The Lotus Flower. Spiritual diary. Practical experience

Oh, the glorious old good friend of humanity, the Holy Spirit! Thank You for the Light and Wisdom, for the Way and Comfort! May the dormant world wake up owing to the invisible breath of Your eternal Love for it!




I’ve got a request to write an analytical report on the practical experience of three-year daily performance of the Lotus Flower spiritual practice, and in this introductory statement I would like to note, first of all, that analysis of such things implies a great responsibility. Not claiming anything, herein I only describe my own experience, for I view it vitally important to talk about the spiritual today. To many it may seem a nice metaphor – “talking about the living in a dead language” (as it was mentioned in the programs with Igor Danilov), but for those who have already touched deep inner feelings it’s a reality of “translation difficulties” along with awareness of the incredible simplicity of the entire PLAN. At that, despite all the written below, the spiritual practice itself is actually very simple. The only problem is that one might approach this simplicity via roundabout ways for years and even decades.




Purpose of the spiritual diary
Description of the Lotus Flower spiritual practice (based on the primary source)
Personal practical experience
Widespread mistakes 
Advantages reflected in changes in life

the Lotus Flower



This analytical report touches upon the concept of ENLIGHTENMENT or SALVATION OF THE SOUL, which is very popular in religious circles. I deliberately accentuate this. Based on long-standing earlier investigation of this issue, which took place before I familiarized myself with the AllatRa book, I have come to conclusion and now may assert that the concepts of enlightenment, salvation of the soul, spiritual liberation, achievement of the state of Samadhi, Satori or Kenshō, leaving for the paradise, the seventh sky, the seventh dimension or Nirvana, as well as insight, integral or complete awareness of the genuine nature of reality (which concepts are known in different traditions and cultures) – all represent one and the same thing. Another thing is that, to all appearances, most of present-day gurus who call themselves “enlightened” are far from the essence of true enlightenment, and this becomes obvious when you start seriously improving yourself.

Let me note right away: I am neither enlightened nor going to become a guru, preacher or teacher. My way is one of billions of ways directed to God, and this is not a way of selected ones! Everything that I’ve been trying to do over the last several years is performing the Lotus Flower spiritual practice and vainly endeavouring to describe the indescribable. Yet, the fruit of my endeavours is neither illusory nor ephemeral – there are real changes, and they are significant. However, again, despite my unspeakable desire to explain, I won’t be able to make anyone feel. Neither my blog nor this report contain such buttons as “start”, “let’s go”, “let’s fly”, etc. Instead, there is only a simple call to everyday labour, purification and individual self-improvement work in order to start feeling.

Spiritual diary




I created the so-called spiritual diary ( because of an ordinary desire to examine how effective the Lotus Flower spiritual practice is, and to make sure it is the shortest and most direct way to God as relevant books say. Well, moreover, I certainly wanted to draw attention to issues of genuine spirituality instead of church magic and diverse “schizoteric” rubbish. After all, judge for yourselves, the internet is flooded with tens of millions of diaries, blogs, photo blogs and microblogs dedicated to human ego: people describe whatever possible, including details of their private life, hobbies, foolishness, stupidity, travelling, while there is no decent description of one’s way to the Lord or at least attempts to describe such way. Why don’t they write about it? In actual fact, it should be the main topic for everyone!

Furthermore, my goal is to share awareness of the fact that a human being needs no external temple in order to meet with God. The greatest delusion is that it’s necessary to pray to the Lord in a specially assigned place – a church, a temple or a mosque, and that for valuable communication with God one needs a competent mediator – an imam, a priest, a lama, and so on. I’m not going to dissuade anyone from their beliefs, may each person think in the way he or she wants. Yet, my long-standing search has convinced me once and for all that God is everywhere, and mainly inside me – within the Soul. It is also worth adding that my search has been based on studies of religion, mostly Christianity and Buddhism, as well as of various popular esoteric teachings, owing to which I have found convincing evidence that in the depth of my essence there is something very important, called the Soul. However, no religion or teaching has given me clear recommendations as to how to maintain contact with the Soul or, in other words, how to save it. The Lotus Flower spiritual practice has been the first one to show me a concrete direct way to that very core – the Soul, and this way is quite logical, simple, clear and, most importantly, very effective.




Fortunately, the description is already available on the Point of View website:

Lotus Flower




Perhaps, let me voice one of my mottos – “To verify instead of trusting”, and I kindly recommend you, dear friends, to follow the same principle. For me it is still a riddle how one can trust in, say, the Bible while it contains not a single practical advice on salvation of the Soul?! At that, books by Anastasia Novykh represent quite a transparent material with about ten meditation and spiritual practice techniques. To verify the authenticity of these techniques, I have had to practice and thoroughly test them on myself. Now I can say with confidence that the result is positive, and the techniques are operational! To believe and to verify are totally different things. The former one is unsteady, since faith in principle may not provide any solid foundation, whereas knowledge is based on the acquired experience, and so it is solid and monolithic.

