Ancient Egypt and the AllatRa sign – a circle and a crescent. Image collection and analysis

In the year 2016, plenty of publications dedicated to Ancient Egypt appeared on our website, probably not by mere chance, if we take into account the earlier mentioned enigmatic prediction regarding the head of Osiris – a special relief outline in Kiev City geography. Today I would like to extend the subject and try to draw a parallel between Ancient Egypt and modern Kiev or, to be more precise, between the remote age of the Pyramids construction and our days when Rigden Djappo brought the Primordial Knowledge. As many of you have guessed, we will discuss the AllatRa sign that we wrote about earlier in the analytical research article The AllatRa sign. A circle and a crescent. Let me refer to the prehistory: the AllatRa book contains several pictures suggesting that the circle-and-crescent sign was revered in Ancient Egypt in the times of several pharaoh dynasties in various millennia.

So, what do we have?

  • Firstly, the AllatRa sign (a circle and a crescent) is a working sign that occupies a major place in the Primordial Knowledge brought by Rigden Djappo. The sign is depicted on the cover of the book of the same name.
  • Secondly, there is a well-known fact: Kiev City is the point where on 21.12.2012 the author Anastasia Novykh finished writing the AllatRa book. Here we can also refer to Nostradamus’s prediction about the 50th degree of spiritual Freedom, where the city located at latitude 50° north is indicated, whereas owing to the hint at the 48th degree in another prediction by Nostradamus it becomes obvious the city is exactly Kiev. One more reference is to the recent article series dedicated to The Pyramid Code documentary.
  • Thirdly, there is a mysterious link between Ancient Egypt and Kiev. The relief of the latter strangely resembles the head of Osiris – the god of regeneration, the king of the afterlife and the judge of the souls of deceased, according to ancient Egyptian myths.
  • Fourthly, let me suggest an assumption that Rigden Djappo and Osiris are names of one and the same highly spiritual being, Bodhisattva, the Teacher of humanity, who comes to the earth from time to time to renew spiritual knowledge.
  • Finally and fifthly, a reasonable question arises: was the AllatRa sign (a circle and a crescent) so popular over thousands of years of ancient Egyptian history (in the times of Osiris or later) as it is popular in today’s Kiev when Rigden Djappo has arrived?
Киев, голова Осириса

Relief of Kiev City, Ukraine


Herein I will try to answer the above question for myself and for our readers. At that, it should first of all be mentioned that it would be a gross mistake to associate god Osiris with the pyramid age, since it is well-known that the Pyramids of Giza in the form we see them today were designed by Imhotep. There is plenty of information about this extraordinary personality in Sensei of Shambala – Book IV, and we mentioned him on this website more than once. However, here it is more appropriate to recall such Egyptian goddesses as Isis and Hathor who have retained the circle-and-crescent sign in their images through millennia, being deified by ancient peoples in the same way Virgin Mary, who also bears the AllatRa sign on Her numerous icons, is worshipped nowadays. By the way, this is a wonderful topic for a future article.

Исида и Гор

богиня Хатхор

Дева Мария
Goddess Isis and Horus Goddess Hathor Virgin Mary

Not many people have a chance to visit Egypt and see the AllatRa sign with their own eyes on richly painted bas-reliefs and numerous artefacts. Nonetheless, one can easily obtain relevant visual evidence owing to mere curiosity, the internet and resource.

Let us have a look:

Having viewed the photographs, we can state with certainty that ancient Egyptians attached particular sacral importance to the AllatRa sign – a circle and a crescent. This once again confirms the Knowledge is single. Thus, another logical question comes to mind: why was this sign so important many millennia ago, and why is it considered important today?


Rigden: In this regard, I would draw special attention of contemporary humanity to the AllatRa sign. Its original representation is an empty circle which is edged underneath with a crescent with horns pointing upwards. It is one of the 18 original most ancient working signs. The name of this sign – AllatRa – speaks of the quality of its power. The point is that at the dawn of mankind, owing to the primordial Knowledge, people were aware of the One (the One Who created everything), designating His manifestations with the sound Ra. The creating power of Ra – the divine feminine principle, the Foremother of all beings – was initially called Allat. Hence, people initiated into the spiritual Knowledge started calling this original sign AllatRa as a symbol of the creating power of the One Who created everything. By the way, in ancient times this information about the sacred Primordial Sound was labelled as the sacred knowledge about the structure of the Universe in the context of information about the human being as a complex subject of this world, who is also unstable in his choice. At that, modern people associate the Ra sound at best only with ancient Egyptian myths dedicated to god Ra.

Nevertheless, the AllatRa sign as a conductor of the creating power of God has been used by people since time immemorial. It remains constantly active and interacts with the visible and the invisible world, influencing the human energy structure, regardless of whether a person understands this or not. Still, the main effect of the sign rests on the human choice. If the Spiritual Nature prevails in a person, the sign influences him or her as additional spiritual power. That is, the sign comes into a kind of resonance and strengthens the generative, spiritual power of such person. Yet, if a person is dominated by the Animal Nature, the sign remains neutral towards him or her. Negative people are usually fuelled by totally different signs intended to activate the material, Animal Nature. The AllatRa sign manifests its influence (the creating spiritual power) the most in a group of people who really work on themselves in everyday life and join efforts in collective spiritual practices (prayers, meditations, and so on). (the AllatRa book, pages 438-440 –


More details may be found in the analytical research article mentioned above and in the AllatRa book itself.


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