Conversations with Imam. Conversation No.4: ”Spirituality and family relationships”

The state of affairs today is such, that among personalities striving for the spiritual, the issues of family relationships, and proper upbringing of children (and the expediency of having them), as well as the main issue - sex- still remain topical. Announcing this conversation, we offered readers to express their opinion, to ask the questions of concern, without knowing in advance whether they will be considered or not and if not, for what reason.   By the way, you can run an eye over them here. During the preliminary discussion of a new conversation with Imam, it was found that this subject matter according to particularly delicate and poignant moments is closed due to a number of serious causes, and we hope that readers will understand them.

In addition, during the preparation of the conversation we had to eliminate the majority of private questions, they remained silent. Why? We will explain. A person himself should answer to the question "How to be, what is better to do?" Otherwise, it is a banal shifting off responsibility for own choice on the other, and therefore, there is no sense in it. In the beginning, it seemed to me, that the topic will remain not revealed and uninteresting, but the conversation was formed up in such a surprisingly strange way, that as the curtain fell it became clear that thinking and striving person would find in this conversation all the necessary "keys" to make the right choice. It means that there is a prompting, but whether the reader see it on not, depends only on him. As well as his entire course of Life.

I can well believe that some may be disappointed as they expected one thing but received completely different, but here is a usual question arises:" Who is the one who expected?" I think that is all. Enjoy reading!




Roman: We have recently announced a new conversation on a very actual for the majority topic: "Spirituality and family relationships." We have received a huge number of comments, questions and letters addressed to Imam, and we extracted them. However, before starting this conversation, I had such a feeling (I will say openly, I am sorry), that many people want two contrary things at the same time: "I want to God, and to start a family"; "I want to God, and to have sex"; "I want to God, and ..."

Imam: To satisfy own material requirements? The desire of power, of domination?

Roman: Yes, satisfaction of some "to be good for me." It seems to me , I do not want to disappoint our readers at the beginning of the conversation, that here is needed somehow to clarify the desires, otherwise it may happen, when a person is trying to take two roads leading to completely different directions, as a rule, he will not come anywhere.  What do you think?

Imam: The human simply does not know who he is. Are these requirements his? To be more precise, whose requirements does he want to fulfil, to satisfy? Are these requirements his true requirements, as a spiritual being?

Roman: Do we return to the fact that, probably, first, a person should feel true himself?

Imam: Quite right! To understand who is he.

Roman: Then all these questions are easily solved, are not they?

Imam: In general, all the questions are decided.

Roman: All the collisions, the problems...?

Imam: Just ask yourself:” If I am the Spirit, do I need sex?”

Roman: Does the Spirit have a sexual desire in general?

Imam: Yes, does it have? And so on, including the family and all the rest.

Roman: Proceeding from some of my observations, based on rather poor spiritual experience, I have noticed the following consistent pattern: when you nurture deepest feelings, sexual interest gradually reduces because it becomes more insipid, futile and rough, with regard to the real deepest feelings. Do not people know that there are higher energies? Therefore…

Imam: I would not say that they do not know.... the knowledge was lost. It was. There was a purity of relationship, there was understanding of the value of relationships’ purity, of deepest feelings, of love for each other out of corporal desire to have, to possess or somehow to manipulate for the satisfaction of one's needs. Exactly one's needs. It is not giving, but consumption. As soon as it appears, "I want to," I want to remake a partner, I want to do something ... I will be able, I have the possibilities, anything, I will create a family, I will create coziness, I will create anything you like. Where does it come from? It is just the desire of power, the desire of the ego.

Roman: Or I want to form such a relationship that it would be more comfortable for me to live in the future.

Imam: Yes, because I understand that I cannot provide myself, I need someone who will help me, and I will strive for the spiritual.

Roman: As one of the most widespread options, by the way.

Imam: Yes. It is at least not correct, it is not the spiritual aspiration -to use someone to satisfy own material requirements, body... And what is next? This does not happen! There is a parable, when the disciple came to the Master and said, “Master, I devote myself to spiritual self-improvement, and feel that I have a step towards enlightenment.” Tell me please, what should I do? The Master asked, “What do you do? How do you make your living?” The disciple replied that he had not yet learned how to earn money, that his parents provided him, and he aspires to the spiritual and he does not know what to do. Master said, “Well, I will tell you what to do. Look at the sun for half a minute.” He started watching. The Master asked, ”What do you see?” The disciple said, “I do not see anything as the sun is dazzling.  ”In real life it is the same, if you aspire to something, but someone is taking care of your body, you will not see anything. If you do not give, you will not be able to receive,”-said the Master.

This is the most simple. God is one in the set. In order God to manifest in a human there should be an interaction, that is giving, that is first to be ready to unite, to interact, for mutual work, for co-feelings. Well, I am sorry, what is Love?

Roman: I guess, work.

Imam: It is work. It is interaction; first, it is creation. It is constructing creating energy, a huge power. But without the interaction of two forming components, it does not exist.

Roman: Does it mean that in the relationship between a man and a woman there is nothing contradicting, reprehensible, or that runs counter to the spirituality? Does it depend on how to build relationships?

Imam: Yes, that is in the first place. Secondly, if we talk about the spirituality, then what is the task... of a human?

Roman: "To go out from here?" That we discussed in the previous conversation.

Imam: To become a spiritual being, an angel. And what does he need for that? To merge the Personality with the Soul. Own personality with own Soul. How does it apply to the relationships?

Roman: Let us talk about such a fundamental component as human attention.

Imam: Attention. How is the fusion of the Personality with the Soul reached? By means of attention. Yes, there is a society. As there is some gender division, it is more related to the energy structure. If people interact, they have chosen this way, gaining such an experience, it is not a problem. In this world, all the wishes come true, but ... a human strives for the spiritual. He cannot enter another's door. The Soul - is that door which leads the Personality to the Spiritual world, when merging, a human becomes an Angel, he becomes a part of the Spiritual world, a part of God. It is not possible to enter another’s Soul. No matter how close and bodily were relations between a man and a woman, this will not give a human an opportunity to enter the spiritual world.

Roman: Only individual work?

Imam: Only individual work on oneself. Yes, to see own patterns. Because in such close relationships these patterns manifest most of all, these are the desire to dominate, the desire to obtain material welfare, to build one's nest, to be better neighbors, and such like. All this is a concentrated mass of such patterns, which manifests itself and which can be worked out. If both persons strive for the spiritual development, work on themselves, help to identify the pattern of each other and to refuse from them, and each of them follows own path, but they do it together, that is one thing. But if there is a desire to dominate, and the relationships depend only on interrelation of chemistry, biochemical processes, an aspiration of flesh to flesh, well, I am sorry, it does not have anything to do with the spiritual.

Roman: But I meant that the majority of the relations exist due to the attention, to the elementary attention. And as soon as you draw this attention away from it, then everything collapses.

Imam: How much attention is spent on the creation of something? Some cell of the society? After all, the system of this world advertises that there must be a cell of the society, and we have to fulfill everything that is written by the state, to register the marriage, right? Again, everyone knows that there must be a common circle of friends and so on and so forth. And everything that is written by the System, must be fulfilled.  Where is the goal? When there is no goal of the spiritual development in front of a person, he lives his life so. It flies by in a moment - you have brought up children, have nursed grandchildren and that is it, life is over. What for have you lived? For children. And what is the result? As a result, you have missed your own eternal life.

Roman: Yes, the situation when children have grown up and left, is familiar to adults, well, what next?

Imam: They have their own life. Because a personality matures at 14 years. This is an individual personality who is responsible for own choice. Further, this personality solves his problems on his own, makes his own choice. Parents still try to tell something, but if the feeling dominant was not laid in childhood - if he was not taught to feel, see and feel the real world, then I am sorry, he will exactly in the same manner implement the programs which he saw in his parents, in those around, in the authorities and such like.

Eva: In fact, does it turn out, that the family in terms of spiritual development is entirely a product of the system of the animal mind?