As for the Lotus Flower spiritual practice, before reading my notes, please, familiarize yourselves with the technique itself and with records of it in the books, so as not to become tempted by the wonder of my spiritual diary ahead of time. The diary is neither the primary source nor the base, but a mere supplementary manual that may only be trusted subject to mandatory application to one’s own experience. Moreover, the diary contains description of widespread mistakes, of that what should not be done; well, in addition to some personal observations. Let me admit, for a long time I was performing the practice incorrectly and didn’t have anyone beside me who would point out my mistakes. Intending to save the followers’ time, initially I was writing mostly about mistakes. Now my major advice is that the practice should be performed as often as possible, and thereafter one should learn to transfer the state provoked by deep inner feelings to everyday life. This is totally realistic. One should just practice, practice and again practice, or rather stay, stay and again stay. Permanent stay “in the Lotus” is a guarantee of success.

How can a high-quality effect of this spiritual practice be described? Let me try to use the available human language and pick out relatively suitable synonyms: love, gratitude, grace, bliss, cordiality, quiet inner joy, true happiness, euphoria, purity, light, harmony, pleasure, spiritual exultation, satisfaction, gentleness, tenderness, subtlety, richness, saturation... I am rereading what I have just written and feel disappointed because all these words are not accurate. It is definitely difficult to communicate this in words. Maybe, this paragraph is unnecessary...

There is a notion that the human Animal Nature prevents people from performing this practice. Although the Lotus Flower is directly associated with the Soul which on my blog is called the Source, so far I’m not ready to talk about this in detail.




·         Let’s refer to the source again;

  • Incomplete relaxation of the physical body;
  • Cultivation of internal love by force, attempts to “push” deep inner feelings (personal experience at initial stages);
  • Insufficient concentration of attention;
  • Focus on the physical component rather than the spirit;
  • Attachment to various physical sensations and manifestations in the body – warmth, heat, vibrations, visions, quickened breath, etc. (there are plenty of relevant details on the blog);
  • Visualisation which ideally should not take place because any visualisation is the first enemy of spirituality as I understand;
  • Thoughts as the most influential and widespread problem, and a separate extensive subject to be considered…
  • Believing that you feel instead of actually feeling;
  • As an addition to the previous item: to practice by means of consciousness instead of the spirit (very widespread!);
  • Well, now it’s your turn, dear readers! If I have missed anything, please, write in the commentary section below (the website administration will publish).

PS: In my opinion, a practitioner must learn to feel rather than to understand or imagine. These are totally different things! A theoretical base from the primary source regarding deep inner feelings is already available on this website in the article Deep inner feelings. First steps to learning sensory perception. I strongly recommend you to read the article very attentively. Furthermore, I suggest viewing a wonderful example – a gift from Rigden Djappo Himself in the episode Open up, and you will feel (minutes 2:44:24 – 2:45:51) of the epoch-making program The Meaning of Life: Immortality. Well, finally on this very website there are also decent comparative examples which make it easier to learn what deep inner feelings are.

lotus flowers, buds, photo




Speaking of major advantages, it should be noted to which extent the quality of my life has improved: it has become less impulsive, calmer, more comfortable, measured and filled with a regular state of happiness. From an outsider's viewpoint it may seem as if I have made something up for myself, but after all I know better about what kind of a guy I was 20 and 10 years ago, and what kind of a person I am today. Besides, recalling my violent and militant temper in the young years, I may assume that, if I haven’t started actively practicing, today I could have possibly been sitting somewhere in trenches of the senseless ATO zone on one of the fighting sides. Hence, the greatest advantage for me is that the Lotus Flower spiritual practice has safeguarded me against mistakes and, quite probably, has saved my life. Isn’t this already something?

I should further indicate another particularity: when a person is evolving spiritually, the world around uncovers itself before such person, exposing its secret, crafty, deceitful mechanisms. In a certain way, which is so far not quite clear to me, I am coming to distinguish between truth and falsehood, I start understanding where I should go and where I shouldn’t, what I should do and what I shouldn’t. Sceptics may argue that any truth or lies are relative concepts, and indeed, how can I evaluate the extent of my delusion? I agree I can’t, but at the intuitive level I have become more sensitive, and this is a big plus for me, though inexplicable so far. 

