Allat Daily Universal Meditation

performed twice a day

at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. GMT


Essence of the Universal Meditation


Let me start with a quote from Sensei of Shambala – Book IV by Anastasia Novykh:

“If everyone on the Earth prayed at the same time at least twice a day for all other people… not for themselves, but for the others… May everyone pray to their own God! After all, God is one, and all souls have the same longing for Him. Even if you are an atheist, simply wish happiness and good to all people at that time, but in all sincerity, with all your heart. Those who know how to practice meditation, meditate at that time with a sincere feeling of joy, wishing everyone good and Love. But all people should do this at the same time, at least one allat per day,” Sensei immediately corrected himself, “I mean twelve minutes, then I assure you that during the next 3 allats, that is 36 minutes, no human being would die on the Earth.


Time of the Allat Universal Meditation


“I can tell you even more. Owing to Rigden’s presence, every person will be given a unique opportunity to connect to the spiritual wave of the Shambala Sovereign and to manifest oneself as a spiritual being.”

“How can this be done?” our group asked excitedly.

“Since Rigden will be present in the world, twice a day, at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. GMT He will perform His working meditations. During this time, any person who meditates, prays or simply radiates mental flows of sincere good, joy and Love into the world will naturally be noticed by Him. In other words, those who join Him at this time and make their contribution of positive thoughts and good will as if forward a visiting card to Ridgen. After all, anyway, this physical life is transient and ends very quickly. At the end of one’s life, whether a person likes it or not, after leaving his or her material body he or she will face Rigden, who at different times was called the Judge of the deeds of human souls. And, no matter which illusions a person amuses oneself in life, he or she will not be able to avoid meeting Him. The question is whom Rigden will know personally by their spiritual deeds, and who will remain even unworthy of His look. Thus, in the spiritual sense the Crossroads time will mean a lot, both for every individual and for society as a whole.”


Let’s calculate the time to perform the Universal Meditation


So, the Allat meditation is performed 2 times a day at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Let us see which hour this is for your time zone. A further quote:

“Nowadays this is a generally accepted world standard of time keeping. In the suburb of Greater London there is a town of Greenwich through which the conventional Prime Meridian, or the Greenwich Meridian passes. Earth’s surface is divided for convenience into 24 time zones. Each zone has 15 degrees of longitude or one hour of time. Time in the countries to the east of London and the Greenwich Meridian is ahead of GMT, and in the countries to the west is behind GMT.”

“So, in Moscow, what time will it be?” Andrew couldn’t grasp it.

“Well, if it’s 7 a.m. GMT than in order to find out Moscow time we should add three hours, hence it will be 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. accordingly,” Sensei explained.


The above image is clickable, i.e. you may click on the image to open it in higher resolution. The map depicts time zones and shows time shift relative to GMT. For some countries time is indicated in the +3 format. This means time does not change for such countries relative to GMT, and only 3 hours should be added to GMT. Moreover, there are countries where standard (winter) time is changed for daylight saving time (summer time). In such case the +2 (+3) format means 2 hours should be added to GMT in winter and 3 hours in summer.

Yet, there is even a simpler way to find out what GMT is now. In any search engine (e.g., enter GMT or Greenwich time, and you will get plenty of relevant links including this one: When the web shows 7 a.m. or 7 p.m. GMT, you may perform the Universal Meditation.


There is one “inconvenience”


In the countries where there is winter / summer time shift, the Universal Meditation in winter is performed one hour earlier than in summer. For those who participate in physical or online meditation groups this might be somewhat inconvenient, although I don’t see a major problem here. Furthermore, I believe it should be explained that Allat meditation is anyway performed at the appointed hour – 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. GMT, whereas the schedule of morning and evening meditation groups may be maintained as follows: if in winter a group jointly performs Allat meditation, in summer they can simply perform a joint Lotus Flower practice.

Let me also share my considerations on the meditation technique. At the hours of the Universal Meditation it is important to generate a positive mood and a sincere feeling of joy, good and Love. Sensei of Shambala – Book IV by Anastasia Novykh clearly says:

Even if you are an atheist, simply wish happiness and good to all people at that time, but in all sincerity, with all your heart.


Certainly, a feeling of sincere Love will be much better:

Those who know how to practice meditation, meditate at that time with a sincere feeling of joy, wishing everyone good and Love.


If Agapit’s Prayer or Jesus Prayer helps you feel Love and open yourself towards the Spiritual World, you may utter it during the Universal Meditation time. At that, don’t direct this feeling to any person or place, for this would be a substitution from your mind. Let the Spiritual World create through you, and don’t interfere with your control. 


When you bring good to the world, evil diminishes


“You mean if we synchronize people’s spiritual burst then we really can influence not only society’s union on the spiritual base, but also global events?” Nikolai Andreevich uttered with admiration.

“More than you can imagine. If all people on the Earth practice this at least twice a day for 12 minutes, emitting such a positive impulse into the world around, then the world would change very fast for the better. Even nature would become much more favourable towards the mankind… Nowadays a great number of people emit a lot of negative emotions every day – evil, hatred, craving for revenge. All this is not simply psychic emotion, but first and foremost a destructive energy. Yet, everything is in the hands of people, especially now, when the times of Crossroads are approaching.”


Questions on the Universal Meditation technique


Let me refer to questions that my friends and I used to have:

  • May I utter Agapit’s Prayer during the Universal Meditation? After all, this prayer is about salvation of my own soul only.
  • May I pray and direct attention to a specific place, e.g. pray for peace in my country?
  • May I simply perform the Lotus practice during the Allat meditation time?

Please, share your experiences of performing Allat meditation in the commentary section, or ask questions and we will seek for answers together.


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