Imam: But it does not mean that it is a hindrance. Everything depends on our decisions, on our goal. What goal do we have before us, before every person? It cannot be either a hindrance or a help. Here the question is at what we aim. Any community, any group of people, they can help each other. And it is normal, when people help each other. Thus, helping each other, you gain individual experience, and it really helps us to follow the spiritual path. And most often it happens, that one person has accepted the knowledge, but another one does not accept categorically. Why? Just the possibility of manipulation disappears. The human who has chosen the spiritual path, becomes free, he does not yield to manipulation.

Eva: Moreover, he understands and voices, "you are now trying to manipulate me."

Imam: And it becomes evident how the System works, how it manifests itself. And the human who goes through, - (he sees own patterns and refuses them), he no longer acts as System suggests. He sees how someone tries to manipulate him. He ceases to do it, that is, and he does not manipulate himself and no longer obeys the System. And here is case of diamond cut diamond. The whole family was built on the manipulation, and now it does not work. What is happening?

Roman: The question arises, what to do?

Imam: Hmm, what to do ... To get experience. The issue is that the person decides it independently. This is in the first place. Secondly, let us have a look, you see, every person wants to live, after all, everyone wants to live happily, in the end. Happiness comes only when a person lightly touches the spiritual. Happiness is an internal category, it does not depend on the external circumstances in general and, I am sorry, you have to learn to communicate. It happens very rarely, that a person does not understand anything, does not want anything, just closed his eyes and that is it. Misunderstanding arises due the fact that, properly speaking, the person has not yet found anything in the spiritual. If he cannot find a common language with someone, it means that he does not understand himself.

Roman: Yes, but there is the desire, is not there?

Imam: Yes, there is the desire. As Ibn al-Farid said, “My desires are a trap for me..."

Roman: Well, there is the initial aspiration ... to study books, study the System ... Many people have it.

Imam: And what about to learn how to communicate and show that this is not something supernatural, but normal evolutionary development of any person. Of anyone. It is laid in every person. And what a human activates in himself: to follow a spiritual path or a material one, which leads to one thing - to decomposition.

Roman: Maybe in this case, is still worth pointing out that the more attention you give a problem, the more it expands, and thus deteriorates the situation...

Imam: Of course. What is happening? That is a feature of pride. I am so spiritual, and he or she does not understand me, it also happens does not it?

Roman: And the human constantly thinks about it, creates some thought-form.

Imam: Yes, he thinks. But where does he pay his attention?

Roman: Again, everything depends on the attention.

Imam: That is all. Why there is no interaction? Because there is no understanding of oneself. After all, you can use simple words. You can set an example of goodness, interaction, love, after all. It is the most simple.

Roman: Well, it is clear to those present here, may be, already...

Imam: Yes, in principle, to all people, but it is always an experience.

Maxim: Let us consider a subtle moment of manipulation.  It is widespread. If I start to follow the spiritual path, then all of you have to do the same. Is not it a manipulation?

Imam: Or everybody should help me, do everything themselves and I will just sit and meditate.

Maxim: In this case, a human deprives his relatives of the right to choose.

Roman: Although the other also happens. When a person starts to follow the path, the System through his nearest and dearest begins to drive him out; can we consider it in this way?

Imam: Again, drive out...

Roman: Well, not to drive out, but somehow try to do it...

Imam: It is clear that the System will always react; we should understand it. But every human, if he begins to follow the spiritual path - he is with whom?

Maxim: With God.

Imam: Yes. The System (the consciousness as a part of the System of material mind) cannot do anything. The system of the material world is rational. It tried once to provoke a human into some negative, but he, on the contrary, showed some interest, showed an understanding, that now acts not a person, not a Personality, but a System acts through him, through his dear one. If there is such an understanding, then people easily communicate, with understanding and respect. The System harasses one time, second time and that is all, it will not harass any more. That is the action of the consciousness, which is under the control of the System, it manifests through negative thoughts, quarrels, and such like.

Roman: And another question: if next to you is a typical guide of the Animal nature, what to do?

Imam: Why is he a guide?

Roman: Because there is something to catch on.

Imam: Well. We have come to the same: he is a guide, but if we do not accept, then what can be guided? Do you remember the parable about Buddha? When Buddha was called, he told that as long as he does not accept it, this word belongs to the person who said it.

Roman: Wow, it is interesting.

Imam: After all, I was calm and remained calm. And that person who told, well, if it was not accepted then the System did not work. He will also feel better.

Roman: So, should people consider external events from the internal side?

Imam: They should never discuss the personalities. Never. The understanding that there is a System of the animal mind, which is looking for someone to catch on, looking for someone, who will reply, who will give the power of attention, this understanding gives the possibility to forgive a person, to understand the reason why he acts so, to find a solution, to find the right words, some action. The most simple is not to act in accordance with the pattern, to act illogically for the system.

Roman: The unpredictability?

Imam: What does the System say? If someone insulted you, then you should reply in the same manner or even worse.

Roman: Either the offense, or something else...

Imam: Either to take offence. And what is the offence? It is also a way of manipulation.

Maxim: The System will always work, and it is a mistake to think that it will not work through the family. It is necessary to go through this stage.

Imam: Here is even more interesting. We have always had a formula: "My house is my fortress."

Maxim: Yes, it was.

Imam: And there, in this fortress I can relax, it is safe there. But our real home is not here (laughs).

Maxim: That is it and the worst thing here is that it is a stroke from within...

Imam: The moment you relaxed, the System manifested itself. But understanding of the fact that a person next to you is as normal as you are, just a little bit subjected to.... Now he does not know, now he simply does not have an understanding. But it does not mean that he cannot change in his life or will not be able to see, feel that deepest feelings in himself, love, happiness ... every person is able to live happily!

Eva: Does it turn out to be that in every person we should see a potential angel- neither more nor less?

Imam: Quite right!

Eva: And then communication is different, and this person differently hears you.

Imam: Yes, and he hears differently, reacts differently, interacts. After all, any family can re-establish relations, when a person understands himself. An indicator of the spiritual growth in a human is the fact that he re-establishes relations with all the relatives, friends, with the people around. It just happens by itself, because the person is no longer manifests in himself the qualities of the System.

Eva: When you change, the world around you also changes.

Imam: Perfectly true. Even taking into account the work of mirror neurons, if a person is happy, he meets another person with a smile. Another one also reacts, in accordance with the principle ... we know these experiments, which were conducted - a person at once smiles in response, he is open, all his needless stresses are relieved. If you are free inside, happy, then another person next to you also becomes happy and quite. It is not a manipulation but interaction. There will not be a secret desire to influence another person. There are also concepts of adequacy and inadequacy. What does it mean? We can be happy and can normally and adequately communicate, work, accomplish some tasks in the surrounding area and at that be happy. That is a spiritual adequacy. And if a person is up in the clouds, he does not hear, he does not listen, he does not perceive the consciousness at this moment - he retired into his shell, sank, that is all. What is happening? He does not hear another one, who starts to understand that there is no attention, and the animal nature actuates in him. What exactly are we doing at this moment? We strengthen the System. Although you can be quite normal, adequate. You can be plunged deeply during the spiritual practice or meditation. Here for you, as a tool - you can extend the understanding, become absorbed in the deepest feelings, happiness and so on. It is simple.

Roman: The issue of sexual energy runs all through all the questions from the readers. We touched upon it before the conversation, and we will not talk about it. Why?

Imam: It is very simple; this information has existed. But human consciousness twists it so much, that it is immediately placed at the service of the System. While the person has not understood himself, there is no sense. You see, no one will give a grenade to a monkey.

Eva: As long as a human perceives everything by the consciousness, there is no sense, does not it? And if he is in the feeling, he will understand everything himself, will not he?

Imam: That is first. Secondly, he should less think about sexual relations.

Roman: Or should think about something else.

Imam: Yes. The feelings of love and happiness in comparison with sex it is like to compare a candy with an empty wrapper. There is a candy, which brings some sweet sensations, and there is a wrapper, which rustles, it can be attractive, but you throw it away as being of no further use.