Yet, the main advantage is that a person becomes kinder. A desire to disturb the environment for nothing gradually disappears. You are as if turned inside yourself, into the depth, and you draw kindness from there. Is such approach reasonable in the modern aggressive community? I would say it is totally justified and beneficial! As a matter of fact, kindness brings plenty of advantages which most people don’t even think of. As for me, my life was much more difficult when I was an ordinary consumer, a fast liver, and a cash cow for the Animal Mind System. Now much has changed. I simply live, don’t disturb anyone, and peacefully bliss out amidst everyone’s bedlam and temples of hatred and sufferings. Well, if people around want to live like that, it’s their right.

lotus blooms




There are changes, honestly, and they are considerable. A person who is tightly stuck in material values is more interested in integration of spiritual transformation under the conditions of modern fussy intensity, since in the world burdened with problems many people believe that we are constantly getting poorer, life is getting more expensive, and so they need to earn more money. I can refer to myself only: maybe someone is indeed becoming poorer, while someone is getting richer, maybe somebody is having more and more problems every day, but for me there are further less and less problems, it’s a real fact. My current habitual emotional state may be characterised as easy, balanced, cheerful, positive, and relaxed. To demonstrate to which extent the general emotional framework has changed between NEGATIVE and POSITIVE, I have drawn a simple diagram where the changes approximately look as follows:

change schedule for positive

In the diagram, we can see a considerable decrease of negative emotional state periods. Moreover, it should certainly be mentioned that the remaining short negative periods include tougher and more intensive Animal Nature attacks, as well as higher pressure from the outside. In my opinion, this topic deserves a separate section, and somebody among analysts will hopefully begin to write relevant materials because it’s always good to know the enemy. Figuratively it may be represented as follows: having found a point of entry into my internal, relatively stable world, the Animal Nature tries to blow as much “cold air” into this crack as possible, although in such minutes I perfectly understand the point and do my best to come up to the positive surface. I should admit such minutes can be rather unpleasant. At that, it is significant that being in a negative state as such has become something alien. Even a breath of “savoury” sadness which I used to welcome earlier has now become frankly uncomfortable. Why would I be sad in fact?

What are my conclusions? Owing to daily performance of the Lotus Flower spiritual practice, I now pay less attention to various questionable emotions and negative things, having decreased the time of residing in negative states. I am fond of such life by and large. When I hear today that something somewhere is bad, I no longer get deceived and understand it’s not “something somewhere” that is bad, but it’s bad in somebody’s head.

Now, let me list positive changes in the material plane, which have entered my life in the most natural way:

·         My wants and needs have significantly decreased.

  • As a result, I now have less obligations and problems to solve.
  • I spend less time working, although money is still successfully earned.
  • There is still money in my life, but my attitude to it has changed.
  • I have stopped viewing / reading and trusting mass media news, and have come to understand that everything is false and thus completely pointless.
  • I have abandoned my interest in politics where I don’t see any sense.
  • My attitude to music has changed – now I prefer light and classical one.
  • My cinematographic interests have also changed: I’ve ceased to watch bloody thrillers, and I am now very picky as to western movies.
  • I have stopped drinking alcohol entirely.
  • I have ceased to use swear and abusive words.
  • I have forgotten what sadness or sorrow is.
  • I have got rid of the concept of depression in my life.
  • I have ceased to be angry or anxious in vain. Stresses have become a thing of the past.
  • I have stopped straining myself in any way at all.
  • I have got rid of plenty of home stuff.
  • I have stopped thinking about food.
  • Even when everybody around is unhappy, I don’t see any obstacles for me to preserve the state of happiness...
  • I could continue the list, but those would be superfluous details...

A question arises: may all this be a mere illusion? Of course, it’s an illusion! Just like all the changes in my life and everything that surrounds me. Such awareness comes further more often, and it’s a very special state of the Spirit – rich, light, joyful, and quiet. The state of happiness!




There are very many people who have advanced much farther than me on the spiritual path, and so I am not the one to sum up. I have only attempted, superficially, gingerly and carefully, to impart importance to the true way to Eternity. The Lotus Flower is indeed a very effective practice that exerts an all-round positive influence on a human personality and, consequently, on one’s current and subsequent life. Moreover, I am sure, even on the after-death fate! I’m not good at writing summaries, and I see no use in persuading those who doubt by means of beautiful words – if you don’t believe just go ahead and verify yourselves.

As for me, I am convinced that sooner or later the Lotus Flower will bring me to spiritual liberation (enlightenment), and no other outcome is acceptable. So, let’s go together, dear friends, for all of us are heading in the same direction!

meditation practicing


Prepared by Semen Otradny (Ukraine), the Lotus Flower spiritual diary –

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