and said. “You’re initiating a big subject… In principle, you have noted correctly that time is quite a relative concept. Judging about time significantly depends on who, from which reference system and for which purpose is observing this phenomenon. Considering its manifestation in reality, time may be subdivided into:

1.    veritable time that depends straight on the power of Allat; if you remember, everything in this world (whether it’s matter or energy) including time exists only thanks to Allat which I have already told you about;

2.    global time (or absolute time) is the time period passing from appearance to complete disappearance of matter on a scale of the Absolute;

3.    objective time is our habitual time measurement in seconds, hours, months, years, which are conditional to the time of the Earth’s revolution on its axis and around the Sun, i.e. to physical processes steadily recurring in equal time intervals;

4.    subjective time is individual perception of time by every person.”

“Yet, for you to realize these processes better, I shall, perhaps, explain these time concepts on a figurative demonstration.” Sensei asked the guys to give him a box of matches and took one match out of it. “Here, look. Let’s assume that this match burning from the moment the fire appears until the moment the shaft completely burns down is a process from rise to destruction of entire matter. Hence, the moment of movement when I take this match, carry it to the box, apply force to strike fire, when the match lights up and until its full combustion – all this figuratively is the flow of veritable time on the global scale, i.e. the moment of rise, action and disappearance of Allat power in the process of creation and destruction of matter. For our human understanding, in this time there is no present, but only past and future.”


Time, space and gravitation are the properties of Allat, which reveal themselves in the energy of the Po particle. Allat is the initial cause of rise and existence of the material world, and it was exactly the inner forward impulse of the Po particle energy that generated time. Nowadays, time may be defined as a tremendous energy under a tremendous density... Time, gravitation and space are all inherent in the material world. In the non-material or spiritual world, in God’s reality, or no matter how you otherwise call that world beyond the verge, no concepts of time, space or gravitation exist at all.”

“Space is linked with gravitation, gravitation is linked with time, and everything together is inseparably linked with the operation of Allat…”


“Quite right,” Sensei confirmed and started telling more willingly, “Momentary transference through space is an elementary affair for humanity. One does not absolutely need acceleration which present-day scientists puzzle over. It’s just that people should learn how to use teleportation. For this, the general laws of time should be known, and then teleportation will become everyday reality for people, just like light today, for instance. After all, when Edison invented a bulb, many people were shocked. But later on his invention became so habitual that nowadays we enter a room and easily switch on the light not even thinking of what electricity is. Yet, at bottom people still don’t know what electricity is in actual fact, since they were given only a general idea of it. Nonetheless, they have adapted themselves to such manifestation of this power, successfully use it and even started creating computers with a shared information network.

Thus, what I shall now tell you relates to the laws of veritable time, which represent the basis for the discussed phenomenon. Knowing these laws, any latter-day Edison is able to grasp the time phenomena... So, as I have already told you, time is a tremendous energy which appeared as a result of transformation of the Allat power into the energy of the Po particle, which in its turn generated ezoosmos of the Po. Time flows only in one direction – from the past to the future. It is closely linked with gravitation. Gravitation extends along with time extension. Time is characterized by a cause and an effect. There is a space-and-time point between the cause and the effect, i.e. the present. This point belongs to neither the cause nor the effect. Nevertheless, transformation of the cause into the effect takes place exactly through it. Do you understand so far? All right. Let’s now come to the most important point.

Let’s examine the principle of time operation. In the very initial impulse of the Po energy which generated time there occurred a leap of energy from the present to the future, i.e. from the present to the effect, and it determined the single direction of time. Owing to the Po particle that generated time, there also appeared elements of gravitation. Via gravitational forces, a cause gravitates to the present, thus creating a gravitational field. At that, promptly, owing to the inner impulse of the Po, i.e. to the Po ezoosmos that generates time, there occurs a leap from the present to the future. That is, the cause transforms into movement of the time energy. During this process, constancy of the time energy is maintained depending on the matter density. If, for instance, there were no time energy and, consequently, there were no gravitation, our Sun would have burnt out long ago, gravitational fields would not exist, atoms would not be able to retain their electrons, and so on. To put it more simply, owing to such ezoosmic manifestation of time both external and internal spheres of matter are supported…”

At that moment, Sensei’s double unexpectedly appeared again on a free seat little far from the company. He thriftily put some branches into the fire, and then began to supplement Sensei’s story as if nothing strange was happening.

