Conversations with Imam. Conversation No. 2: "The doomsday approach. The importance of human unity"

    We continue to publish a series of extremely interesting and informative "Conversations with Imam" ("the one who goes ahead"). The first article of the series, which is called "The spirituality about which we, for some reason, do not know" you can read here.


Roman: Not for speculations, but in order to clarify the issue of interest to many people, we would like to raise today the topic of The Last Times, The Day of Judgement or boosted today so-called The Apocalypse. For the last half of the year a lot of information appeared on the website, including the information about it. A huge number of sources warn us that civilization or all of us, who are living now on the planet, are in a very precarious position. That we stay near the line. What is your opinion? Is it just another speculation or indeed some cyclic process, and people as hostages of circumstances, against their will come near to this "last" or "crucial" turn?

Imam: It is, overall, an interesting question. There are a lot of information about it. Even for the last century, how many times the end of the World came...

Roman: Yes, there are many speculations.

Imam: People are so used to this and stop paying attention to what is really happening.

Roman: Could it be so that the system has prepared?

Imam: Yes, of course, the system prepares for everything. Just look how the system has prepared for the appearance of the book.

Roman: The book by Anastasia "The Ringing Cedars of Russia»...?

Imam: It is the first, on the one hand. The second - everyone is familiar with the information about various trends, sects with similar names, - the White Brotherhood, White Lotus, whatever we had. And the people began to fear everything concerning the spirituality, and especially they are most afraid of the fact that this material existence will come to the end, just turn into nothing. The human has no knowledge of what will or may happen to him after the death of the physical body. On what, in fact, the human fear is based? It is based on uncertainty.  And people not only afraid to talk, but even do not want to listen about it. They do not even pay attention to what is happening next to them. Fear. Consciousness.

Roman: But what is your opinion- we really have come to the line?

Imam: By and large, I think, that we have some time.

Roman: And how many years - 5, 10, 15?

Imam: Who will tell you about it (smiling)? However, if you read the information ... for example, Angkor Wat and the Pyramids of Giza, it is clearly set forth there and this article enlightens very well in this sense.

Roman: Thanks to this article, we have learned for the first time, by the way, why this may happen.

Imam: So this always happened in history. Cyclical process. We just get into this period, the period of the crossroads, the change of absolutely everything.

Roman:  Does “Kali –Yuga” end?

Imam: Yes, it is already over, almost. A quantum leap has practically occurred already. The scientists talk about this, there are researches, and it is no longer a secret. It means that humanity goes to another level of perception.

Roman: More subtle level.

Imam: Yes. It is again a change of the poles, a change of magnetic field and change of everything. Now look, the people who could, were able to change themselves, to adapt to the new conditions, they, of course, have another perception. Moreover, if a person strives for his spiritual development, then he, by and large, just transfers to this new level of perception. A new level of life, which is completely different.

Roman: Will something that is coarser start to disappear?

Imam: Of course. This process of development is similar to the way a butterfly gets out from a cocoon. There comes a transformation of the human being into a spiritual being, not material. There is an interesting film, "Transformation", when a caterpillar turns into a chrysalis and then a butterfly grows from a cocoon. All this takes place within the body. In the same way, a human develops in the inner. A new evolutionary supreme being develops. In fact, everything is changing now. Well, there is nothing to talk. Look around. When it was so that we wore jackets in February?

Roman: I remember my childhood - it was always cold in winter in Ukraine, frost, from 10 to 20 below zero.

Imam: Not only that, look, glaciers melt, and, very, very actively. Gulf Stream has changed and it is not a secret. Now in Britain it is very, very sorrowful. And it is unknown how it will end. And the level of the world's ocean rises fast. Have you read the latest reports, have not you? There is 90 cm snow in America. There was never something like this before. What kind of frosts are in Europe and all the rest. Snow fell in Turkey!

Roman: But this is just the beginning, what is on the surface. According to the article, there is a suspicion that there will be much more serious. I remember hikes in the Crimean Mountains. Somewhere you climb high and find seashells, sea pebbles - up there! How did it happen to be there?

Oleg: In the Carpathian Mountains, there are Dovbush rocks. You arrive, look over the valley and realize that sea was there before. Because the landscape of Dovbysh stones copies the sea.

Roman: Is it on the Montenegrin ridge?

Oleg: Yes, the same is also there. The shells are there. At one time, the sea was also there. And it is clearly seen how these stones were hewed by water. It can be seen with the naked eye.

Roman: How the geography can change?

Imam: Well, it can change dramatically. It is already changing now. And when it happens on a global scale ... well, we will see.

Roman: In the report, "On Global Climate Change on Earth" by IPM "ALLATRA" there is the information about the super volcano Ira (Japan) and Yellowstone (North America). And such an interesting moment, recently a documentary program about Vanga appeared on Russian television and we wrote an article. Some journalist for the first time has announced her prediction that she had requested not to open for 20 years. By the way, yes, she died in 1996, so 20 years have just passed. So, the journalist said that Vanga in her visions did not see neither America nor Japan. "I do not see them", - she said. Can it be connected somehow? Let us talk a little bit about this. Well,  why not?  People, for example, do not believe at all...

Imam: But there is information, you can visit the website and have a look what is going on. In America, it is shown on TV, this park is closed (Yellowstone Nature Reserve). A crack one kilometer wide goes across American continent. It was shown. Now they are monitoring the situation very seriously.

Roman: But the information for the public, by the way, is closed.

Maxim: On the news sites, it is not. People, who live in America, confirm it. They have information about the closing of the Yellowstone and about the crack.

Imam: But it is possible to find on the Internet, but on the roads, there are just posters saying that it is not advisable to go there.  This is first. Secondly, there are people who live there and track everything what is happening - not by the news sites but between themselves... They also communicate very tightly there. They confirm that, yes, the situation is critical. And they ask what to do? How much time they have left?

Roman: And no one knows...

Imam: And the question is why there is no information in open access? Why people do not prepare for the forthcoming climate changes?

Maxim: The information is not provided.

Imam: The information exists. Yes, it is just not provided.

Maxim: Denver Airport, which was built with a specific purpose...

Oleg: You can trace how it was prepared, how many movies were released. Now, if you communicate with people and refer to the researches, a truly worthwhile information, people just brush aside saying: "Oh, this cannot happen." Because it is movie, supposedly fiction, rubbish...

Imam: The system always acts this way. If there is some valuable information, then it is either ignored or purposely distracted by talking. As soon as people started to talk about UFOs, how many various films appeared of different fantastic kind. That is it; people stopped talking about it actively. Moreover, what - the movie is a movie. The same situation is with the cataclysms. How many we have these disaster movies now and scripts showing what will be after. What kind of stereotype is laid? If there are cataclysms then people are supposed to act in accordance with the proposed scenario.

Oleg: A human is enemy to another human.