Roman: Also such an interesting moment has been noticed- if we consider sexual interest, it has intermittent and undulating nature.

Imam: It is a tool for manipulation, for power.

Roman: I mean, sex in comparison with true happiness, with deepest feelings. Sex is spasmodic whereas the feelings are stable, permanent and unlimited. 24 hours a day, if you like, only "abide".  Sexual interest, on the contrary, it constantly raises and then abates. At that, as a rule, it does not satiate, but, on the contrary, exhausts.

Imam: What about the devastation that occurs after physical relationship? Again, there is a moment of expectation and dissatisfaction of this expectation. And Love is such a happiness ... this concept combines love for daughter, love for wife, love for mother, love for sister and as well as mutual sympathies.

Roman: In short, it is an absolute value.

Imam: Yes, here is everything all together. It is, in addition, a huge-huge energy, which creates everything around. God is Love. Ibn al-Farid has these words: “I am alive in Love itself.” Life, real life, real world exist only if there is Love.

Roman: Then such a concept as happiness appears.

Imam: Yes. All this together is exactly happiness, and it bears no relation to sexual relationships. Well, when sexual desire appears ... I am sorry, but animals do the same. It is just a reproduction of bodies.

Roman: In other words, everyone decides for himself.

Imam: In any case. But if a human needs this experience? He needs the experience of family life, needs the experience of bringing up children - it is not a problem. However…

Roman: You should understand –why do you need it?

Imam: Yes.

Roman: All right. The majority of questions that we have are the following: the person does not decide whether he needs a family, relations, this experience, but he has already tied many knots and does not know how to untie them. Here the questions arise, "What should I do?", "That is the situation...» How to be?", “Should I act this or that way?" First, we should probably mention that every single experience - is a direct choice of every human.

Imam: Yes. It is his personal decision and his responsibility for this decision.

Roman: The matter is that it is really tactless and wrong to shift off responsibility on someone else asking what to do. I am well familiar with this situation as I used to have many problems in my life and had to visit fortune-tellers, asking for advice those who seemed wiser and more competent to me. Now I understand that it is ridiculous, and I did not settle anything with the help of fortunetellers and advisors, but on the contrary, mired in the consciousness and circumstances even stronger.

Maxim: You did not make your choice and did not understand yet where to move.

Roman: Yes, of course. There was no knowledge. The situation is probably similar to many people who ask questions right now, I personally understand them very well.

Imam: The human does not know who he is. He is not aware of his potential, as there is not enough knowledge. The knowledge about this world, the knowledge about oneself as a potential Spiritual Being. All the problems of this world appear through ignorance. If a person accepts the information, then he begins to examine himself, to work on oneself. He sees his advancement on the spiritual path, sees the progress in the making of relationships. The society becomes better, brighter, because everyone shows human qualities - goodness, happiness and understanding. If each of us will do the same, then our society will change. And when every person, as well, will become a guide of Allat power, the power of God's creation, when everyone will start to show love in one's life, then great number of things will be changed.

Maxim: And can we look at this situation in this way: Yes, a human has a family, children, but it is a stage of the development, his personal stage.

Imam: Quite right.

Roman: He has realized that he is at this point, and that from here he can start another movement.

Imam: Everything happens only here and now. A person can start his spiritual development from any point. As long as he is alive, he can change something. He can change everything in his life. While he is in this world and the body is still alive. And we are reverting to the fact that family relations does not prevent spiritual development, or intellectual development, or development through some different religions and systems. Yes, it can be a problem if one person in the family belongs to one religion and another one - to another religion. This is very interesting issue. Recently in the Internet, the following phrase appeared saying that the depth of every religion twice closer to the depth of a different religion than to owns surface. If you thoroughly study every religion or trend, then in the depth of them is the same understanding - God is one, and deepest feelings, contact with the Creator are the same in all religions. And there is no matter who you are - a Buddhist or a Christian, Mohammedan or Jew.

Roman: Whether you are married, single or divorced...

Imam: It does not matter! If a person has deepest feelings of happiness and being in the Creator. God is Love. You will love everyone, they will love you, and you will teach them all that love, movement, you will teach them to be alive, to feel, to be real people, who will be valuable in the society, as they advance ideas of kindness, natural relations, interaction. Yes, it is not important at what stage you are! If you have already understood it, this love has already manifested in you, then you have known where to move. Nothing prevents a human. Nothing at all.

Maxim: You will be of great benefit; you will be heard.

Imam: It is elementary. It turns out that when a person interacts with others and does something for other people, even if it is a family or some small association, it will be great, global because everything is ... fractal. When a human shows these qualities and a spiritual component, all these increase. The human develops spiritually; he gains more this power, when he interacts with others, his love grows.

Roman: Does it mean, that the more you give, the more you get? If it is possible, I will voice one generalized question from readers, reply on which will probably give answers to many other specific questions. It sounds like this: "I am in search of relationships. Does not this prevent my spiritual growth? "

Imam: Why is a person looking for new relationships?

Eva: A new toy, a new object of manipulation?

Imam: Well, in fact, it may be so; he wants someone who will solve his problems. When a person is really following a spiritual path, he meets on his way many people who are able to feel and interact. Are not these new relationships? Are not these best relationships than just getting something material? When there is an interaction, there is friendship, there is love, are not these best relationships? Instead of looking for some partner to satisfy...

Roman: ... personal specific requirements.

Imam: Yes. Although everyone is looking for a man who does not drink, does not smoke, and always gives flowers...

Eva: Who would give salary...

Imam: Who would call his mother in law as mother, would be indifferent to football, and would not be boring in a company ... And what for, indeed? In order to boast of. But, I am sorry, this is not a dog on a lead. But, on the other hand, people who settle the same questions for themselves, who are looking for, for example, spiritual salvation, they indeed do not drink alcohol, they are agreeable, sociable, pleasant in all respects. And there is no need to use other people. It is not an object of satisfaction. And what is concerning the interaction - you are welcome. It is not necessarily should be a cell, not some relationships associated exactly with this person. There are many of such people and with everyone, you can establish friendly relations, this does not prevent in any way. But, on the other hand, you will have more friends.

Roman: I am afraid that many people will not be able to grasp it, as in the first place they want sex and then all the rest...

Imam: Well, I am sorry, but the person gets what he wants.

Roman: Everything is fair...

Eva: The question is what to do if one of the family members goes in the wrong direction? That is, one accepts knowledge, goes in the direction of the spiritual and the other one -in the opposite direction.

Imam: And how do we evaluate this? Which direction does he go? It is already the process of evaluation.

Eva: Does it mean that the person lives by the consciousness and looks not for the points of contact, but for the split points?

Imam: Yes. In addition, this human showed the same spiritual inadequacy - like, he is such a spiritual person, and all of you are in matter. He has already separated himself. Another human, having realized that he gets less attention, the relationships changed somehow, begins to resist and his incomprehension provokes his fear that there could be a rupture of relations, family destruction, and something else. He begins to resist and, of course, starts to put pressure, trying to make his loved one resume the previous course. The incomprehension appears, but then again, from where is it? From the lack of interaction. They just have to sit down and peacefully talk. Just explain that this is interesting for you now, that it is your choice and ask if you became better or worse from this?

Eva: To find arguments for the consciousness.

Imam: Quite right. But again, if a person stopped drinking, I am sorry, if before he was lost in drinking bouts, came home with a swollen face or , I am sorry, with a scent, but now the situation is different-is it better or worse? He stopped swearing at mother in law - is it bad or good? It turns out that it is good. He started to look after children...

Roman: After all, he became kinder, is not it enough?

Imam: He became kind, does not argue with neighbors, re-establishes relationships, started to do some housework- is it good or bad? You can at least draw a table for yourself with all the pluses and minuses. Write down and have a look what will be more - pluses or minuses.

Eva: To start with the most simple, with the comparison?

Imam: Quite right. You sat down and talked. You do not blame the other person that he is such non-spiritual in comparison with you.