“Yes, but don’t forget to mention that, in addition to its general characteristics, time evinces a feature of individuality in each matter formation. Wherever the process of time compression is taking place, there is the inevitable process of compression of gravitation, and the power of time gradually increases, too. In the material world, time and gravitation may be regarded as the most powerful energies, certainly after the Po energy. At that, gravitation is a fore-ezoosmic state of time in the process of the matter evolution. Gravitation may be called one of time components, with regard to the past. Thus, the present is actually only the moment of manifestation of the Po energy, which generates an inner impulse, i.e. ezoosmos.”

“Don’t forget to impart that skewness is in time’s nature,” there resounded a voice of a third Sensei standing behind Eugene. While everybody was turning round in astonishment, he out his hand on the guy’s shoulder. Eugene gave a start and cautiously looked askance at Sensei standing beside him. Having seen his reaction, this Sensei winked at him as if being his old friend and amicably tapped on his shoulder. “Yes, yes, my friend, thanks exactly to time skewness any progress is taking place, when all material things live their lifetime and then are directed to transformation of energies into new material forms. Energy turns from one form into another owing to ezoosmos.”

While he was speaking, Eugene was staring askance at him like a bear looking at a source of its fright. The guy slowly turned his head and looked at Sensei’s hand resting on his shoulder. Eugene even seemed to have stopped breathing. In the meantime, a voice of a fourth Sensei resounded from the darkness.

“All right, if we are having such a big-time event here,” he said, coming up to the campfire from the food tent side and chewing a biscuit taken from a pack which he was holding in his hands, “you should also tell them about the velocity of light. How long will they still be overestimating that lazy turtle?”

The fourth Sensei grinned at his own joking comparison, then approached Vano, amicably tapped on his shoulder and offered him a biscuit from the pack. Vano carefully took one and perplexedly nodded in gratitude. However, he didn’t start eating, holding the biscuit in his hand as if it was a relic. Looking at him, Sensei started laughing and immediately choked. Not finding a mineral water bottle near him, he hastily snatched a mug of chilled tea from Vano’s hand and took couple sips.

“Thank you very much,” he uttered contentedly and returned the mug to its owner.

Vano nodded again in response.

“Yes, tell them about the velocity of light,” the second Sensei supported the request.

“They should have known this long ago,” the third Sensei agreed. “Or else they can multiply one by one, but multiplying two by two is already a tough assignment for them... For example, in 1972 they calculated with “great accuracy” under the quantum standards of frequency that the velocity of light inside vacuum “approximately” equals to 299.79 х 106 m/s, and got totally satisfied with that. Well, it’s such nonsense to consider this velocity to be the maximum speed of physical effects spread! Tell them it’s far from being the truth.”

“Well, if you believe I may,” the first Sensei shrugged his shoulders. “With pleasure… Connecting the velocity of light with time is wrong indeed. Light is spreading owing to gravitational fields. The initial impulse which imparts acceleration to photon significantly exceeds the velocity of light. Movement of the velocity of light is conditioned only by physical characteristics of light, while gravitation imparts speed to light and supports it, pulling photons towards itself and thus accelerating and drawing light to ezoosmos. If we look at the process from the perspective of time, light moves in discrete steps, slowing down in the transition point of time and accelerating thereafter. This proves that gravitation is higher than the velocity of light. Light would be standing still without gravitation and ezoosmos. Moreover, there will be no initial surge of light, because it needs a cause, while a cause, turning into an effect, passes through a present point, i.e. an inner time impulse. This whole process is driven by the initial power of attraction from the past to the present, and then, owing to ezoosmos, to the future, i.e. towards an effect.”

Sensei became silent for a while, and his “clone” interlocutors vanished.