Imam: Yes, that is, this is already laid into the consciousness of the human - how to act. Survival at the expense of another person. Although, I am sorry, all survivalist say that can survive only in the collective, only united!

Roman: Yes, it is interesting...

Imam: Because everyone has his own experience. One knows how to make shoes, the second one- clothes; the third can find something or cook food. The fourth one knows how to sow and grow, and so on. Everyone shares his experience, and they survive together in the group. Everyone teaches another his craft, tells and leads in this direction. This way they survive. To survive alone is very complicated. What is the use if a human is a wolf to a human? Well, today you took away from someone, tomorrow from another one, the day after from the third one. Then the day after the day after tomorrow there will be no one from whom to take away. So what? And there is no knowledge, here we are.

Maxim: Does it turn out that the system prepares the massive annihilation of people?

Imam: The system does not care how to get its own. Emotions are emotions. Any human suffering is emotion.  Moreover, the system gets more food in case of negative emotions.

Roman: Does it mean that the system of the animal mind is interested in the massive loss of life?

Imam: Naturally. And look, what is happening now? Have we had at least one year without war in the world?

Roman: I have recently read an official summary saying that at this time on the planet there are 40 hotspots of devastating armed conflicts.

Imam: So you can see. And look, the system is developing. Look, how many human bodies are now wandering about on the planet? There are 7 billion 126 million individuals!

Roman: Yes, actively...

Imam: That is just recently, I watch TV. It was announced that in Kaliningrad 7 billion's resident was born. It is including only those who were officially counted. But there are also countries in which calculation is not done at all. The same China or Brazil. They generally have districts where no one has registration. People live in general without being counted by the system.

Roman: It turns out that the system of the Animal mind is interested in the massive loss of life, but there is also a group of notorious archons, which represents people possessing the main financial flows around the world. Are they also interested in the reduction of the population?

Imam: Yes. They do have the information.

Roman: About cyclic recurrence and potential natural cataclysms?

Imam: Yes, but also about all energy reserves on a global scale. With this level of consumption, which we have now, humanity will gnaw the planet in maximum forty years.

Roman: So quickly?

Imam: And look, nature does not make up the losses. Fresh water started to go away. This already suggests an idea. Water has disappeared in water wells. The largest lake Baikal became shallow this year below the lowest limit. And no one knows why. Although a large number of rivers flow into the lake.

Roman: By the way, Vanga used to say that water will go away, and it is predetermined.

Imam: If we talk about the Archons, yes, they have the information; however, their knowledge is limited. The system also does not let them go. Confrontation ... yes, they have chosen their way. But it is their choice. The matter is that they do not want to let the people go, do not want to lose power. It is important for them to capture at least those areas that remain - the most earthquake-resistant. The areas that have resources.

Roman: Does it suggest an idea about Russia?

Imam: Russia, Ukraine. The richest soils where it is still possible to grow something. Again, everything depends on the people themselves. We are the ones who choose how to live. Is it so?

Roman: Yes.

Imam: Even one person can do a lot. But if it is a union of people, for example, for the purpose of survival, then it is possible to be prepared, while we have time. And how to prepare? That is by means of resources. Technological and intellectual ones.

Roman: Spiritual ones, perhaps?

Imam: First of all, the spiritual resources! Because nothing is possible without the spirituality.

Maxim: At the same time, a subject raises concerning the fact, that the whole planet Earth is changing now, that it enters another phase. Are people also changing? There is a lot of moot information concerning this issue on the Internet. Someone writes that we should not do anything and just remain in this "state of happiness," and you will change together with the planet. Someone think on the contrary that the person should work on oneself. Someone prepares stores. Can we talk about this? What to do: to build bunkers or not to worry?

Imam: Look, if the person is not changing now, remaining on the position of the Animal mind, then what is happening. Separation. What can be created under these conditions? Almost nothing worthwhile. Well, a human has burrowed under earth, created some stock. But what is the sense, if everything is changing? Well, you cannot hide. Completely different issues arise there. This is the first. Secondly, the script, which was written in the nineties, where a human is wolf to a human. Well, where will you hide? Well if you live by the law of the strong, yes, then the strongest one appear. But alone. There is no sense. Today, humanity has the resources; there is a technology in order to smooth out, at least, what is going to be. At least to unite. But to unite under what conditions? If this happens under the condition of domination one person above another then nothing good will turn out to be. There is no sense in creating some sort of police state where everything will be clearly regulated. Well, a rigid distribution, we have had it once in our history. We also know.

Roman: It will lead to another dictatorship...

Imam: In any dictatorship, a tension arises. Eventually this tension will lead to the conflicts. It makes no sense. The only way out - when people unite on a friendly basis, when they start to cooperate, share experiences and help each other. Only in this way, it is possible to save civilization. Again, it is meaningless without further understanding of "Where to go?", "What is the meaning of life?" Well, what is the sense of it? Well, even if people have hided somewhere, have saved their bodies somehow, but if there is no inner state then remember the film "Johnny Mnemonic"?

Roman: Yes, I have heard.

Imam: It shows the humanity of the future. When mental illness develops. People do not have the meaning of life, do not have a goal and they just start to go mad. A depression, nervous breakdowns and so on appear.

Roman: Is it activation of the Animal nature?

Imam: In any case, a person should have some supreme meaning of life; otherwise, there is no sense to move anywhere. Without an understanding of life's value, without some kind of communication by human mind what has happened? Here is a technocratic civilization; people are divided by everything possible.

Roman: We do not even know who our neighbors are.

Imam: Yes, in one section of the house, at one landing ground people already do not know each other. But it seems as they become to live materially “happily".

Roman: And for some reason material well-being has separated people.

Imam: Yes. Because the system continuously tells the human - you must have this... because your neighbor has more. Here comes envy, anger and so on. A TV set is in every house! One more eye of the Animal mind.

Roman: It is rather rigid eye, mercilessly obsessive.

Imam: It is the system again, is not it? Yes, but the entire system works through people. The human is able to choose whom to listen to either a voice of conscience or a voice of wallet, his animal nature.

Roman: We will try not to touch upon the issues of war and politics, but I will give an example. A lot of my friends, namely who have not found themselves in everyday life, who are not satisfied and not self-fulfilling and in whom, of course, for various reasons, the spiritual component is not manifested, were involved in the inter-ethnic enmity. Many of them believed TV set, took part in the military conflict and so on. And what is typical, in telephone conversations similar oppressive phrases crept: "I do not belong myself ..." All of them have changed a lot, have become hard, dark, their Animal nature came out in the foreground, and all the good and bright receded in the background. It is meaningless to talk with them about the primordial knowledge; they do not accept it. And in fact, as I understand it, those who did not start today "to move up" to higher vibrations or evolve spiritually, will slowly disappear? By military conflicts, diseases, something else. Is it a natural process and cleansing is inevitable and already started?