Eva: The elite pattern is manifested.

Imam: Yes. Then all these accusations appear that the other one is not of that kind. Hence, all these pinned labels and you are already a sectarian, you are quite inadequate.

Eva: By the way, everyone can observe oneself.

Imam: Naturally. Here the statement appears," That I am..." However, where am I? Who is speaking? The consciousness is speaking. The person following a spiritual path does not separate himself from the others. He sees in his dear one the same person as himself. That is all; everything comes to it. He sees in the other person the same spiritual being as in oneself.

Roman: At that, naturally, he tries to see the best in the other one.

Imam: To see his best qualities! Well, I am sorry, but if a person who started to develop spiritually begins to see the best qualities in his partner- they will not have quarrels at all! They just will not have any incomprehension.

Eva: It is even illogical somehow, what quarrels can appear when each partner sees the best in the other one?

Roman: Even if they do not adhere to the same opinion on the spirituality, as they are followers of different trends, it is in any case a winning option for both of them.

Imam: Understand yourself, and all the questions will disappear.

Eva: There is the vital question, mainly from women: how to divide attention between children, family responsibilities, and at the same time do the practices, meditations? How to cover everything and how to have enough time for everything?

Imam: It is very simple. Meditations and spiritual practices - are tools to find the deepest feelings. Feelings of love, happiness, interaction, understanding and gratitude. Can a mother be happy when she looks after children?

Roman: Can she experience the deepest feelings being near the children?

Imam: Yes. Can she experience deepest feelings, communicating with relatives and doing some housework? If she cooks with the feeling of love...

Roman: Or she irons a shirt for her husband...

Imam: Yes! The food will be tastier and a shirt will be more attractive.

Roman: Concerning the food, it is for sure, was checked.

Imam: Life becomes a continuous spiritual practice. After all, a person who is engaged in the spiritual development is constantly in touch with God. And there is no matter what he is physically doing at this moment. His spirit grows; the power of the spirit in a human is in his constant contact with God. Being here, he is in constant feelings of love and happiness. Happy mother will bring up the happiest children! And her husband will be happy because his wife is happy, she does not require ... Again, when a person follows a spiritual path, he realizes how much he needs for life and how important his attention is, and how much of this attention is payed to the spiritual development.

Roman: I will also add another issue- sometimes there is a difficulty in understanding how to spend the earned money?

Imam: And here is something different- for what do you earn them? If you understand the importance of the Spiritual path, then you invest this money in order to help other people. To do something good, to build some playground, or invest them into some program, or buy some equipment for yourself and learn how to shoot good films or invest them in some good social deeds and show this example to other people.

Roman: I see. But I meant a little bit different, a fundamental difference with the rigid consumer thinking, which constantly makes some plans in the head - to buy one, second, third, fourth ... ,but here, it turns out, that in general you do not need anything ,that there is everything .

Imam: A human knows that he has enough for life, and the excess he can spend on something to interact with other people. To do something good for the society. And by doing this - it is multiplied. He acquires many friends, like-minded people; they gather and can do some global deed for the region, for the city, for the country. After all, for the whole planet. Because such people unite, they invest the excess of resources, which, in fact, they no longer need for the attainment of the status, and so they can do it. It is a joy for them! While creating, he does not lose anything; he gains the joy of interaction. He really becomes happy because he helps someone else. He interacts with other people, they gathered, had a tea, discussed something, he offered something, some good deed for the whole society, not only for himself. So the happiness arises! From this, you have an inner satisfaction, that you were able to do something, that you have left after you something that will help people later on.

Roman: Not to hide in his golden burrow and feel unhappy...

Imam: The whole point is, when a human does something for others - he becomes happy. This unites people. People gather, and they feel much more comfortable in comparison with anyone hidden in his burrow, even though it is a golden one.

Eva: And everyone feels it, if he thinks, listens attentively to himself...

Imam: Quite right.

Maxim: Another question is, "What to do if you feel that your partner uses and manipulates you?"

Imam: To stop being manipulated.

Maxim: And is it worth voicing?

Imam: What for? You can simply not give way to the manipulation. You can, again, sit down and talk. You can peacefully discuss how much you need it, first thing, second, third, tenth.

Roman: And where do they really go, together?

Imam: To explain him - if your, my dear, are trying to influence my choice through something, it is simply not right, on the one hand, and on the other hand -how much do we need it? Does it bring us closer or does it separate us?

Maxim: Does it turn out that in general, the problem is in interaction between people?

Imam: That is so. We should learn to communicate peacefully, soberly, clearly, openly, and ask the question, how much does it make us happier and closer to each other, if we try to manipulate each other?

Roman: That is exactly the purpose of the relationships.

Imam: Yes, the purpose of the relations is to close, to be dear, and first of all, kindred spirit. We have some common interests, common aspirations - this keeps people together, this strengthens relationships and family. No one likes to be used.

Roman: If there is any benefit, then yes...

Imam: If a human sees it, he says; let us look at this problem from another angle. Will it be interesting for you to be manipulated? - No, it will not be. Will you feel uncomfortable? - Yes, you will. Then, why are you doing this? Well, let us honestly answer each other, that it is uncomfortable for both of us. This does not bring us joy. And what does bring us joy? Common causes, common concerns. When we settle some questions, re-establish relations and so on and so forth. Everything is so simple. We have a problem in communication. It is not that one person moves, the other does not move or tries to manipulate. Again, from where does the manipulation come? It is the work of the System. Simply, there is thinking by patterns, there is something, that is laid in the person from his childhood and it accompanies him all his life. But it does not mean that a person cannot change. He can, if he wants. Again, for this he needs knowledge - why it happens, why he acts so. Thinking by patterns is such a narrowed one. There are just a few of these techniques, but it is the System. The simpler for the System to provoke a human on some negative, the more often it will use it.

Eva: How interesting, now we highlight the topic of the family, but in fact, it is the same everywhere, and it works in the same way. There is no matter if it is a family or any other relationships.

Imam: Of course, the issue is in the relationships. There are relations at work and on the street, in public transport, if the bus somewhere slowed down and people staying near run into each other, it is possible to smile, apologize, and even talk, to cheer up the other one - to behave otherwise, not in accordance with the habit or pattern. It depends on what dominates in us, if we were used to live by feelings, to interact, we can smile, even can start a conversation, share something. How many acquaintances occur in public transport? It depends on which wave, of course.

Maxim: There are cases when people even get married.

Imam: This is the moment of interaction, the moment of communication. A person, striving for the spiritual, unites everything. He is ready to unite; he is always open for communication. He never tries to dominate, because he does not need it. From where does the domination come? Domination occurs from the inner emptiness.

Eva: We have deprived ourselves.

Imam: When there is no God in human - there is emptiness. Whatever you fill it with, but if there is no love then all the time there will be this abyss. And when a person is full of love, he is ready to share with everyone, he is open and everybody feels it. He is pleasant. With him is interesting. He has plenty of something so unusual and interesting. Then these relations between people in the society become completely different. It does not matter, if it is a family or work, or sport, or anything else. Everywhere, behind everything is one thing - interaction. We are all single whole. People unite - the System separates.

Eva: Another question is from a woman again. From where does the desire to have children come from? This maternal instinct, coming from the depth, women do have such one.

Imam: To give love is laid in a woman. To give life. But the System always talks about what you need to...

Roman: You should have a baby.

Imam: The word, to have. Why do people have children and do not give birth to them?

Roman: Why?

Imam: Because there is no knowledge. This is the first, and second - to give love. Well, love does not depend on the form, on the appearance. It does not depend on anything. Love cannot be attached to something.

Roman: You mean the real, true love.

