A circle with a star and a crescent inside appeared in the field near Stonehenge

Every day new interesting events take place as hints or indicators. They are open to everybody’s eyes, but what a person sees depends solely on such person and the contents of his or her inner world and aspiration to explore oneself and the world where he or she resides. A new extraordinary pattern appeared on 8 July 2016 in a wheat field in immediate proximity to the ancient megalithic site of Stonehenge in Wiltshire County, England. We won’t make any assumptions on how such crop circles emerge, since there are already plenty of relevant hypotheses available to anyone who wishes to know more about the subject. Let us only draw your attention to the pattern itself, taking into account there is an opinion every crop circle is a sort of a message, prediction or warning.

This time a 7-pointed star with a 7-petal flower inside and a crescent, all surrounded with a circle composed of 155 rectangles in two rows, appeared in the field. It’s a very beautiful pattern that attracts one’s eye and makes one endlessly admire it.

The Star sign, which is not as simple as it seems and is filled with deep meaning, is described in detail in the very interesting article series Star. The Golden Ratio recently published on our website. At that, herein it would be appropriate to mention the symbolism of the enigmatic pattern in the English field. For this let’s refer to the AllatRa book that contains the most complete and trustworthy description of the essence and primordial meaning of signs and symbols.

Rigden: Since ancient times, the star has served as a symbol of victory of the spiritual nature over the material nature. In mythology, it was used to designate the union of Heaven and Earth. This sign was popular among peoples of ancient Europe, Asia (especially the Sumerians and the Persians), America (the aboriginals – the American Indians) and others. At that, judging by magic rituals of different peoples, it was one of the most commonly used symbols. (page 452 – allatra.us)


… There existed diverse symbols based on the interpretation of the AllatRa sign... Examples of such symbols based on the AllatRa sign are a crescent with horns pointing upward over which stands either a circle with a cross inside it or a star, or a symbolic representation of a face, and so on.

People who had no idea about the true meaning of these symbols would associate them with the Sun or the Moon and regard them simply as an attribute of one or another deity. Whereas for people who possess the Knowledge these symbols were like a hint, a clear message from the past from those who had painted such symbols.


… There is another interesting point relating to the aforesaid symbols. As a rule, the AllatRa symbol was a characteristic of female goddesses. Among the most well-known ones is, for example, the sign of goddess Al-lāt (“the Mother of Gods”) revered by the ancient Arabs in the pre-Islamic times. Back in those days, a crescent with horns pointing upward, indicating connection with the spiritual world, and a circle (which people interpreted as a symbol of the moon) were placed above her symbolic image. Sometimes the crescent itself would be painted with sun rays as a symbol of movement in the spiritual direction.

Anastasia: ... So, regarding the symbols. A crescent, as you have mentioned, was often depicted with a star instead of a circle. But the star could be five-pointed, seven-pointed or eight-pointed, and it could be drawn as either a geometric figure with pointed ledges or simply as rays radiating from the centre.

Rigden: In essence, a star over a crescent means strengthening of what is already strong: it’s Allat in Allat. However, such designation is also used as an additional indication of one of the powers of Allat. From ancient times, many-pointed stars have also had their own peculiarities as to interpretation of their symbolism. The seven-pointed star is a symbol of the seventh dimension. (pages 449-451)


And here is some information about the circle:

A circle is an ancient symbol of the Soul or of manifestation from the spiritual world (including a Spiritual Being; a symbol of God’s presence, a designation of the sacred “sound Ra”); this is a circumference that symbolically limited and contained a part of the great Void. Given that the Soul is true antimatter, i.e. a force coming from the spiritual world, in understanding of material thinking it’s Nothing. Sometimes it was depicted as a point in the centre of a circle as a symbol of concentrated energy from the spiritual world (in some cases this was a designation for the initial stage of spiritual development, awakening). At that, the circle itself symbolised spiritual powers, the property of the Soul in the meaning of perfection, wholeness, constancy, eternity, a designation of the spiritual world, the Existence which has neither beginning nor end.

Sometimes, together with a circle elements were depicted that added dynamics to it, for instance, wings, lotus petals, rays, winding snakes, or tongues of flame. Such images may be found in the sacred symbols of Tripolye, Hindu, ancient Egyptian, ancient Mexican, Sumerian, and ancient Russian cultures. This meant human spiritual growth or indicated the spiritual Knowledge (Teaching) brought into this world by a Being from the spiritual world. This also showed the direction of movement from the inside to the outside, which is a characteristic of the power of the Soul that pushes the Personality towards a choice and search of spiritual ways for liberation from the captivity of matter. Often in cosmological myths the ancients enclosed the general scheme of the world into a circle. In such case this pointed to the creation of the material world by the spiritual world.

Anastasia: Yes, the knowledge about the sacred meaning of the circle is recorded in symbols and signs of not only rock drawings and paintings on house walls, but also of archaeological items: sacred sculptures, ritual clothing, ceramics, etc. They have also been preserved in the architecture of ancient temple buildings and simple dwellings (e.g. marquees, jurts). Traditional ritual acts in certain beliefs also reflect such knowledge. For instance, ritual walking in a circle around a certain territory or building, performance of circular dances (ritual circle dances around an invisible centre, fire or sacred place; spinning of shamans and dervishes), solemn circle-wise sitting of sages for communication, where the centre of the circle was empty (not filled with anything) as a symbol of the Spiritual Nature. (pages 336-340)


Certainly, one gets filled with curiosity: how did such an interesting image appear in the green wheat field? Is it a creation of human hands or rather not? Why was exactly this pattern depicted? Were these particular symbols used deliberately or by intuition? Plenty of questions arise, but with the available key – the Primordial Knowledge – one starts finding answers to them.

We kindly invite you, dear readers, to think over this and write your comments on what the mysterious crop circle shown above could mean.


Prepared by Julia Matveyeva (Russia)

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A circle with a star and a crescent inside appeared in the field near Stonehenge A circle with a star and a crescent inside appeared in the field near Stonehenge - Topic rating: 5.00 out of 5.00 votes: 167
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