Imam: A person always has a choice. And who does he listen to? The same conflicts.  About what is he thinking? Nevertheless, he has the voice of conscience.

Roman: It is strange, because, in general, all people are good, but somehow, again, they live fully by consciousness.

Imam: Naturally. Hence, all internal conflicts grow. The human does not know who he is.

Roman: We will remind that in our previous conversation we raised questions of consciousness and deepest feelings. Consciousness is a tool of the Animal nature. The feeling is something, by means of which we cognize the spiritual world...

Maxim: Do you want to sum up that the cleansing of people has started?

Roman: Yes, there are seven billion people, but will they be able to "move to"…or will be able to create a so-called golden millennium? Today' s society which is living by "consciousness" with entrenched habit of consumer thinking, considering the money as the main priority ... I think that some global cleansing or "rebooting" is unavoidable.

Imam: In fact, the system is arranged very interesting. According to the researches of biologists, when a large population of animals perishes, even bigger population than was before grows in its place. Look how many conflicts and wars in the world have happened, but amount of people has increased. Considering how many thousands died on the battlefields, in the epidemics, in cataclysms, the amount of people is growing more and more for some reason.

Maxim: They have also stimulated birthrate.

Imam: That is what we are talking about. What happens, taking into account that people coming into this world, should evolve and leave it as spiritual beings, that is the meaning of evolution. We are here to evolve. This world is like a mother's womb to be born from it. Either a person is born, evolves and becomes a spiritual being and goes up the evolution ladder or he is thrown away as stillborn. And if you take into account what is happening now (according to the latest information, spiritual beings (angels) were practically not born lately), and the souls return to reincarnation, so here is the answer. New souls come in any case, they need to develop, but those which were- they do not go anywhere, do not reinforce the spiritual world. They rotate again in the wheel of Samsara.

Roman: And what does it follow?

Imam: It follows that only spirituality is able to relieve this situation. The Knowledge of the spiritual world, the soul and human nature, the knowledge how to "come out." Not just to come out but evolve. That is the process of evolution, natural and simple!

Roman: And if people do not accept the knowledge?

Imam: Well ... everything is as always. Is not it for the first time? We are not the first civilization on this planet. Some peoples "came out”…and some were wiped out from the Earth.

Roman: And apparently, they were wiped out thoroughly.

Imam: This is kept in the knowledge. 144 thousand individuals are able to revive the new civilization. It is a question whether this knowledge and technology will be left.  Therefore, our archaeologists tell us that our ancestors ran with spears.

Roman: "Spears" of such metal alloys which modern technology cannot create?

Imam: Yes, they cannot answer many questions. Nevertheless. Even the most simple, just take as an example any human being of modern society. In case of cataclysms, there is no Internet; there is no electricity, and then what to do?

Roman: Complete disorientation.

Imam: Many people do not even have a basic knowledge how to grow foodstuff.

Roman: The supermarket is closed, how awful!

Imam: Yes, but the bread does not grow on the trees, and it is not grown in a plastic bag in the shop.

Roman: Just imagine for a moment, that all the supermarkets are closed in the city...

Imam: Everything is as usual. People darted to the villages. First of all to change, then to take away and then something else. This is the same process. But how? It should also interact. Look at the street now, why there are so many homeless people walking there? Why do not they go to the villages? There are houses where to live. It is possible to earn, to sow or something else. No, their pride does not allow them to do so.

Maxim: Probably, it is more laziness.

Imam: And laziness. As long as people play the game of "good uncles" and feed those who live as parasites on the body of humanity, the problem will still exist. It is like the fight against alcoholism. It is not good when you feed a person. Give him the opportunity to earn! Let him at least do something. And what will be then? Just the same. In principle, a person should earn by own labor. To feed the body. And basically why is he doing it? Does he preserve the body? Yes, he does. If a person does not further evolve, as a spirit...then it is the same with the body, it goes to reincarnation. The matter is that for the Personality this life is the only one.

Roman: Does it become" glazed"?

Imam: Yes. A Personality, by and large, gets to Hell. Subpersonality. Every time when a person does not evolve ... it is now we are informed and have pure knowledge. But if we do not, then what? With every return is again the reincarnation, and the soul has less and less opportunities. And the Personality who comes together with the soul, also has less possibilities to get out of here. People should know it and remember. And if there is no access to the spiritual world, then what happens? Overpopulation.  I am sorry, but the planet does not have enough resources.

Roman: It turns out to be a closed circle, there is no sense in this civilization, is there?

Imam: That is right. Although, again, if people accepted, lived humanly and distributed resources.

Roman: There is everything for this!

Imam: Yes, there is everything. There are technologies. We already have hydroponics; they grow everything. However ... there is no goal in life. What is to live for? The human lives, gets old and dies. And what is the meaning of his life? Let us consider ordinary everyday examples. A friend of my wife, a man who lived, lived and said, “It would be good to live to retirement." He lived to retirement and then, after six months, he passed away. He died. He drove himself to anorexia. He lived to his pension and that is all, there is no meaning in further life. It turns out that he did not plan at all; he did not think how to live. A sane man who lay down on the bed and just stopped eating.

Maxim: Did he do it consciously?

Imam: Yes. He was just sad and he sink into depression. A godfather of his child became ill too, they worked together. Due to this, he started to think about diseases; about the fact that lifetime came to the end. Therefore, life ended for him.

Roman: It is sad when there is no knowledge...

Imam: That is exactly what we are talking.

Maxim: It turns out, that the system prepared in advance and provided information about the destructive sects, the White Brotherhood, and such like, so that in the future people would turn their back on the spirituality?

Imam: The system does not do anything to a human. It only offers a way of solution. A human decides himself.

Roman: Does a human make a choice whether to accept or not something that is proposed by the system?

Imam: Of course, and his choice is based on what was laid to him from childhood. What kind of priorities were written as a program in his mind. There is a well-known principle - to live as everybody. And it is bad, when it is laid from childhood.

Roman: Everyone clings to the illusion.

Maxim: How to break out?

Imam: It is dance on a volcano.  But cataclysms start to manifest themselves in all its glory, and people do not see it...

Maxim: They do not want to see.

Imam: Nightclubs, to fulfil all the wishes quickly, while it has not started. But it has already started, but it is not seen.

Roman: So, in fact, it has started...

Oleg: Can we expect that in case of a clap of thunder, the farmer will still cross himself? Why am I saying this? Because the Knowledge is in the world, and people who have seen it, but have not believed in and have not accepted ... once will return to it, will appeal to it.

Roman: Just not to expect, but at least tell us if there is any hope?

Imam: You know, in case of fear it happens differently. If a person is in fear, he is again a slave of consciousness. And his consciousness will not let him go in this case.

Julia: It turns out, if people are short of basic knowledge of the spirituality, they are like a herd, is it so?

Imam: But the herd again will be separated, as always in nature. And the herd has a wolf.