Imam: I really like the poem by Ibn Al-Farid “The Poem of the Sufi Way", it is just in place here, we will not be able to bypass it. "Love is alive without bodies, lips or hands, the Spirit breathes, although ashes were decayed". Love cannot be touched, it is impossible to grasp it, it is impossible to describe it, to limit in some way. But its manifestation is impossible not to notice. In this Poem is also said: "Do not kill your love by aiming it at something" ... "If not, at the desired moment when you have reached the goal at last, love will disappear as a fit, turning the Fusion into separation." Everything is said by this. Love is something that is internal. It does not depend on the external form. However, if a person focuses his attention on the form, he wants to possess a form, in the end, he makes some guesses for himself, dreams, fantasies, and when the bodies join, he realizes that he has deceived himself. He shifts off the responsibility to a partner, accusing him of lack of desired. He finally realizes that he was deceived, or rather, that he deceived himself, when he decided that his happiness depends on someone, on some outward stand-by. Happiness is an internal component. If you have not found it within yourself, it is useless to look outward.

Roman: I have deceived myself; I counted on one thing but got another one...

Imam: He will not blame himself; it is always the other person's fault. You cannot deceive the human before he has deceived himself. He did strive for, his inner aspiration was from soul to soul, but the consciousness turned it over into a completely different form. The desire of possessing the body and manipulations.

Eva: Is it the same thing with regard to the aspiration to have children?

Imam: Yes. The desire to have children - is the desire to manifest love. 

Roman: Initially, there is an impulse of Allat?

Imam: A gust of the deepest feelings.

Roman: Which is wrongly distorted...

Imam: Yes.

Maxim: Now there is a wrong understanding of family relationships, lack of understanding of sex, incomprehension of children - a person just does not understand the main thing, what is love. He does not have the very first understanding. When there is this basis, this understanding, then there will not be any other questions.

Imam: It is impossible to understand love by mind. You can only feel it. It is not possible in other way. For hundreds of years people have been trying to explain what love is. Through the works of art, through paintings, music, poetry, prose, through anything - and there is no end to it. But this feeling cannot be expressed in the external manifestation. It manifests as kindness, cordiality, some good attitude. It is the inner state of a person, people say that he lights up. Watch people who are in love. They see completely different colors, for them world is brighter, richer, because the inner component makes them happy.

Roman: But for the majority of people such definition is more clear, as "I like" this, this and that, and the human makes his life choice based on the patterns of what he likes. Concerning the relationships: "I like this type of men, women '...

Eva: But then again, he does not understand who he is.

Imam: There is a separation. 

Roman: Is it the work of consciousness?

Imam: Always, when there is a separation, it means, that here is the work of consciousness. And where is a work of consciousness, there the doors of feelings are closed.

Roman: We will probably raise the topic of the work of consciousness in our next conversation, because there is a large amount of questions.

Eva: The next question. How to communicate with children during a tantrum? 

Imam: There is no communication during tantrums. Do not console yourself with the illusion. Tantrum is an emotion. There is no love. You cannot communicate with children, except in love and understanding. Why is a child naughty or shows some inappropriate things? Because he does not feel love, does not feel attention to him, he tries to get this attention by any means. That is why he begins to manipulate, to use cunning; he tries somehow to attract the attention. When a mother loves children, they will be completely different. They will become as a mother, loving, caring, and attentive. No irritation. Just remember what kind of children you were. That is the first thing you should start with.

Eva: Not to eliminate the consequences but eliminate the cause?

Imam: Quite right. A cause is always in a person himself. There are no circumstances that were not caused by us. It always happens. The law of cause and effect lies in the fact that we are always a reason for everything. If the person here and now manifests the qualities of love, happiness, kindness, then everything happening around him, proceeds from it. The same people gathered around him, the circumstances are favorable for him; his children are brought up and study in a proper way - as they see an example.

Roman: Do we again come to the fact that the cause of every problem is laid in a person?

Imam: Of course. Again, if we consider what human is. A human - is the one who is able to become single whole with God. The one who observes in oneself a manifestation of the Divine. The one who opens in oneself a way for the divine creating energy. There are only two powers in this world. It is either a power of God or a power of the animal nature.

Roman: What he chooses...

Imam: And a human becomes only a guide. But when God is first and foremost, then all the rest is where it should be.

Roman: A wonderful phrase.

Maxim: Here is one more question, which a mother asks. When she does with daughter her lessons, she loses control, starts shouting, flies into a tantrum and loses the state.

Imam: We have just answered this question.

Roman: By the way, what is the right way to scold children?

Imam: There is no such way. People should not scold, but should explain why the children should not do it, to which consequences it will lead or explain why another action should be taken.

Eva: When can children start doing spiritual practices and meditations? Is there a certain age for it?

Imam: The most interesting thing is that when parents do them, children feel, and they themselves find an opportunity, at first they begin to copy the exterior form, and then start to be interested in. There is no need to impose them. A person is given the right to choose. When children begin to ask, then you can explain to them. You can tell them what meditation and spiritual practice are, for what people do them. About the fact that the world is dual, there is a material world, and there is a world that is invisible, but at the same time, you can feel it. You can explain them in quite simple words at the most obvious examples that there is a spiritual world.

Eva: When they ask?

Imam: Yes. When they are interested themselves. In any case, there should not be any obtrusion or some instructions or something else. A child will always be of the same kind as he sees his parents. And when the children start being interested, begin to feel, you see, it is not possible to disregard the feelings, if a person has them. Especially since, it is a child, who has less patterns, less programs from the external. He still feels, he still remembers what it is. He is sure to feel, he will ask why it is so good, why he is feeling so good when his mother sits with her eyes closed. Or his mom just communicates with him, but she is a state of such a contact, that the power of love, the power of Allat goes through her. And this can gain child's attention at different age. And when he became interested in, then you can simply explain, but it is his choice whether to accept it or not. In any case, you cannot influence the choice of the child.

Maxim: But if you do not influence the child's choice, but constantly pray for your soul, then many people consider it as selfish behavior. If my relatives, loved ones are near me. Can I pray for their salvation? Or about their choice of movement, to help somehow, so they will choose a spiritual path.

Imam: Guys, we have already talked about this. I want to do so no one will see, I want to do something in the invisible world, but so someone in the visible will change. Well, it is a real magic. It is not right. It is influence. How can you help someone who he does not want it? Only a person himself can do something with himself. If he has not made a choice, you cannot change him on the side.

Roman: How do smoking and alcohol on holidays affect spiritual development? What is happening at the energy level?

Imam: You can look through the researches, how in a person, drinking alcohol, mirror neurons are destroyed. They give a person the opportunity to communicate, understand each other and feel each other. The more a person takes alcoholic drinks, the stronger he destroys his nervous system. The person simply ceases to feel and understand the world around.

Roman: The more you open in yourself the deepest feelings, the less you want to drink, I learned it from my own experience. Finally, you can easily refuse from it. Why? Because you do not want to lose the state. For example, before I had to take alcohol in order, so to speak, to "raise the spirits", but now it's raised to such a level that if I drink, I will just lose it. Then what for?

Imam: There is another moment. Why does a person take alcohol?

Roman: It is a provocation of the animal nature, emptiness.

Imam: What else? When a human drinks, he relaxes. He wants to find the inner freedom. To reduce tension, to relieve the pressure which is on him. For some time, it allows him to forget his troubles. For a very short time. However, this never frees a human of the problems. He is looking for the inner freedom, but through chemical agents, a headache appears, and the problem intensifies. The inner freedom can occur only when a person follows the spiritual path. He does not cling to the material things, he is not attached to the people, to the relationships - he is free. At the same time, he manifests the best human qualities. But a person who takes alcohol, well, just look at him. Does he have many of his human qualities? He has an aggression, a lot of aggression, claims to the entire world, offences at the whole world and he drowns these problems in alcohol. However, the problems are not solved. It is banal; it is a manifestation of selfishness.

Roman: All right, then there is such a question. For example, I am 16 years old, soon will be 17. In front of me a world with many temptations, which offers me a great number of amusements and colorful images and at the same time, some internal physical processes occur, that oppress my mind. It seems to me that all people face it at this age. How to control oneself? If you have already read the books and, in principle, something is already clear, but still this aspect is very strong at the age of pubescence, and it oppresses.