“The most interesting thing is that in modern physics gravitational interactions are considered to be the weakest of all acting forces, meaning the gravitational interaction between material bodies such as, for instance, bricks on a road or planets in the outer space. The funniest thing is that, in spite of multiplicity of existing theories, nobody has ever come to understanding what gravitation is in reality. To tell the truth and to give them their due, scientists have calculated purely theoretically that gravitation consists of particles and even have given those particles the name of graviton. However, nobody has a mere notion of what this graviton is, although not just this graviton has been mentioned in the human history, but its physical characteristics have been described quite in detail as well. As a matter of fact, graviton is nothing, but the Po particle. The whole Universe is composed of these particles, like I’ve said before. For instance, as you already know, neutrino consists of five Po particles and has a shape of a regular five-pointed star. By the way, inasmuch as Allat manifests itself a great extent through neutrino, it has often been depicted as a five-pointed star bearing a double sense – of the feminine nature (principle) and of Allat as such, although these two basically represent one and the same thing.”

“Wait, Sensei, what do you mean “Allat manifests itself a great extent”?! I haven’t quite got it,” Nikolai Andreevich said.

“You see, neutrino significantly differs from other so-called elementary particles. First of all, neutrino may either have or not have a mass. It may either interact with gravitational, magnetic or electromagnetic fields, or not. Furthermore, neutrino is capable of moving at the velocity of light, but, unlike light, it can slow down and change its trajectory. Yet, perhaps, the most fantastical (for modern science) neutrino’s “talent” is its ability to move at unlimited distances instantly.”

“How come?” Eugene asked.

“Simple. Interacting with a gravitational field, neutrino transforms from one state into another, say, from a particle state into a state of energy with a strictly defined frequency. At that, “agitating” the gravitational field in a certain point, e.g. of our solar system, it causes a reciprocal agitation in a certain point of the gravitational field in another galaxy. Hence, without wasting time and regardless of space, neutrino vanishes here and now and appears there and now. As physicists say, it creates a “wormhole” in time and space.”

“Not bad! Can you believe it?!” exclamations broke from the guys.

“Utilizing neutrino’s natural physical qualities, people can even cover any distances, spending minimal energy and no time.”

“Well, to tell the truth, it sounds like fiction,” Nikolai Andreevich noted sceptically.

“Well, to tell the truth,” Sensei stressed on these words, “still a hundred years ago an atomic bomb was fiction, too… As for neutrino, I can tell you even more: without neutrino there wouldn’t be any life. Neutrino plays a stupendous role in formation of the world which you see around you. And, by the way, it has the same whole time unit as Allat, i.e. 11 minutes 56.74 seconds.”


“Sensei, I haven’t understood,” Victor said, as if listening to his own voice. “How may this multiple bifurcation be explained?”

All this is simple, if you possess the agathodemon purity of thinking,” Sensei said somewhat dolefully as if his work had not been estimated at its true worth. Nevertheless, it was merely a fleeting expression of his hidden feelings, for then he continued in a rather cheerful voice, “Thanks exactly to the purity of thinking, the energy of Allat transforms the Po particle, while the Po, as you know, is a constituent of all matter… But, guys, such purity should first be achieved. You can’t go far on your cacodemon and agathodemon fluctuations because such fluctuations are like a tortoise. That is, we again go back to our initial discussion topic…”


The Crossroads


“God is an enormous power that penetrates everything in the Universe. Moreover, it’s a unique power. Even the smallest Po particle…”

“Po? This is something new.”

“Not really. It is well-forgotten old,” Sensei responded in the same tone.

“You have never mentioned it before.”

“Everything is good in its season… So, even the smallest Po particle, which is an element of transition to energy states and makes up everything in matter, is a bearer of this divine power, a physical manifestation of Allat.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I mean that Po may either be a wave or turn into a corpuscular material particle.”


Prepared by Alexandra (Belarus)

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What is ALLAT? Part 3: Ezoosmos, The Crossroads. Selected quotes from Anastasia Novykh’s books What is ALLAT? Part 3: Ezoosmos, The Crossroads. Selected quotes from Anastasia Novykh’s books - Topic rating: 5.00 out of 5.00 votes: 71
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