Julia: People are used to having a leader in every situation. The Americans, for example, get used to thinking that there is a power over them.

Imam: Or there are Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and others? Is there always someone who finds the way out, someone who rescues? But it seems as if there is no one to save own Soul. Someone has to come, take by the hand and bring somewhere.

Roman: Just another deception...

Oleg: Maybe it is a rough comparison, but we live in a civilization of people-slaves?  Slaves of consciousness, who themselves do not know about it and do not want to know, do they?

Imam: Why is it the comparison? Slavery was not cancelled by anyone, it was just improved.

Oleg: The best servant is one who thinks that he is free, is it so? He knows and understands everything.

Imam: There was such a legend. I cannot remember word by word right now, but it happened as long ago as Egypt times. Slaves carry stones, overseers urge them. It is hot. Everyone shirks one's work as he can. And one of the priests, he was called Cratiy, looked and saw the gleam in the eyes of a few slaves. He decided to use low cunning to explore it all. One night, he dressed in rags and wormed between slaves. He started to talk, finding out what is happening and how. One of the young slaves says that there are many of them and only a few guards. It is possible to kill them all and to become free. The priest asked, “What will be after?" The slave replied," And after it will be as it will be". The priest thought and in the morning, he gathered an army and ordered the guards to unchain all the slaves and let them go. Everybody was surprised, how it is? He replied that they are free. If they want to stay and work, they will be paid. For every brought stone, we will pay a coin. This coin can be exchanged in a nearby town for food, services and so on. Some slaves agreed, some left and some stayed. As a result, they began to carry faster. Firstly, someone took two stones. Overseers looked at this and started to join too. Some of the officials also joined, someone went into business - started to bring water to these workers. That is it. And they were told that they were free. But at the same time, they started to work twice as fast. And someone else joined, someone began to prepare food, in general, the system almost started working. Then the priests gathered together and called Cratiy saying: "Well, you're a demon, Cratiy! How did you rush it through? How can we pay you back?” He says, "Call this system democracy." Demon and Cratiy form democracy? (They laugh). What happened? It seems as they removed collars from them, but these collars became simply invisible.

Oleg: Now it is the same, there is no difference.

Imam: And what do we have?  The system is the system.

Novel: On the tragic stage of the end of Kali Yuga is said in Veda. In Islam and Christianity, it is told about Judgment days, the Last times...

Imam: People were warned, it was said, all the prophets told about Judgement days. But it has already undergone changes through the interpretations of religions.

Roman: Is it predetermined?

Imam: Of course. But it is a question by what it is predetermined?

Roman: By planetary cyclic processes?

Imam: It is predetermined by human choice. The more the human is on consciousness and pays his attention to desires and thoughts then what happens? - The system becomes stronger. Due to what it is? Due to the spiritual forces. Therefore, a human should direct his attention on his spiritual work, on this evolution from material to spiritual, but he simply gives it all to matter. Matter or the system develops due to this. It is matter that starts to direct a person. Immediately thoughts occur, the system plants them. Personality starts to pay attention to the thoughts and desires, and, in such a way, Allat is spent...

Roman: Can you talk about predefined cyclicity of civilizations on the planet caused by human choice, that is, dawn - decline ... What do you think, are we living at the moment in our declining years?

Imam: It depends on how to look, maybe at dawn. Now it is the time of transition, Crossroads. What is the dawn and decline of civilization? When there is a concept of spirituality, the concept of how the world is organized in general and Who created it. The concept of who is the human and where he should move. The pure Knowledge is in the world - it is dawn. If we trace the evolution of how people apply the knowledge of the spiritual world, then it is the dawn of civilization, the dawn of culture, morality and those things that rise a human above himself...

Roman: Do we really see it?

Imam: We are right now on this precarious position, as it is said, either a precipice or to the flourishing.

Roman: If people accept knowledge, will it be possible to smooth the transition and avoid natural cataclysms, predetermined by cyclicity in 13 thousand years?

Imam: Natural cataclysms will be in any case. The question is how will we survive it? On what conditions?

Roman: Does it mean that sacrifices are inevitable? I am asking it so emphatically because if tomorrow, for example, some island will go under the water and the mass media will announce another mourning, will show "details" throughout the planet, and people will be absorbed in condolences, - the system of The Animal mind will start to gather its "harvest». But the human who has the Knowledge, has the understanding of the processes, will consider it from a completely different position, keeping his emotions under control...

Imam: Of course. There are no questions. From the point of view of PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS, look what happens if something disappears in matter, it tells about the fact that septon field "slackens" somewhere. Again, how do people accept it? Matter is matter; it comes into being and dies, if it is not supported.

Roman: But we still, unfortunately, in the majority live by matter...

Imam: When a person lives by the spiritual, he pays attention to matter to some degree. By and large, when a person knows where he moves, when he is in constant contact with the Spiritual world, then what happens in matter, does not bother him much.

Roman: I assume that the interview will be read by many people, who does not have a single idea about the real spirituality that is why the next question is. If cataclysms are inevitable, and people can be seriously shocked, then what possible advices or recommendations can be given to a person in case if he suddenly realized in the morning ... that money, for example, no longer exists?

Imam: There is a lot of information; it is available on all continents. The knowledge from the books by Anastasia Novykh are being translated into different languages, they are available. People strive for the knowledge, start to examine themselves, this process has started.

Roman: And if a person has not read the books? He has heard with half an ear somewhere, heard, but did not pay attention... Then - bang! The world economy collapsed, shops started to close. I am, for example, also concerned, let us at least talk about it, because there is too much information, but what kind of? How to behave? To study websites of survivalists, where everyone is for himself? Frankly speaking, I have not seen relevant information. What are the general recommendations for the person, what to do first? Should people gather in groups, pray, dig a dugout or sharpen knives?

Imam: In principle, human should calmly assess the situation and find resource. If he starts to panic, then he does not see what is around, and it means, that he does not see the way out of the system, everything is lost for him.

Roman: Maybe he should go to a neighbor and finally become acquainted with him? Tell him,” Listen, my friend, let us do it somehow together?”

Imam: To begin with, he needs to calm down himself; his neighbor is in exactly the same condition. First he calms down himself, starts to look around what will come in handy. Somewhere there is a piece of wire, some bit of wood, there the rucksack is left in which it is possible to put something, somewhere there is a flask and something else. When a person starts to think about it, he starts to switch over. That is, first, he experienced a shock, yes, and then he came out of this shock. When he started to think about the resources that are around, and then started to think how to help another person, here he has switched already. See, it has happened already, I have remembered. My friends in Australia told me that when there was a flood there, a call was issued on the Internet immediately and so many volunteers gathered, that was not even necessary. They began to refuse, people were enough, thanks, and there are resources. The human factor was revealed. When a person calms down, when he has a desire to help others, so, in principle, all the issues and resolved. When he does not think of himself first, but starts to think how to help another - this way people start to unite and help each other, that is, save. It is much easier to survive any trouble together. Then all share it. As it is said: "The victory is one for everybody and defeat is personal for everyone."