Imam: Physiology is physiology and the younger the organism, the faster all biochemical processes activate. It is important here to set priorities. What gives a human the greatest satisfaction? It is the inner freedom, the inner happiness, or some instant, to show off in front of someone, or to get a short physical pleasure. What is the priority? Yes, when there is little experience of life, a young man often gets involved in such situations. Well, this is an experience, we will not go anywhere from it. The main thing not to sink into the abyss of unbridled lust, because it is a great loss of vital forces. Those forces that a human need in order to become alive. To become the real one. Artificial continence also leads only to overstrain and is akin to a nervous breakdown. It is impossible here to tell some definite recipe. It simply does not exist. Everyone settles these problems on his own. But when a person has Knowledge, and when there are deepest feelings, the life experience appears, experience in the spiritual development, then these issues are put on the second place, and then on the third, tenth.

Eva: It drops out by itself.

Imam: But then a feeling of community, friendship and interaction appears, it becomes so pure, bright, and it is so valuable that physical intimacy just belittles it. Some attempts of manipulations or pride, to show oneself from the best side, not being like this, become ridiculous, and I would say, the feeling of something unreal, theater and some kind of dirt appears.

Roman: But again, everything rests on the possibility to feel, to gain the experience of contact with the deepest feelings.

Imam: Then it becomes an interaction. Then people are very energetic, no matter what age they are, they can do many great and valuable things for the whole society. And those impulses, which he has, of a sexual nature, become petrol, fuel for good deeds, for something good, because there is a lot of energy in a person. He can direct it to something good.

Roman: In any case, a person has to make his personal choice.

Imam: Of course. No one will do it for him.

Roman: No matter which psychologists he addressed or which literature he read, it is just a obtrusion of another's position or another's pattern, is it right? I have read, for example, books about the correct family relationships, new books, big ones, modern, "American" books, where it is said how to make it all "OK", because they think, for some reason, that they know it better in America. Is it a banal laying of a new pattern in the human society?

Imam: By and large, we should understand when a person begins to understand himself, he should ask himself and answer a question "Who am I? Where do I go? What is my goal?” If the goal of a human is a family and implementation of all the patterns, which are written there- it is one thing. But when a human has a goal of the spiritual development, of the transformation, then he evolves. From the animal to the Spirit. Here you have to choose. However, there is not enough knowledge. Now videos appear, I have recently watched, about reincarnation. There is already information in the open access, it is studied and was studied before. The understanding of the fact that the soul reincarnates, but the personality has only one life and you should live it so to have time to merge with the soul and become a spiritual being, an eternal one.

Roman: Yes, but for some reason this "to have time to merge" includes for a person also to have time to give birth to a child, to build a house, to form relationships, to get a dog and so on ... In short, it turns out that everyone should decide for himself. How can we advise here to "do so"?

Imam: It is a choice. It is a right to choose given by God to a person. Should he be alive or not? Whom to give one's eternal life? For implementation of the System's patterns or to save this power, which gives the transformation? It is the understanding where we are, the understanding of all this global game.

Roman: Although, in principle, it does not preclude the bringing up a happy family?

Imam: Nothing prevents a person from the spiritual development if he has made such a decision.

Roman: It means that only the consciousness creates problems.

Imam: Exactly.

Roman: In does not matter at what situation you are at the starting point, whether you do not have children or have three children and a husband alcoholic, wherever you are, only your choice at this moment matters, is it right?

Imam: Taking into account what we talked about, if a person made such decision for himself- everything around him changes. All the circumstances that he had in his life, change. The husband for some reason does not drink any more, well, he suddenly does not want. Children for some reason begin to study well, and communicate normally both with mother and father.

Roman: But it is real, I understand you! However, a person does not have this experience, for the life of me. If you do not think about the problems - they will disappear. I have seen for myself for the last two years that it is true. If you do not think about the bad - it will not happen. Nevertheless, three years ago, when I first heard it, I doubted. How not to think about the bad?

Imam: How not to think if I see it, yes? (They laugh)

Roman: If a large amount of it is around. And this parasitic thought: "What if ...?"

Imam: This is a doubt of oneself, a doubt of the Creator; it is a claim to God.

Eva: Is it a distrust?

Imam: It is a distrust of God, that He is able to change everything. I am sorry, if He has built this entire world for 7 days, then he is probably able to change everything in this world.

Roman: Only conduct His Will.

Imam: You should even not conduct, but just be an observer of His Will. Observe how He creates in this world. How he creates in me, through me, creates under any circumstances that are around me.

Roman: He solves your problems.

Maxim: And if you look through the submitted questions, then some are interested in "What to do? I am married. I have children. "

Roman: That is, the knots have already tied.

Maxim: Yes. However, others are interested in "Should I get married?”

Roman: (He laughs) there are no knots yet - is it worth telling them?

Maxim: Whatever way you look at it, you understand that the problem is in the head.

Imam: No. In general, all these problems are far-fetched.

Roman: So, how does it happen? Some are wondering whether to tie knots, others - how to untie these knots. (Everyone laughs)

Maxim: Maybe we should give them a phone - and let them call each other? They will decide everything at once. Well, is it again a lack of communication? Come to your neighbor and talk to him "Are you glad to have a family," - he will tell you. Go and talk to someone who does not have a family. And he will tell you the same.

Imam: Well, families can be different. Some families are lovely ones, people there communicate with each other. Other families bicker, like animals. 

Maxim: Yes, we have raised this topic. Simply there is no understanding, there is no communication even in own family.

Imam: Everything rests on the communication and incomprehension of "Who am I?" Everything rests on the fact that people do not understand what God is in life, incomprehension of what life is in general, inability to communicate, lack of experience of Spiritual contact and deepest feelings. That is all. But a person gains this.  He should only make his choice. At least, to begin, to try, to see, to gain the experience. When a person is convinced, experienced it on himself, there is no need to tell him about the deepest feelings. There is no need to tell how good it is, how it perfectly acts in his life. He has personal experience.

Eva: Otherwise, it is just shifting off the responsibility again. That is, even asking such questions, it turns out that a person wants to get a ready answer, universal panacea, is it so? 

Imam: But at the same time, he does not want to act himself.

Eva: Yes. It is only needed to start acting, basing on the internal.

Maxim: But if on the other hand. A person who has experienced, has felt, can he bring it to his partner so she would also feel it and start following a path.

Imam: Of course, but there is one stumbling block. In what? He begins to tell about it using patterns. He starts to use quotations, some terms, which are incomprehensible to the other in case of lack of the experience. And starts to impose his outlook. And it already goes again from the consciousness. In this case, the result is not achieved. Try to talk from the soul. You should seat somewhere together; talk peacefully with your fried, female friend, companion in life. In your own words, telling what you feel. There is the essence. It is as Igor Mikhailovich said in the programs. The Spiritual does not know and should not know everything that is written, all the commas are placed there, but it knows the essence of the teaching. When you know the essence of what you say, you will find phrases, your words. Usually couples have some their own special language. You can tell about it by any means. Well, even if people understand on thieves' slang, what the deepest feelings are, then what we are talking about. (He laughs)

Roman: And thank God! You know, I will cite as an example a family of my friend. He is a former boxer, a good, a great boxer. He is a businessperson. He and his wife live together for 18 years; have a grown-up daughter. He once read "AllatRa" book, began to try on himself -and the family atmosphere has changed so much for two years! He and his wife have forgotten what quarrels are. They even stopped to quarrel with the daughter, even though she has a difficult age. Is not it enough? A climate in the family is healthy. And they are ordinary people who do not talk by quotations, they communicate using simple words, and understand each other very well. Believe me it is great.

Eva: He has comprehended the essence.

Roman: Yes, he has really comprehended the essence. They have an excellent nice house, I visit them, and the house is full of goodness. It is just wonderful. And why is it so? They have comprehended the essence of knowledge and began together to work on themselves.

Imam: The atmosphere is completely different.

Roman: Yes. If the humanity has a future, this family will be an example of it. Yes, they have a child, a family, a business ... but everything is in harmony. And the Animal nature is concretely chained up.

