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What is Love?

In Latin Amore means “to flow, to stream, to spring on another person”... In the Old Slavonic LUBOV (LOVE) means people know God; they explore themselves, their divine Essence. According to famous poet Sergei Yesenin, “love is not spoken about in words…”, but through these lines I would like to simply share the simplest, yet most important discovery in my life:

“God is Love”.

True Love is Freedom. It is as if “flight” in the flow of happiness. True Love is God, Life, Joy. True love is Love. It’s Feeling. It is inside, when “butterflies are in the stomach”. It’s when I am happy for no external reason. It’s when I am with God. True Love is Fire, not burning, but liberating. True Love is when I feel Joy, forget about myself and start Breathing Love. At such moments I Live. The meaning of my life is to learn to breathe Love every second and become the Love myself. I feel myself a part of enormous boundless Happiness. God is Love. It is beyond time and space. It simply exists. Life in Love is meaningful.

I feel. I Love you.


God is your air, inhale it and you will reach the Infinite Height... (Poem of the Sufi Way by Umar Ibn al-Farid)



Prepared by Katherine Samurai

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