Roman: Does it mean that union of people is just a vital necessity?

Imam: That is right and otherwise people do not survive. Lone people do not survive. The percentage of survival of lone person is quite low. Moreover, he does not have knowledge. Even how to save the body, but there is something more than just a body. What is the use that he saved his body, the system right then caught him by emotions?  And what does a human do? He forgets about his spiritual component and starts to give it to material. He is on emotions, in accuses somebody, that someone is to blame, and so on and so forth. And what is the difference for the system? The system immediately throws thoughts and emotions which ever you want, will find someone to blame and start to take revenge on him. And what is the sense?

Roman: If we can cynically mention then a person is just a food for the system in this case, is not he?

Imam: Yes. We live in this system; we can say that we live in hell. Because a person does not see true himself, does not see where to move. Knowledge saves human. Knowledge of everything. First of all, of course, the knowledge of the inner nature of a human, of the spiritual. In addition, the knowledge of how to survive and help the other person to survive helps him. For what life is given? In order to understand that there is another life, bigger one.  Earthly life is given to try and to step further, to the next.

Roman: This topic we will raise later.

Maxim: Can we say that this knowledge, which is now given in the book "AllatRa" people are ready to accept, it is already a necessity, a thirst?

Imam: It is not necessary even to talk about it. People accept it already on a mass scale, for thousands, tens of thousands. Books were sold out in an edition of millions copies. And how many downloads in electronic form are on the Internet! People find this knowledge and say, "I have been looking for it during all my life, I was drawn to it, and only just met." These are the people of different age, young, middle and elderly. It is a necessity; it is an internal human need - to know, to have a goal. The goal of life. Without a goal in life, a person cannot exist in full value. He does not have the fullness of life, when he does not know where to move. Just to waste the life in nowhere, but in fact, for every fulfilled wish comes next, because it does not satisfy a human. Whatever he achieved, matter would not satisfy him, and he again would try to achieve something else. Again, it is not enough, because there is no inner quality of life. He seeks again and does not find again. Only in the spiritual, a human can find himself. It is the only thing that saves him.

Oleg: To unite just in order to survive- it is understandable. Even if we think logically, then a group of people will survive more likely in comparison with a lone person, but if you look on the other hand. Are there any reasons for uniting if the life is not in danger, we do not consider cataclysms today. If we consider a normal life, for which purpose should people unite, why?

Imam: Yes, just simply in order to study the system in which we are. Considering the knowledge that we have now, we live in the system of the Animal mind. The system knows about a human much more than a human about it, that is why the system is so strong, as it remains in secret, a person does not suspect anything about it. However, if a person starts to study the rules of this global game, he starts to realize where he is and who he really is (!), and, what is more important, how to get out of "here".

Roman: And when not a single person, but many people start to study it...

Imam: That is it. There is an exchange of experience. For person himself it is quite complicated to get to the root of the matter and work out his patterns and to understand why desires and shady thoughts arise. He can start this process, it is a private matter, but when there is a group of people, he can immediately exchange ideas and knowledge. Once there was an example, two people meet and everyone has an apple. They exchanged and everyone has one apple left. If two people meet, and each of them has an idea - then when they exchange, each of them will have two ideas. That is how people unite, everyone expresses his way of solving a problem because everyone has own experience.

Roman: If only these ideas were creative.

Imam: It is clear. If a person seriously works out his patterns, his thoughts, desires, and the most important is how he could solve all the tasks what were set for him.

Roman: It is clear that it is much easier to expose the system collectively, to reveal it.

Oleg: Now we are talking about the category of people who understand what the system is, but unfortunately, there are not many of them now.

Imam: What is the sense in the union if the human does not follow the spiritual path? There is no sense. There is no point because in any case everything ends with one - ashes.

Oleg: Well, I mean a bit different. Social surveys were conducted, people were asked simplest questions, whether they want to live in peace, whether they want to live without boundaries and whether they want to feel like one family? All of them say that they want.

Roman: But if to sort out, it is more comfortable at least..

Oleg: Any person intuitively feels and understands that he is united with everyone, and having realized it, he will come to the Knowledge. For a start, an ordinary human has to understand, why should he unite?

Imam: First, in essence, we are all - a single whole, only the consciousness separates us, creating illusory barriers that prevent from treating each other as human beings. Making a choice to join, we remove those barriers that divide us, and in this case, all misunderstandings, disagreements and enmity disappear. Together we can do a lot. We can convey gained experience and knowledge, create a better present and future for the whole humanity. Such examples already exist - International Public Movement "AllatRa" in a short period has united more than one million people from various regions of the world, regardless of their nationality, place of residence, religion and race. The basis for such union was the knowledge about the spiritual world conveyed in the books by Anastasia Novykh. And also human values, such as Honor, Conscience, Mutual Assistance, Friendship, Dignity and others.

Roman: I am sorry to interrupt, the question is from the mind- if instead of thousands of states in this world, there was only one called Earth, but without the Knowledge ...

Imam: It is impossible. System should divide in order to manage. And without Spirituality there is no sense at all. If there is no evolution, then I am sorry, but Creator does not care who will be here, what kind of animals will run around if there is no use of them. Well, if sowing does not give harvest, what is done with it? The land is ploughed and sown all over again.

Roman: "But wrong bees bring wrong honey", as it is sung in the song by Grebenshchikov. What to do?

Imam: To plough all over again. The field was sown but there is no harvest. Such thing happens- the field was sown and then everything was killed by frost, there was a frost and the crop was lost.

Roman: And what is in our case? Do you mean rebooting?

Imam: Absolutely the same, rebooting. The system does not care how much is left, for it, 144 thousand is enough to breed and propagate. And if there is no Knowledge, it will be exactly the same.

Maxim: The trend of "tribal communities" became quite popular, it is when people unite and seem to get away from the system, they organize  communities, consoling themselves with the thought that there they will rapidly develop spiritually.

Roman: In the open air, with bees, with honey and with sharpened hatchet...

Imam: Who has been in such communities?

Roman: I have been ... (They begin laughing)

Imam: Again, someone settles, took his guitar, he has some kind of resource. Another one does not have this resource, but he also wants.

Roman: Many people cling to this land with claws, "It is mine!"

Imam: To what are they clinging? To dust. Mine is only something that you can take away with you from here. And no one has taken away even speck of dust with him out of this world

Novel: A friend of mine came, he participated in "Anastasievskoe" movement, told how was inspired at first, and then realized, that it was another delusion, how in the hope of becoming free, people get away from the cities, and become hostages to the land, new commitments, stereotypes and circumstances.

Imam: Although there is other example. Before there were ancestral homes in the Volgograd region, then the whole community gathered and my friend told them about the Knowledge. They brought the books; gradually the whole community read them and arranged different way of living.