Eva: And they hear each other.

Roman: They hear each other and, one would think, they are people who have their past. And it seems like no one of them showed any interest to the spirituality, but they felt the truth, accepted it, and everything is good in their relationships. It is a significant example, vivid one, from life. There is no need to run to divorce, you should understand oneself.

Maxim: I will cite another example, also with an acquaintance. Well, maybe we will exclude it. They have two small children, he does spiritual practices, often retires in the evening. The wife does not hinder. In the evening, she undertakes everything: house, family life, cooking and children. And once a question arose, is it maybe a time to start giving practices for his wife? But he says: "You see, I am satisfied with the current situation. She does not disturb me in the evening, I practise, meditate. Otherwise we will have to do by turns - no..."(They laugh). When she matures herself, then let it be. That is it, yes. Maybe we should simply be happy and appreciate what we have now, instead of looking for the best somewhere else, with someone else? Like as I heard from that friend of mine. Children are not a problem. They go to bed at 9-10 in the evening. He and his wife sit quietly, practise, no one interferes, no one cries.

Imam: When people live together in a friendly way, then it turns out to be quite interesting. It seems that the wife is with the cares, but when she sits to practise, she gets such an understanding, that someone would spend a lot of time, but she just gets it! (He laughs). How it happens, I still do not know.

Roman: Women...

Imam: There was also a question about manipulation: is there a love if there is a manipulation?

Maxim: Well, we understand what there, of course...

Roman: Well, first we should understand what a person wants by forming a relationship.  What is he motivated by?

Maxim: I had a talk with such a person and asked this question and he replied, "I want him to be better." And sincerely thinks inside that he will make the person better, and it pushes him into.

Roman: Well, what has pushed you?

Imam: It is not love; it is the desire for power.

Maxim: "I do not manipulate. I give the freedom of choice. "

Imam: Love never re-educates anyone.

Maxim: You have to remember it!

Imam: If people love each other, they love as they are.

Maxim: You should tell the truth to yourself.

Imam: Quite right.

Maxim: The question from the readers: "Can independent meditations without a mentor lead to losing of one's reason?

Imam: Tell me please, when a human loves, does he need a mentor? He comes to someone and asks, "Teach me to love"? Or which way?

Maxim: No, he does not need.

Eva: It sounds strange, at least.

Imam: In any case, it would be strange if someone came and said, "Teach me to love." It is inherent ability of a human; it is in his nature. What is meant by doing practices? It means that a person by his actions through the spiritual practices finds in himself the source of Love - and lays bare it.

Roman: Well, the meaning is in this in general.

Imam: Yes.

Roman: The acquisition of the Holy Spirit.

Imam: This is an unceasing being in love and happiness, in harmony with oneself, nature and God ... We should broaden the question a little bit - it concerns the Spiritual practice. At least, the practice "Lotus flower". If there are meditations, then it is a little bit different issue- it is the work of the consciousness. The meditations, which mentioned in the books by Anastasia Novykh, have stood the test of time. They do not bring any disorder, or any harm. On the contrary, people point to a gain in some positive emotional state, perception through feelings. It improves memory, even the physical state. Because the meditation is, in principle, focusing on some idea or a profound consideration of some issue. Or it is a mastering of certain types of energies. Here, perhaps, we should note that a person can master himself, but when there is someone, who you can ask how to do it in the right way, then you should, probably, do it. Because the human consciousness tries to find a way to apply the same meditations or practices to the material things. To find some tool and power for manipulating, one might say, for influence on others. And this is inadmissible in any way.

Roman: In addition, we can also probably note that the consciousness brings up some versions of modifications of the practices that may lead to distortions...

Imam: The consciousness says, "Maybe to improve?"

Roman: "And maybe to combine these two practices and it will be twice better?”

Imam: Well, then the human, who does it, takes upon himself the responsibility for this. Those practices and meditations, which are given in the books, have never done any harm to anyone. People both self-mastered them and met in the groups, did them there, asked those who already had completed a part of this way, who has already the experience how to do them. Everything here depends on the person himself.

Maxim: There is one more question concerning the groups - readers ask, “How is it more effective to work independently at home or still to work in a group? Is it worth paying more attention to some direction?”

Imam: I would say so: when a person works independently - it is also quite possible. He has one experience. When he meets with people and they exchange their experience while communicating, then the experience of everyone becomes his personal experience. If the group is more united, which works as a single organism, then there is an exchange. The exchange of experience is always an advantage. It is possible to solve a problem or an issue in different ways, but a person can be simply not aware of that. Nevertheless, someone in the group shared it. It is demonstrative. Secondly, the work with the same patterns, work with the understanding, with the world outlook. Everyone in the group can share their finds, because he has found some information in scientific articles or in videos or something else. Well, this is at least interesting. You can look, find a lot of useful, that another human would not hit upon himself or would not see it, but in this case there is an exchange of information, exchange of experience - it is always useful. Again, there is interaction in some deeds, in some public areas. You can of course do it yourself, but in the group, you can do much more. Everything depends on the person. However, he can do it independently.

Roman: I have read or heard somewhere... The question is if there is a fear, that a person may not have enough time in this life to merge with the Soul, and become a sub-personality. It is when he has a family, children, and so on. And here this panic appears. Well, how to do it? The attention must be there, the attention must be here, how can I combine all this? It is the work of the animal nature, is not it?

Imam: We have already talked about the attention in family relations. The issue is that all fears concern the future. A person does not know what will be tomorrow - and he is afraid of it. A fear has not led anyone to the spiritual, because the fear - is just the work of the animal nature. 

Eva: "What if ...?"

Roman: Yes! "What if …?”

Imam: These are doubts again, when doubts, it means that we go back to the above mentioned, the person has his doubts as to oneself and God.

Roman: I think everyone is familiar with the primary manifestation of the animal nature: "All of a sudden, what if ...?”

Imam: And you simply should live here and now. To live in love now, to live now in full understanding of unity with each other and reconciliation with each other and with God. And from here all the simplest appear. A person begins to understand, achieves very quickly that state of contact, because every day he manifests in himself love, happiness, honor, dignity - everything that leads him to an understanding of oneself as a person with a capital "P".

Roman: I will continue a little bit. From my experience, for some reason, we all the same miss this prick, this poison injection, "What, if something happens ...?" "Suppose, it will happen this way ...?" And already at the second-third minute of oppressive thoughts, you realize that you have already "rushed into», and the animal aspects (lateral and back, in the human energy structure) have already stopped with great difficulty.

Imam: You know, if a human does not pay attention to this, then even science confirms that it easily dissipates. If a person within 2.5 minutes refuses to accept a fear - it disappears.

Roman: In other words, if he has already imagined a "nuclear war", and that mental substance as if it already exists, really starting to put pressure from the side of the consciousness and emotions, then it is enough just a short interval of time for it to disappear?

Imam: You should cease to pay attention to it, or to use an active counter-argumentation, that is, to ask yourself these questions: "Who am I now? With whom am I now? What predominates in me now: love or fear?"

Roman: Who is imposing me something, yes? Whom am I talking to?

Imam: Yes, well, in fact, everything is very simple. Either to switch to some positive activity, or to open the book, to watch some positive film - to turn your attention to something positive. Then to figure it out, why do I have these fears, where do they come from? To perform meditation the "Jug" and the spiritual practice "Lotus Flower".

Roman: All right. Can I just summarize a little bit from mere habit? In principle, a family does not prevent from the spiritual growth - everything depends on the person. And at the same time it does not bear any relation to the truly spiritual. Can we formulate it so?

Imam: Quite right. We will paraphrase it: nothing prevents a human. A family does not prevent him, but there should not be any fear to remain alone, because a human is never alone - someone is always with him: either God or the devil.

Roman: Yeah, by the way, the issue of loneliness! It is always relevant. In fact, many people escape exactly loneliness. To be with anyone, but just not alone.