Roman: Is it that place where there are no locks on the doors?

Imam: Yes, they do not have any locks. He told me, that he came with his mother in law-she looked, oh, everything was great, everything was well done, but then she noticed ,where are the locks ?! He told her, Mom, we went here through the steppe, have you seen at least one person? They do not live there in the winter, start only from spring, for all the winter there was only one footprint to the door, and someone came, but did not enter the house. He looked that no one there, no locks on the door, turned around and walked away, only footprints left and that is all...

Julia: Anecdote. One researcher gets in Paradise and tells God. That is all, God; we can do absolutely everything without your help. We can even create a human. God answers, ok, come on, try. Researcher takes the clay, and God tells him, no, you should first create a clay (everyone laughs).

Imam: Science without spirituality leads to the death of humanity. Look, people started to split atom, how did it end? Hiroshima...

Oleg: Atomic bomb. And it appeared earlier than the reactor.

Imam: Well, any knowledge is used first in the military sphere. This is the knowledge of matter. And it is not full. The system will never give the full knowledge. How it ends and from what it starts. And how it affects, because the whole world is a single whole in fact. We still can be divided here, because there is no knowledge, although now people start to prove that the whole world is a single whole in principle. One living organism. It seems to me that in CIA the experiment was carried out; they took DNA of one of a person under test and placed it 300 meters far, in another room. And they began to affect this person, he started to react emotionally and that cell, which was 300 meters far, also started to react. Then they placed DNA on another continent - the reaction was still the same. There is no distance. The information world is a single whole. Only a human does not know it. But here comes a responsibility. Wait, if everything is a single whole, and I start to react emotionally or manifest it, then it affects the whole system. Information immediately becomes clear to everyone. We create a world in which we live. Our desires, our emotions, some our indignations create that what happens.  In fact, we are the builders. At least, not we are, but through us. But again, our desires. Where do we redirect this energy of the Creator? To the system? The system builds. Then we start complaining why we live so! I am sorry, but let us think rightly.

Roman: Why new fences appear.

Imam: Yes. What are we thinking about? Everything that surrounds us, absolutely everything to the smallest detail is the result of somebody's thought, somebody's wish.

Roman: Once I walked around the city, so many things are built, everything shines, makes a noise, moves, there are millions of details ... and how it all began? It all started from a simple human thought.

Imam: Someone wanted the building, engineer got a task, he thought, a constructor built it, he also thought.

Roman: Someone made bricks, thinking in the process...

Maxim: And how much power of Allat  were put into it!

Imam: That is what we are talking about; where we put our attention that we get. And the world, in fact, is one. We are talking about unity, but it already exists.

Roman: Let us consider people who unite on a spiritual basis.

Oleg:  Well, let us gain an understanding what does the unity mean in the true sense? Once we realized that the unity does not make sense without the spirituality, so what should be the true unity?

Roman: I would like to clarify a bit. There is unity, and there is separation. To make it simpler, the unity is manifestation of the Spiritual whereas separation is from the Animal mind, many have heard its motto," Separate and Rule". Is it so?

Imam: It is. Look, an interesting fact appears when people do not think about themselves, they unite. Separation always starts from self. I, my, ego. I want. Here the division starts. My "I want" and "I want" of the neighbor - they do not concur. Here comes the division between them. But if I think how to make better, in order it would be better for my close friend. How is it possible? At least, you should sit with him and talk.

Roman: And how to urge on a human, so he started to think about the neighbor.

Imam: You should not even think about how to urge him on, because it is already a part of magic. "I want him to do as I want." To manipulate?

Roman: Well, to arouse some interest, to use a magic kick allowed by God.

Imam: Is not it enough what is happening in nature, cannot it be considered as a magic kick? We fill the information space. And the more often we ourselves will live as we say - guided by the Honor, Dignity, Conscience, Friendship, the more often we fill the information space with these concepts and live ourselves according to these principles, the easier it will be for people. People see how collectives are formed on this basis. It is interesting for them; they join such collectives, such groups, which do something not for themselves but together. They pool resources, combine ideas and start to create something. This is already union. That is how friendly terms are built, ant it is much more comfortable. When we use the consciousness as a tool. And not the contrary.

Roman: Does it use us?

Imam: It feeds. (Grinning) We start to use these tools as they should be used. In the three-dimensional world, we must use consciousness in order to cognize the world. And use our mind and our body which is given to us for hire, for some time. We should use them rightly. And always start with oneself.

Maxim: In other words, we can change the direction of development of the society due to the consciousness, filling the information field, is it so?

Imam: Either we separate, and the system immediately takes it up, advertising the one who runs its program, or we fill information space with the positive. It is our choice. Here we also use the consciousness, because any material object, whether an article or a positive motivator about primordial Knowledge, is created with the help of the same consciousness. Why should not we do it?  You have it done, another one has it seen, and he will have his right to choose either to accept it or not. But it is already his choice. He bears responsibility for it. Still, if we return to the recent past, practically at every corner was a slogan "The Mind, Honor and Conscience of our age!"

Roman: And "Proletarians of all countries unite!"

Imam: Yes. And the songs? "Every human should believe in friendship." You remember how Valentina Tolkunova sang - "Make a miracle!" 

Roman: I have been watching Soviet films repeatedly for two years. The golden age of cinema, the sixties, seventies, nineties ...It is a stunning impression, each film ends and always a smile on the face. Unfortunately, today we have absolutely different emotional filling in the cinema ... Last time I was in the cinema one year and a half ago, watched the Hollywood blockbuster, frankly speaking, the impression was like I was poisoned, I went out after it and during two hours was looking for the antidote, digesting what I had seen.

Oleg: Well, they always cause emotions.

Imam: It is also interesting concerning emotions. All the information space, that exists now, starting from mass media, television, radio, etc., it all the time arouses person's emotions. And these emotions are mostly negative. Do not we have enough positive samples?  Plenty of them. Everything that is being done now by International Public Movement "ALLATRA", this program "Good in action", various videos and articles, is good. "ALLATRA Radio" was recently launched; you are welcome to fill it. You saw a good example somewhere, you recorded it and sent it there and it went out into the world.

Roman: Is not it easy to start and do something, little by little?

Imam: In order people would have an alternative at least in order a human would see that there is also good in the world. That there is an example how to act. To act and interact with other people.

Julia: Why does it seem to a person that his neighbor is against him? That he is some kind of wolf. In fact, all want to live in peace and unity with each other.

Imam: There should be a sample. Why has Soviet ideology lasted for so long?  Because people all the time saw examples- Gagarin, Chkalov, Yashin and other heroes... How they were created there, is does not really matter. But it was an example, that people try to keep up with, always was someone who was going ahead, someone who could show that it is possible for an ordinary man. Absolutely in the same way, each of us can be such an example. Start with yourself; start to live. Look, how many people are in movement and they already do not drink alcohol, many gave up smoking. Relations between the people in the collective are normal, friendly and without filth.  Again, analyses, if something appears, they work it out, find where the system had a loophole, and close this loophole. It is already much more interesting to live. Is it possible? It is. Here is an example, and it should be shown all the time.