Imam: And it is a trouble, this is a very big problem in the society. It is a good question. If a person feels lonely, it means that he does not feel God in himself. And if a human is with God, it does not matter if there is anyone next to him or not. He already feels full and happy. By and large, people start a family in order to feel happiness. Everyone says, "I will be happy, if this one or that one is with me." And then, it turns out that it is not so. But when a human is with God, nothing prevents him.

Eva: And he does not need anything, and nothing prevents him.

Imam: Yes, indeed, and a problem of loneliness as such does not arise. A human is not himself. This is the first thing. Secondly, he has many friends with whom he can interact - it is interesting for him with them. And he will never be alone.

Eva: And it is the consciousness that is alone. (She laughs)

Imam: The system separates, I am sorry.

Eva: Yes.

Roman: Again, this consciousness...we will definitely talk about it.

Maxim: I will ask a question that people in the group often ask. In the books by Anastasia Novykh the techniques and meditations for spiritual liberation are given. Could you tell, whether these techniques are enough for a person to pass this way - and go home to the World of God?

Imam: Yes, it is enough.

Maxim: Is it enough?

Imam: It is quite enough. Even one spiritual practice "Lotus Flower" is enough. Although it is so complicated and interesting that it is impossible to master it completely over a lifetime, but it fully gives a chance for a person to feel a deepest understanding of the essence, the understanding that there is a Spiritual world. To feel the Spiritual world and, in the end, to make a choice - and to become a part of it. And the books are very profound. They give a world outlook- something that we do not have. We usually have fragmentary knowledge, but in the books, there are a lot of information on different fields of knowledge, which combine. That is very interesting. The book "AllatRa" in this respect is very interesting. It begins with the physics that turns to chemistry. Chemistry turs to biology. Biology - to sociology, psychology, and so on and so forth. And all of these moments are put together - in a single Knowledge. All knowledge of this world have the same root. It is so. When a person begins to cognize his deepest essence, he realizes that all the programs in order to become a spiritual being, who are not attached only to this world, are, and in fact, already loaded in him. A human, when he becomes the Spirit, he can visit, in principle, any medium, and observe the world from a completely different side. To see it real. Not narrowed one, as we observe it now, because our body and consciousness are tuned to the perception of a limited part of the spectrum. When a person develops, he moves up to a new evolutionary level - and has the ability to observe the world in the extended state, that is, in a very large spectrum. It is worth it.  For me, probably, it is the most important thing, because simply there is no alternative. "We have only a small tester of life" - as Igor Mikhailovich said in the program "From Soul to Soul". Only a small tester of life and we choose ourselves whether to become alive or not.

Roman: As well as paying, turning attention to one or another side. That is probably the main responsibility- and everyone has to make this choice himself.

Imam: Quite right. We make the choice ourselves and we bear the responsibility for it ourselves. It does not matter whom we choose as our teachers, or to whom we shift off the responsibility, in any case we will answer ourselves.  Having crossed the verge, sorry, you cannot say that you were advised to act one or another way, and that is why you have not gone all the way to become alive. Because human laziness - it, of course, takes place.

Roman: There is a wonderful phrase from the movie "The Kingdom of Heaven" concerning the Soul. The film, by the way, with a great substitution in relation to the Knights Templars, well, you should not be surprised, as it is Hollywood, but I cite the video from it:


And to change the subject to the family and current consumer priorities by patterns, what will be counted when you are in front of God: what you have been imposed - home, family, children, obligations, credits with bank, working from morning till night ... or still the Soul? And probably, to sum up, we should definitely add, that the responsibility for this choice rests with everyone ... But if you look on the other hand, nothing prevents a person to be in a state of absolute love, to live by it - neither the wife nor the three children, nor house, nor a credit with bank - nothing.

Imam: By and large, if you understand the essence, you would not take a credit with bank.

Roman: That is so, but if a person has already got into? Do you know what I have noticed? Many people start to have wise questions, when they get into trouble. An example with one of my friends, he gave the books of Anastasia Novykh to his nearest friends, when they were quite happy. Half a year passed, they call him, "Listen, you told something there, I began to read books, it is quite interesting ..." It turns out that one of them got into trouble, another one also and third one became ill. They began to sort out their problems, who and where "got into", when they already "got into".

Eva: They gained an experience.

Imam: Or, an attempt to use the spiritual Knowledge to solve material problems. The question here what does a person feel? They ask me a question now, "If the world flies in the hell, let us take credits!" (Everyone laughs) Well, the System will not let go. You see, no one has taken even a speck of dust away of this world. In addition, the more material things he gathered, and then perhaps, he will not get through with this. In no way. You should live by conscience. It is the divine, the moral law within us.

Roman: There is another moment we should probably note, that a person by opening up and carrying out the will of God in this world, by personal conducting this power of Allat, can change practically everything: the people around, and...

Imam: By starting with oneself.

Roman: Of course, by starting with oneself. The problems and some unresolved problems in oneself. And when it seems (again: to whom "it seems"?), that the partner is hopeless, everything can change. I will tell about myself, when I was 16-18-20 years old, I did not plan to live up to 30 years old, there was such mood and the circumstances. Nevertheless, everything was solved somehow, went the other way.

Eva: Does it turn out that you should only trust in God and that is all?

Roman: Well, the matter here is not in this. In principle, nothing prevents. And maybe we should also point out that being in the deepest feelings, nurturing the deepest feelings of love, gratitude, a lot of problems are resolved themselves, they just fall off. This is trust in God. Why do I tell this? Because, many people who asked the questions, wait for the specific answers. But to give a specific answer and to accept it - does not it mean shifting off the responsibility to another one?

Imam: When we understand that there are only two powers in this world, we just observe how God settles these questions.

Roman: He does it himself, does not he?

Imam: Yes, he does.

Roman: Wow! It is interesting.

Imam: We just watch His work, when we trust in Him, and we are in this contact.

Roman: By fulfilling His will, is it so?

Imam: The same situation is with the children. When we accept their choice - and just love them as they are. Then we observe how the child changes.

Roman: It is interesting.

Imam: It happens not at once. Still, from force of inertia, this youth maximalism manifests, but, again, when there is no one to struggle against, but at the same time the attention, care, love are manifested- it is not indifference to the child, but a calm attitude and acceptance. He changes. And often he changes quickly for the better. You should trust him, should trust God in the child. You should understand that all the questions now are connected again with those patterns of the society that are around him. Again, when we change ourselves - then the child changes, because he sees an example. You should restrain oneself from condemnation, from imposing your vision on him, to give him an opportunity to decide himself - and then he will change.

Roman: And the last, from what we started with, in general. In order to untie the knots, almost all the knots, we have to understand - "Who am I?"

Imam: Who am I and where do I move? Whom should I become? That is, to perform the task that the Creator initially put in us.

Roman: Well, again, completing this conversation, we can repeat the final chord of the past: "everything turns out to be very simple."

Imam: It is simple when you know. (They laugh)

Maxim: When you know who you are, then you will understand where to go.

Roman: Well, in general, let us conclude a discussion with it. It is enough for a person just to know and check. Am I right?

Imam: It is so simple. People for some reason complicate the simple, then flounder in this complicated, drowning themselves in internal problems, and thoughts, and desires, aspirations, constant "I want something". By and large, they entangle themselves in the nets of this animal mind. But you should only trust the Creator - and you will go through your life quietly, easily and without special effort, because any effort - is paying attention. And when you trusted in the Creator, when you are all the time near Him in love ... There was such a parable at one time. When a human came to God, He says:

- Well, here, look - this is your way of life. I was always near you.

And the human sees two pairs of footprints in the sand. At some point, footprints disappear, and then there is only one pair of footprints. And the human asks:

- My God, why did you leave me at these difficult moments of life?

God says:

- I did not leave you; I carried you in my arms. That is why you have got over these difficult moments. (He smiles)

Roman: That is great! Well, let us allow God to act through us. Thank you very much!


Many thanks to everyone who took part in the conversation, especially to Eva Kim, Julia Matveeva and Alexei, who effectively converted it from audio to text format.


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