Julia: Some people say that life should be emotional, that it is bright and cool! That without emotions it is boring.  And the unity is something boring, trite. What for is it?

Imam: And look how many people watch "AllatRa TV" with such burning eyes! People come and say, wait; here I have just started to live uniting on this basis.

Roman: Yes, it is more interesting, you can feel the difference.

Imam: Because after the emotions a person always feels weakness, emptiness, he feels that he was deceived again. When a human is on feelings, when he is in unity then if he does something, he feels fullness; he, on the contrary, is ready for new challenges. Here comes first, second small victories over oneself, then third and so the experience of victories is gained already. The human is not afraid to do something; he already becomes freer. He freely expresses his thoughts and feelings, what happens to him and which inner changes occur to him. He is not afraid to talk about it.

Maxim: But it is only if the human feels.

Imam: So he has seen the examples already.

Maxim: Yes, he saw an example, his feelings awakened and he went guided by the feelings. Could you tell me, are there those people who cannot feel?  And they have a substitution from feelings to emotion, do not they?

Imam: No, there are no such people. Not at all. All people experience feelings, but then again, if the person understands this, from where do emotions come? It is a reflection of feelings. It is a distortion. If a person starts to put his attention namely to feelings, then different picture is revealed to him.

Roman: It does develop in the future.

Imam: It is in the first place; secondly, he starts to see the results. If a person is quiet, he is friendly, then all the circumstances around him are so that he does get into trouble, just a priori, he does not see them. Roman: We will definitely raise this topic but in a separate conversation. What can you advise to some Grigoriy from Tyumen (a town in Siberia), who realized that it was necessary to create a positive information field? Just start and do it slowly?

Imam: Yes, to start and do. Anyway, there are many positive examples around him. Internet will be helpful; he can write some article.

Roman: To take part in a social project?

Imam: Of course, especially because the Internet is such a network, which is all over the world now. Why not to use this resource. At home, where he lives, also to show an example of such a life, and unity, and life according to conscience. Why not? It is possible everywhere.

Roman: Sometimes those who actively create positive information field, have some period of activity decay.

Imam: It is the system tells him.

Roman: Are there any tricks to knock out the system?

Maxim: How to learn not to wait for the result?

Roman: There are people, who do not wait for the result, but they do, do again, but then they get tired, lose the heat...

Julia: May be they do something different, or maybe it would be better for them to change the activity?

Imam: Do doubts, provocations appear? - It means the system starts working.

Roman: Yes. How to motivate them?

Imam: If he has registered, if there is a group of like-minded people, then, for sure, it works. In the moment of communication when he gives some information, he will for sure have a feedback. Because he was not on his own and he did not issue a call in vacuum, but he entered some group, he wrote something there, he wrote his understanding of some issue and set it forth there.

Roman: He added some small puzzle, then another one small puzzle, and then one more in this huge picture.

Julia: Maybe when doubts appear, just to recall the feeling that he had when started, with which he wrote?

Roman: He may not have that feeling, but just an understanding that this has to be done. In short, you just have to do and that is all.

Imam: You just do what you can, and do not wait for the result. Anyway, it will respond once.

Oleg: Is it the right understanding that unity of all people starts from work of everyone on oneself?

Imam: Definitely, a person will never be united with others, if he only thinks about himself. Is it clear, these are the natural processes? A person starts to coalesce, he conceives the idea and the power comes for this idea. He feels it, and when he implements some project together, in unity, he naturally experiences inner elation. As they say, there is potential energy and there is kinetic energy. You made a step and the energy for the next step appeared and the farther you go, the more energy you have to create something, but when everyone has it then it turns into a deep river - what a result it gives! There is one rill, it flows into another rill, then they flow together into third one, so the deep river appears and it sweeps away all the barriers on its way.

Roman: There is a question. People following the spiritual path, pursue one aim- to become spiritually free, "get out of here," and spiritual practices help them. One person, as a guide of Allat to this world, as an individual, creates some, call it so, positive field. Two persons intensify this field increasing it twice; three persons increase it three times and so on. Is it right?

Imam: Associative example: you entered a darkroom, with your candle, a second person entered this room and lit his candle (either from yours or did it himself). If the amount of these people grows then where does the darkness get? It disappears; it gets light.

Roman: In this case, is it naturally to assert that in the collective spiritual growth proceeds faster and more efficient? For example, many probably tried to do spiritual practices in a big collective; the feelings are much stronger then. It is interesting if the whole stadium of people gathers and does a spiritual practice "Lotus Flower", what will be then?

Imam: It turns into the guide of spiritual forces. One person is a guide; other person opens and gets the same. There are two of them, this force is more powerful, and then it draws in more, so the amount of the guides of spiritual forces increases and the Creator starts to manifest himself in each of them.

Roman: Stadium of people is able to do a lot, is it right?

Imam: Yes, and it does not matter whether people gathered at the stadium, or people simultaneously, for some time, gathered in different areas, in different cities, countries, it could be people of different nations, different collectives, but they all become the guides of the spiritual forces.

Roman: In such a way, more Allat penetrates in this three-dimensional world, is it right?

Imam: And Allat is always structured, the power of Allat puts everything in its place, and makes it ideally. If the system is distorted as a distorting mirror reflects, naturally, the reflection is curved, and when the power of Allat goes, it structures everything. That is, everything is perfect as God planned. The more pure power of Allat enters, it is structured, the purer and brighter the world becomes. Look what happens in addition when we start to ignore the system, the system of the Animal mind becomes weaker; it does not have enough forces. And what does it need? It needs the power of Allat, and when we control the system, we cease to feed it, it becomes weaker, and spiritual power, the power of Allat is growing. So the world changes.

Roman: And those rumors that in the history there were whole nations which went out the seventh dimension, it is true, what do you think?

Imam: Yes, this is true, even in our civilization there were such people, for example Trypillian.

Roman: By the way, where has Trypillian civilization disappeared? Historians cannot tell.

Imam: And they will not be able to say. How can they say, if they think about the material basis. It is exactly Trypillian civilization gave us such an interesting task. Previously, people needed from 800 to 1000 years to cognize the spiritual, it is recorded in the Bible, but in Cucuteni-Trypillian culture people went out at the age of 35-40 years, and in fact, and it is not needed so much. Our body at present is designed for 144 years of physical life, so the peak of its development should be somewhere around 70 years.

Roman: And we, for some reason, as a rule become senile in 70 years old.

Imam: I am sorry, but how is prana used? There is emotion in the body, it means that the body as a biochemical laboratory emits certain substances and this requires energy. Vital energy prana is used exactly on this. You are welcome. The main idea is- when we cease to pay attention to the system, it becomes weaker, and as each of us does it, so we help others, for them it is easier already. Why are people coming now, beginners, but already have a concept? Because everyone starts to feed the system less and the system becomes weaker, it loses power that is why it is much easier for others to accept this Knowledge. Now humanity is able to accept the spiritual Knowledge of the spiritual world, how to work with it - almost for 99%. If five years ago, it was 60-70%, but now because the Internet is constantly working, books are constantly published and sold, the Knowledge is spread, and people are able to accept it. Nothing prevents them, and the system is arranged so that when the power is growing, then the system turns upside down and starts to help. Such a thing.

Roman: By the way, I suggest discussing the system separately as the topic, in my opinion, is very serious.

Oleg: You tell not to pay attention to the system.  I would like a little bit to touch upon the issue of consciousness and thoughts, because this is very important, key issue.

Imam: In any emotional situation that a person gets to, it is possible to recall that another decision can be made, not the usual one. It is interesting but if the situation is repeated all the time, then it means that a person always makes the same decision, which leads to this situation. It is advisable to understand, to follow your thoughts, desires, and emotions and make another decision. How to solve any situation peacefully, not to quarrel, not to squabble with each other, but on the contrary, to calm down, to help another person to calm down and make the situation out, to sit and talk like human beings. And here the access to the system is closed, it does not separate people, a person, on the contrary, made a decision to unite with another person and to resolve the issue peacefully.

Roman: There is the following clause in the samurai code -a decision should be made after seven breath in-breath out.

Imam: What happens, it is the easiest way to control the physical state. At the moments when a decision is being made, and there is some emotional surge, it is always possible to notice the tension of the physical body, there is a pause for breath before it blows up, and if the person remembers about it then he immediately relaxes physical body. A few deep breaths in and breaths out, and he has a chance, a few seconds to make a decision, and which decision he will make, here he can already say yes, I want to make a positive decision.

Julia: I would like to talk once again about the unity. What is the first step that should be taken by the person who has already familiarized with the idea of unity and agreed with it but does not know what to do?

Imam: It is simple- to start acting. To come to his neighbor, Vasia, for example, and tell him that there is an idea to make here a playground. That there is no place for children to play and they run out into the road where cars drive. Why do not we install a child's swing here? They started and did it together. There were many such examples in Kiev.  Another example, one grandmother went out to the street, dug up the land and planted flowers there. Then another neighbor went out and also decided to join. Here are children around, they were shown how to plant the flowers and to look after them and they do not pull these flowers out, but look after them, water them and find it interesting. Then they started to repair the entrance, they painted the front door, others went out and also decided to do something. It was already shown on TV, I watched, was shocked, because in ordinary multistory building people organized a small front garden, built summer-house, some lady came, looked at it and brought the straw figure, and already newly wedded couples visit this place, take pictures, and then go to registry office. It all started with one person who wanted to do something good.

Roman: Or another life example. One friend of mine decided to get rid of a large puddle in the village, which appeared after a rain and it was inconvenient to drive there. He came with a shovel and began to strew this puddle, cut off the trees using a hatchet, local people passed by and gaped at him, they did not understand what he was doing, was he digging trenches or something else? In short, everything was well done. Two months passed, he came again, and the fellow villager told him that something strange was going on in the village, the people themselves started to repair the roads. It turns out that local people saw his example and started to do something themselves, as it is more comfortable to live so.

Imam: Last year it was shown on TV, in Western Ukraine people chipped in money, it is a large village, and built 8 kilometers of asphalted road, from the district center to the village, they did it themselves! The state did not invest even a penny; people organized it themselves. A tractor driver came with his tractor, someone brought brickbats, they strewed it, someone brought sand, and then they bought asphalt and rolled a road. Themselves!

Roman: And vice versa, there is a widespread phenomenon today - there are comfortable towns with three-storey houses, where people have heaps of money, but the access road is completely broken.

Imam: Everything depends on people. First, you should start from yourself. If you understand that it has to be done, you start and do. Well, at least, you can easily bring some gravel or some broken brick.

Roman: Well, in fact, it is easy to take a shovel, go and strew a hole.

Imam: Everything begins with single person. Not to talk, but to start and do, this way people should be united ... Start and do something good for others.

Roman: It is an excellent advice, we will not promise, but will try. Let us probably summarize.

Julia: The one, who is striving for unity, should not wait, should not blame anyone, but should start and act, to the best of his ability, and, start from the small, in order to improve things that need improvement. For example, stick up ads and gather people for joint work, which will be of great use.

Imam: That is right. As they say, "The road will rise to meet the one who walks it" And any road begins with a single step. You take a step yourself, and then fellow travelers already appear on your way. Someone sees you going, and it is possible that he also unites. He comes and goes next to you. Then a third one appears, and then fourth one and you already see a team, united by some idea. And this idea is not a small one, but grows into a big deal. And it is being done. Then in the process of work, people could recall what the spirituality means and what conscience, honor and dignity are. Therefore, it is possible to correct almost everything. We are all people. See, the whole movement practically arose from one Person who conveyed the Knowledge by books.

Roman: Yes, it is amazing!

Imam: Millions of people have already read these books and begun to act all over the world and do some deeds, implement some projects, everything changes.

Roman: And that is great, in general, how people change. Here we sit now as one family.

Imam: As one dear family, and everyone went his way...

Roman: Well, let us enumerate more specific the advantages of human's unity. Well, for the consciousness, let us say, a final attempt to convince. Firstly, we said, that it is easier to survive in extreme conditions, and, that the unity is simply a vital necessity. Secondly, however hard you try, but it is more comfortable and safer ... Thirdly, the separation creates wars, and the unity - peace, can we put it so? Fourthly, in a team it is easier to study, to catch and protect oneself from the system of the Animal mind and, therefore, it is easier to develop spiritually. Is it right? Fifthly and the main on a spiritual basis it is easier to come to enlightenment, to become spiritually free, or to save Souls, to make it clearer. Sixthly - you made a choice - you started to do...

Imam: The human always makes a choice himself. If he chose to unite, chose his path, then he has a goal. And he can, for the sake of this goal, go on his own, while others unite with him, because they see, where the goal is, there is the meaning of life. The system separates but people unite.

Roman: And finally, the seventh ... apparently, people must learn to live as one big, happy family, that is right, as God conceives it, is it right?

Imam: Naturally. We all serve him, one way or another. When we live guided by conscience, we obey His laws; we start to feel the Creator as a huge ocean of love, happiness and inner joy. This deepest contact becomes a necessity, as an air to breathe. You want to share this state of inner freedom with others. That is how the unity in Spirit occurs.


Many thanks to all who took part in the conversation, especially to Eva Kim, Julia Matveeva and Denis, who effectively converted it from audio to text format.

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